Lostprophets Albums Removed From Sale by HMV

Meanwhile, Watkins case policeman put under investigation for "gross misconduct."

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In the light of Ian Watkins trial, music retailer HMV has announced that all Lostprophets releases will be taken off shelves for good in each of the company's 140 UK stores. The info was officially confirmed by a spokesperson, who told NME that the staff had already received instructions to remove all records from sale. Apple and Amazon reps were also asked for comments, but haven't replied as of yet. According to the same source, the police officer involved in the Watkins case was put under investigation for "gross misconduct" after reportedly failing to act on allegations of a 15-year-old girl being raped. As previously reported, Watkins' ex-girlfriend Joanna Majic claimed she had been trying to reach the authorities regarding the singer's pedophilia for four years. "The IPCC investigation into whether or not South Wales Police failed to take appropriate and timely action in relation to information they were in receipt of in advance of Mr Watkins' subsequent arrest is ongoing," the official statement reads. "We are considering matters dating back to 2008. "At this stage the investigation is focused on the actions of one officer, a detective sergeant who is also being investigated in another case where it is alleged he failed to act on an allegation that a 15-year-old girl had been raped. That remains ongoing. The detective sergeant has been served with gross misconduct notices advising him that his conduct is subject to investigation." Watkins pleaded guilty to a string of heinous child sex offenses, including abuse, sexual touching, oral and full sex, as well as urinating on babies and underage teenage girls. As reported, he wasn't alone in his acts, since mothers of abused children were also involved in crimes. More details on Watkins' girlfriend story here; you can also find detailed info about the singer's crimes here.

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    It's unfortunate that this happened for the other memebers of the band. They are completely innocent yet because of Ian's actions, everything they've worked for and achieved has been tainted.
    They have made some great tunes. It's a shame that they're all going to be forgotten because Ian fked everything up... on a massive scale. I'm going to miss listening to those tunes. Most of the songs have lyrics which sound horrible now after this 'Lived glass lies, doing my time, never gonna misss what i left behind, if i get the chance of doing it again I wouldn't change it' (not exact quote, but hopefully you get what I'm on about).
    Yeah i totally agree. I have never been a fan, but it is a shame that the rest of the band has to suffer because of that sick ****. This is what it's like in the UK though, even the slightest mention of Gary Glitter could cause a riot.
    I agree 100% with mitchy86 it makes no sense to punish many because of one persons actions. Had they not disbanded immediately and maybe got a new singer for an ep, disowning Ian they may have been able to prevent this but it's just terrible.
    thats the problem. i wouldnt say ian watkins was a household name, so he will probably remembered as that bloke from lostprophets, thus tarring all of them will the same disgusting brush. just wondering now about guitar hero world tour, that had rooftops on it i think
    This is sort of like Hitler ruining the Chaplin moustache though. Some things just get caught up in the wake of baby rape.
    thats right ! And if in the years they were in close proximity to this freak you or any other swingin dick expects me to believe that they or at least one of the countless people in his employ didnt see or detect something strange! especially after the flood of charges he pled guilty to, crimes that seem to keep coming by the day, crimes we will probably never truly know the extent of or how many victims this worm really has! if you expect me to buy that crock about everyone else in the band including management roadies groupies you name it forget it and if you do your just as guilty as they are! they may not have known he was having sex with babies or pissing on kids but they knew he was o freak someone saw child porn someone saw him hook up with underage girls someone saw something and kept quiet for the $$$$ you know it so don't go down voting people like kainv or because he or she is abso fuggin lutely right! you people make me sick! it's funny how people act when their rock stars get the shaft! society gave micheal jackson a pass he was brought up child molestation charges not once but twice! REALLY! he O.D'S on RX meds and the courts put the doc in prison for a few years get real! the people that were around the wonderful ian watkins knew full well he was twisted ok maybe not to the full extent but they knew at very least one person knew enough to derail the whole thing there is simply no way he could hide it with all the crap this idiot was doing remember he pled out GUILTY TO IT ALL!! I'M WITH YOU KAINV! screw the fan boys and girls this band is done and so are the "musicians" that were in the"band" never again will they make money making music. thank god. i cant wait till i hear the news that mr. watkins has hung himself with his prison issued boxers! or worse! go to hell watkins!!!!!
    Well.. I don't really feel sorry for other menbers. Seems to me they MUST HAVE KNOWN something's fishy with the singing perv.
    I very much doubt they knew what was going on and the scale of his dark intentions! Knew he was a ****ing weirdo? Yeah probably but I could name you hundreds of weirdos out there in music. And considering the shit state of the music industry these days I'd challenge any musician to kick out their front man if they're on a spate of success with him.
    they damn well knew. He openly spoke about it to his ex and his fans, he didnt even try to hide it. I'm guessing the reason they didnt say anything is because if they admit they knew they would be accountable for his actions so denial is the best defense.
    Well, as far as I understand, Watkins was pretty open on what he was doing, even bragging on the internet, so it seems pretty unlikely the others in the band did not know he's a perv.
    How old are you? Theres a difference between being a bit of a perv and planning baby sex slaves. Do you honestly think they sat round the tour bus discussing what toddler to p*ss on next? People like Watkins are secretive and are masters of deceiving people - look at any serial killer or serial sex offender.
    I don't THINK anything, I'm speaking of what I've read about the court hearing - it says he bragged about his actions.
    Okie doke - show me the bit that says his band mates knew about his actions and we'll call it quits... of course you wont find that because what you've done is take one part of the hearing which said something about him talking with the other offenders (the 2 mothers), and applied that to the rest of the band. I swear the human race just loves blaming everyone for everything.
    It's clear that you don't think, you don't have to tell us that.
    "I don't THINK anything" Well that sums you all up doesn't it. Are you from the Daily Mail?
    Pablo Mortis
    "I don't THINK anything..." Obviously Edit: Boll*cks, didn't see you there Air_Stryker
    Kind of jumping to conclusions here mate. If it was a known fact that he'd bragged about it openly, having left evidence on the internet, he couldn't feasibly have denied the charges for the past year or so.
    No, you can't really tell. I had a friend, well I'd consider him an acquaintance, but we would go party at his place after hockey games and everything. He went to jail for about a year on child porn charges, and we had no clue about it. Sure, he was a bit or a weirdo, but we attributed that to being an engineer lol.
    As an engineering student I would be very offended if this didn't apply to most of my engineering mates.
    If you read the article about the band's interviewer, he said Ian 'seperated' himself from the band. He stayed in seperate hotels form the band, drove different cars. During interviews, he would miss most of it. when he arrived, the interviewer said the atmosphere changed. If the band knew, they would have said something. Ian's too screwed in the head to fix now.
    they damn well knew. He openly spoke about it to his ex and his fans, he didnt even try to hide it. I'm guessing the reason they didnt say anything is because if they admit they knew they would be accountable for his actions so denial is the best defense.
    When did he say that? I honestly don't know whether he said anything about the subject, but I'm thinking that the band didn't know about Ian, only that he started to change.
    I do hope that the rest of Lostprophets pull something else together under a new name. They're a really good band - it's a shame to see them go because of Ian's terrible misdoings.
    Had to happen. Real shame for all the other 5 guys in the band and other people who had done nothing wrong who will now lose a lot of future income, though.
    probably the record company gets hurt the most. Lostprophets wont get as much royalties but i doubt its a huge difference. a shame for the rest though
    Personally I don't think that's a very good idea. Would it not be more appropriate to write Watkins out of his cut of album sales? This does more harm to innocent members of the band than Watkins. I don't expect them to sell much now, but the other members put 15 years into their band, it seems unfair to try and wipe that away from them. God they must hate Watkins.
    Mr Moobly
    Watkins' crimes are utterly horrendous, but attempting to censor Lostprophets' music isn't the right response. If anything, Watkins alone should stop receiving royalties so his ex-band aren't made to suffer for his own vile acts.
    And then the victims grow up, and can't walk into a record store without being reminded of the horrible ordeal they've been through. It's bad enough that they could still theoretically go to a party or here it on the radio. To have the utmost respect for the victims, the only solution would be to literally destroy everything he ever did (which I know would never happen)...
    Unlikely scenario. If the kid walks into a record store and gets reminded that Lostprophets, a band that nobody would care about in 15 years, was home of the lead singer who did that kind of shit to them, then have a response because of it, the odds of that are really slim. Simply walking into a record shouldn't trigger such a memory, unless he was familiar with the name, knew it was their lead singer, and then recalled the pain/felt disgusted about it by viewing the name and remembering it. Plus, they'd be pretty young; what's the likelihood of them remembering that? The only way they'd be able to recall something like that is if their adopted/foster parents tell them about it when they're older. But I don't think they would, considering it could tear the kid apart knowing some monster took advantage of them as a baby.
    Sorry, disregard this comment; I edited it and made another one that elaborates on my point more.
    Very unlikely. A kid reacting in disgust or repulsion from simply walking into a record store makes no sense. If the kid was aware of the band, and stumbled upon the name in 15 years, where nobody will know, care, or likely remember Lostprophets, and knew what happened to them then, then that would trigger a response. Even then, they were pretty young. What's the likelihood of them remembering something like that? I'm not a psychiatrist, but how much memories do you recall at the age of 1, to, say, 4-years-old? I don't remember much from my childhood; the earliest I can remember is some stuff from when I was 4, and it's not exactly specific, either. I believe kids as young as that can recall something traumatic, but I don't know if being as young as 1-years-old you could recall something like that; at the age of 4, it's more than likely than a 1-year-old. Pretty much the only way they would recall the incident would be through their adopted/foster parents telling them about the incident, say the kid finds out they're not his or her real parents and wants to know why he's in there care. If they told him what happened to youth, that should trigger a response of disgust, and seeing either Ian Walkin's name or the band name should be a reminder, not randomly walking into a record store, and then BOOM! He remembers what Ian Walkins and his mother did to him when he was 1-years-old. It's an absurd, and unlikely, scenario.
    I am a psychology student and we were taught that even though they will probably not retain memories trauma and complications in later life are still very possible. Not that I agree with the comment you're responding to, it's bs but it's not that his actions had zero psychological effects on the babies.
    I admit you have good points. But still, to keep the CDs would still be a huge disrespect to the victims, as if the art that the band produced (and the money it makes) somehow validates having a sick, twisted sex-obsessed paedophile being recognised for his music.
    I doubt their albums would still be relevant 15-years from now. It sucks that the rest of the band is suffering from this, too. I'm not familiar with any other CD places doing the same thing, but who wants to keep albums on their shelf of a band who had their lead singer do the stuff he did? Could you imagine, if Lostprophet albums were available for purchase, you buy it because you're curious to listen, only to look up more on the band and find out the stuff he's done? I remember stumbling upon one of their songs years ago, but never had any interest in it. If I actually listened to this band, I'd be disgusted knowing I listened to a band with a guy like Ian Wilkins in it.
    It doesn't validate the things Ian did, but neither is it exactly connected by anything more than association. I, for example, very much like the stories by H.P. Lovecraft and I bet lots of you have seen the movie Ender's game despite the fact that Lovecraft was a racist and OSC was an enormous homophobe. People use DC power despite Tesla being pro eugenics. To me, the things people produce and the individual ideas they have don't infringe on other ideas they have or on other things they do. A chair isn't less of a chair when it's made by a serial killer. Nor is a song less of a song when it's vocalized by a pedophile rapist. I understand that people may feel differently about works of art as it's closer to the 'mind' of the producer but in all reality it's not. Just as some lostprophets songs may be interpreted as having some pedophilia related lines, a murderer can think of slicing up his victim as carving an inlay. (Fun fact; there is a 100% chance you've breathed a part of the air that has left many a rapist's and killer's lungs.) In the end, my opinion is that HMV should do whatever they want because public opinion isn't something to be taken lightly. I'm just saying the public opinion isn't necessarily all that logical.
    Comparing it to breathing air and making a chair is absurd; I'm referring to music that people have been emotionally connected to, not the oxygen in the air that we need in order to breathe or something you sit on and don't give much of a shit about in any other regards.
    I think comparing people like Tesla and H.P. Lovecraft to Ian Watkins is a bit silly personally. Eugenics was considered a legitimate science back in Tesla's day and most people were also racist back then too. I get what you mean, but seeing as Ian was essentially the voice of the band (musically, not beliefs or anything else like that) it will be hard for people to listen to their music now because of what he has done.
    Why? The music has nothing to do with Ian's personal life. It's just music - and it's not only Ian's music, it's also the other band members' music. And even if it was just Ian's music, so what? How does the music have anything to do with the horrible things Ian did? It's kind of the same as saying you hate Kiss because of Gene Simmons's personal life or Guns N' Roses because of Axl Rose's personal life (not because of their music). I can like a band without liking what its members do in their personal lives. I like a band because of their music.
    You say that, but when was the last time that it was okay to play Gary Glitter's music? No one plays that any more, and the same thing will happen to Lostprophets.
    Hopefully the rest of the band will sue Ian now for loss of income
    yeah...now the other members wont be able play the songs also during other shows...like slash still plays sweet child and paradise city in his shows, even after 20 years of leaving gnr...
    Does anyone think that if it wasn't the frontman but one of the other members it wouldn't be removed, look at the Bay City Rollers, their drummer was a pedo but there albums are still sold.
    Didn't one of Judas Priest's drummers get locked up for the same thing , yet Priest fans have all their albums .
    Just looked it up,Dave Holland served time for apparently (he still maintains his innocence) raping a mentally ill 17 year old, due to this Tony Iommi also replaced his drumming off of his album The 1996 DEP Sessions.
    I hated the Bay City Rollers but their drummer--after getting screwed out of millions of dollars--became a nurse. I don't know about in Scotland, but I lost my nursing license because of drug charges. I highly doubt a convicted pedophile could practice nursing. Wasn't that just a nasty rumor?
    How can anyone even argue against this? The lead singer gave Crystal Meth to babies so he could screw them... The guy needs a straight up death penalty.
    Although I do kinda feel sorry for the rest of the band, I do think this is the right thing to do given the circumstances, out of respect for the victims if nothing else.
    That last paragraph made me sick. Really sick. How could a human being do those things and no have anything inside them yelling "No! Don't!" Disgusting.
    Pedophiles actually have these thoughts and they know its wrong, it just gets impossible to control. Everyone would eat poisoned food bevore starving; thats just how it is. All you can do about this is lock these people up, otherwise the day will come when they cant control their urges.
    That's not always true. It's very common for paedophiles to have a distorted view of reality and think that the rest of society is 'behind with the times' and that we will eventually adjust to their views. It can be their way of justifying their urges and reducing any cognitive dissonance they might have.
    Mr Winters
    This is not the right thing to do. It's unfair for the rest of the band.
    they will always be remembered in a bad way. the other 5 can carry on, but i think it is right for them to at least change the name of the band
    To all the people saying this isnt fair on the rest of the band that they have to lose out or that its censorship I think you need to open your eyes a little. Its very unfortunate for the rest of the band and I really hope they all bounce back and find more work. But even if record stores DID still stock lostprophests albums in store, who would buy them? No one is going to be buying any of these albums again. The reason HMV have taken them off the shelf is because people are far more likely to complain about HMV still having them for sale or even just destroy the cds. The public get into a very mob mentality over things like this and I get the feeling that if HMV didnt take these cd's off the shelf, the next time I went in there, all the lostprophets albums would have things written on them like "nonce" or just thrown and trodden on. Very, very sad for the rest of the band.
    The Spoon
    This is a good point and it's kind of interesting how the sane points get glossed over by everyone in these articles.
    I bet that if HMV hadn't taken the cds off the shelves there would be a lot of people complaining and knowing UG there would even be article about how HMV supports that type of behavior.
    Rebel Scum
    Led Zeppelin records are still for sale and Jimmy Page went out with a 14 year old. So are they gonna ban Led Zep? (...ps I hope not)
    You really think that sexually abusing a 1 year old baby and going out with a 14 year old are the same thing?
    Take the 1 year old baby out of the equation, it's still ****ed up going out with a 14 year old. Not as ****ed up as abusing a baby, but that doesn't make it ok.
    What! Man I didn't know that, when I look at 14 year old girls they look like children, no womans body or anything. I'm really disappointed to hear that.
    A lot of people did that back in the day, you'd be surprised. It's wrong, but there's a massive difference between going out with a 14 year old and attempting to rape babies.
    It's really not fair to the other members. Other bands have members that get arrested but album sales continue. Even if the charges are completely messed up it shouldn't affect the music in any way.
    Didn't stop them selling Michael Jackson albums...
    Because he was found "not guilty." He denied all charges--Watkins admitted to these horrible and sickening crimes. Huge difference buddy.
    There's a massive difference, seeing as Michael Jackson was found not guilty and denied the charges, it's debatable as to whether he actually did anything or not.
    Fair call about removing the albums, though it is a bit crap for the other guys in the band. As for those involved, let them burn...
    This is really sad for the other members for sure, but i think it was the right move.
    If Watkins wasn't the lead singer, their songs may (and i mean may) be sold. But since he's the lead singer, every song has him singing to you, which is a good reason why they should stop selling their stuff. But it's a massive shame because of the really good tunes they made.
    Can't believe there's even a discussion about whether the band knew or not. Look at a ton of serial killers, serial rapists, bank robbers, etc. and what does everyone around them say? Either "yeah he/she was a bit odd but I would have never suspected that" or "I can't believe he/she would do that, they were model citizens". People can reveal some things if they want to but rarely do people reveal all of their vices. The fact that he was on suicide watch is proof enough that he knew what he was doing had repercussions and was awful and I doubt that anyone would want to be a band member with someone like that if they knew what he was up to. I'm not buying it because it's too easy this day and age to have a totally secret life that no one knows about unless you want them to.
    put it this way - it would be a brave man who would walk up to the counter of a record shop with a lostprophets album in hand .....
    SHaun Steel
    It's a moot point saying it's sad for the other members of the band that they will loosing out on their royalties. I'm pretty sure they themselves had been preparing for this outcome when that f*cker Watkins was charged. There is not a chance in hell that their albums would sell after all this anyways. It may not be their fault but they would be mad to expect anything more.
    and yet hmv still sells records by Burzum aka varg vikernes: a man prosecuted for murder and church burning. aswell as being an anti-semite and neo nazi.....
    Many people have f*cked up with the law and continued to success , take Motley Crue , can Hanoi Rocks ever be thought of as anything other than the band whose drummer died because of Vince Neil ? As for Burzum , death sells like sex sells .
    both valid points, it just seems like a knee jerk reaction by HMV to arguably avoid negative press and/or give off the impression that they are taking a morale stand. the question is, is this a new precedent HMV are going to commit to? and where does one draw the line? (please note, i am in no way defending ian watkins or oppose hmv's removal of lp records from there stores. i'm mearly debating about the subject)
    not to defend Varg or anything, since I hate the racist scum bag just as much as the next guy. However, the guy he killed was every bit the scum bag he was and he has served his time for that. And lets be honest, the whole neo nazi and church burning thing just adds to the morbid curiosity to the sort of people who know about him and the kinds of people likely to buy his music. I dont think there are many people out there who will be curious about hearing the music of the kind of man who sexually abused babies. Aside from actually murdering and eating babies he has pretty much hit the very lowest of the low as far as taboos go in our society.
    Might be a slight difference between a Nazi who burned churches and a dude who wanted to and probably did **** little kids.
    Murder is wrong, so is being an anti-semite and a neo-nazi (even though Varg claims to be some other shit, odalist or something) but it's morally petty in comparison to paedophilia, Varg also killed a man who was just as much of a scumbag as he was and he's done his time for that. Yep, I'd hate to admit that, I hate racists, nazis, anti-semites etc. but paedophiles are the lowest of the low, there's a reason they're kept away from other prisoners in jail.
    The reason they're kept away from other prisoners in jail is because prisoners have an unspoken code that you don't hurt women and children. Yes they are in jail for whatever they did, but prisoners try to keep a sense of honor among themselves.
    This is rather pathetic of them to do. There's more than one member to a band. Did record stores stop selling Haggard before Reagan pardoned him?
    So you support "Child Molesters?" I do not and would never shop at a stores that are supportive of these types. Also I would never buy any of my favorite bands albums again if one of them was a creep like this.
    No, I support the other men in the group who don't deserve to lose all potential profits from record store purchases because they had no idea what they're frontman was doing. Does one bad orange ruin the orchard?
    Rebel Scum
    So why are you a Led Zeppelin fan if thats how you feel about it?
    You cant tell the difference between an adult having a sexual relationship with a consenting 14 year old who, although may not have been at the legal age of consent by law, was still an adolescent. And a man who sexually assaulted a 1 year old baby and urinated on it and christ only knows what else? Is life really that black and white to you?
    Rebel Scum
    I'm not really making a point about that. Obviously one case is worse than the other. I was more making a point about the idea that you would refuse to accept someone else's art, even if you like it because of who they are.
    Taking all of their albums off the shelves seems a bit much. It's like punishing the rest for the actions of one. And also, why on't they do the same for other bands that have done similar things? I dont intend to offend anyone, but we can all agree that macaulay culkin's friendship with Michael Jackson was more than just a little weird. He may have been found not guilty, but he had more money and was able to make it go away. Why isn't he getting the same treatment?
    Van Hammersmith
    There's no way some of the boys in the band knew nothing about this. If they didn't know full on, they still must have known something "wasn't right" and chose not to think about it and just continue their careers. Let them become pariahs.
    Musicians tend to be sexually over-the-top, as seen by Ace Frehley reacting with a "meh" to Two Girls One Cup, saying "worse has happened on tour", and claiming he prefers waterworks over this with the tone of someone claiming he prefers onion rings over fries. They probably saw that this dude is a bit of a perv, and the fangirls love him. Of course the fangirls will want the frontman, he's the face of the band. They could've just chalked it up to him living out "his fantasies". He was, but they probably wouldn't believe that his fantasies reached such disturbing levels.
    Just gonna add one more thing. They all look like they have a thing or two hidden on there hard drives.
    so if a peadophile worked at KFC "out of respect for the victims" should kfc be forced to stop selling chicken? because the criminal made chicken
    Your metaphor, analogy, whatever, is fu**ing ridiculous. HMV have not stopped selling records and cds (this would be the chicken in your comparison). But they have taken down stock they know they wont be able to sell because in this one rare but very extreme case, the front man is a sadistic paedophile. It is tainted stock that no one is going to buy. Why should a business keep stock that they know they cant shift and know if they keep it about will probably get them nothing but complaints?
    They're very high profile in the UK, the record shops aren't going to sit back and let things happen, they're going to want to show they're "taking action". I wonder if any of the band will sue him for loss of earnings? Can you sue a dead man walking? Anyway - while everybody is shouting about who knew what, how many of you KNOW you are in bands with people who drink and drive? I bet it's a lot. Maybe you should set those guys straight on a few things before you start criticising others? You know, start with small steps and work your way up from there.
    I don't listen to the band and definitely don't support Ian of course, but I think it's stupid to do this...soon the industry will just start pretending like the band never existed.
    Noticed yesterday,couldn't find a copy anywhere. Sucks for the rest of band but it was expected I guess