Lost Jimmy Page Track Surfaces

artist: Jimmy Page date: 01/08/2014 category: music news
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Lost Jimmy Page Track Surfaces
A pre-Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page track has re-surfaced after being used in a Weather advert for BBC television. The 1965 track "I've Got Everything You Need Babe" was recorded by the Fenmen and featured Page as a session musician. As Mojo notes (via HenneMusic), the guitarist had forgotten about the session's existence until he heard the track on TV:

"I heard the track the other day while I was watching TV. I thought, 'Oh. That sound familiar.' Then, all of a sudden there's a solo that comes in and I go, 'That is me! ' It's something that I would have forgotten about had I not heard it again. In fact, if they hadn't left the solo on the trailer, I may not have known I'd even played on that track."

Before joining The Yardbirds in 1966, Jimmy Page was one of the most regarded session players in the U.K. He appeared on records by acts such as the Who and the Kinks, as well as a number of lesser known acts:

"I did so many sessions and not all of them were big. But I was on all of those big sessions with Tony Hatch and I did a string of records with Petula Clark that did really well. You know what? I think I might even have been on a Benny Hill track, that's how varied things were!"

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