Lost Jimmy Page Track Surfaces

Iconic Led Zeppelin axeman rediscovered track through television weather advert.

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A pre-Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page track has re-surfaced after being used in a Weather advert for BBC television. The 1965 track "I've Got Everything You Need Babe" was recorded by the Fenmen and featured Page as a session musician. As Mojo notes (via HenneMusic), the guitarist had forgotten about the session's existence until he heard the track on TV:

"I heard the track the other day while I was watching TV. I thought, 'Oh. That sound familiar.' Then, all of a sudden there's a solo that comes in and I go, 'That is me! ' It's something that I would have forgotten about had I not heard it again. In fact, if they hadn't left the solo on the trailer, I may not have known I'd even played on that track."

Before joining The Yardbirds in 1966, Jimmy Page was one of the most regarded session players in the U.K. He appeared on records by acts such as the Who and the Kinks, as well as a number of lesser known acts:

"I did so many sessions and not all of them were big. But I was on all of those big sessions with Tony Hatch and I did a string of records with Petula Clark that did really well. You know what? I think I might even have been on a Benny Hill track, that's how varied things were!"

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    Lost how? Jimmy Page just forgot about it.
    Page played on so many tracks through the 1960s that he can't recall everything he playe4d on. Session musicians were regularly called on to play on three or four sessions in a single day back then, many of which weren't great hits. To many it was just a job and a means to an end - in Page's case, the means to earn enough and be able to go off and create his own music. Lost? No. Forgotten - yeah. Can everyone here recall exactly what they were doing at work 20, 15 or 10 years ago? I don't mean the actual job, the specifics f a single day... I doubt it. Now apply that top someone who has lived the life that Page has and ask them to recall what they were doing nearly 50 years ago....
    MK Ultra
    i wonder how many other tracks he's forgotten about! its funny how he notes that the solo made him realize it was him playing on that track, same thing happens to me and other musicians i know. "hey that sounds like something i would play. wait a minute, i did play that!"
    Today is Jimmy's 70th Birthday - Happy Birthday to the most inspirational, talented, creative maelstrom of a man!!
    This is cool. I would LOVE to see a an article every week about old "deep tracks" that I've never heard before!
    ^a session player is a dude that a studio calls in for a band. ie. pop bands that have guitar work on a record are done by session players usually. look a jimmy's history and you'll understand what i meeeeaaaannnnn :cheers: