Lostprophets: 'Band Could Never Have Continued With 'Delusional' Watkins'

Guitarist notes that the singer couldn’t read the mood of the band.

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Lostprophets' guitarist Lee Gaze says the band had no idea about former frontman Ian Watkins' offenses.

"How could you know? How would you know?" he kicked off speaking with BBC Newsbeat (via NME). "Who would disclose such a thing to five people, who between them have eight children? You just wouldn't because they would be killed on the spot."

The guitarist also noted that Watkins appeared delusional to his bandmates, being "strangely positive and enthusiastic about everything," counter to the mood of the band.

"[He was] talking about the next record and how it's going to do really well and get back on our feet. It goes to show how deluded he was. He is just completely on a different level to everybody, happy and positive and convinced we are going to be successful again."

No Devotion, the new band from the former members of Lostprophets plus Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly, released their debut single earlier this year.

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    Its really sad that these guys have got to live with what Watkins did. BUT they can at least start anew - hes right they were only losing popularity so this could be a good thing for them. Not heard a lot of their new stuff but what I have heard sounds pretty cool, much more interesting than lost prophets previous 2-3 albums anyway.
    I thought Weapons was pretty decent to be honest; there were quite a few songs that reminded me of Liberation Transmission which was nice. Weapons was much less whinier than the Betrayed. I am missing the rock sound from No Devotion (though I highly doubt they want to sound like Lostprophets again), but what they've put out is good music, no doubt there
    I'm glad these guys overcame of all the shit that Watkins put them through. Pretty sure No Devotion will be one of the greatest new bands of this year.