Lostprophets Frontman Ian Watkins' Child Abuse Trial Announced for November

The 35-year-old singer's trial will begin on November 25 and is likely to last about a month.

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Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has officially received the court date for his child sex offences trial. As BBC reports, the 35-year-old will face the court on November 25 to defend himself on over 20 child sex crimes charges, including two related to raping a one-year-old baby.

The trial is expected to last about a month, while an application to transfer the trial venue outside of Wales was officially denied. Watkins pleaded not guilty on all charges this Monday (June 3) and vowed to clear his name.

The frontman was arrested in December 2012 on a series of charges including a conspiracy to sexually assault a small child, possession and distribution of child pornography and possession of extreme animal pornography. Soon after the arrest, Watkins was denied bail.

After the court hearing, the vocalist released a short statement, saying, "I want to thank my family, friends and all the fans for their continued support throughout this whole ordeal. Your support gives me strength, I deny all the allegations made against me and will continue to fight to the end to clear my name."

The oldest charges date back to 2007; more details regarding the trial are likely to surface soon.

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    I hate reporting with stories like this, nothing worse than updates that don't actually give you any more insight. Would rather hear nothing until the trial to be honest. I guess we'll find out eventually. Still such a surreal thing to happen, definitely took me by surprise! I guess it's about time they change their name to Lost Profits...
    i didnt realise quite how many charges he had against him until now. but even if he is innocent i cant see the band ever really recovering..
    Who deletes these comments? Ive seen some before they were deleted and there is not always something particularly offensive in them. It seems they are being deleted because someone disagrees with them, which is sad. Is it UG trying to play censor or is to do with votes?
    Also, you'd think they would just delete the whole entry rather than just the text. Looks silly leaving the username there.
    Nothing to do with votes, I see users who regularly get -10 or more on their comments, but the comment itself never disappears. It's UG playing censor, anything they deem offensive/trolling/spam they delete and give a warning (or a ban).
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    In a way, the kids being the age they were is kind of a blessing. They won't remember it because they were far too young. But it will still greatly impact their life. But his band is now screwed. Even if they got a new singer, people would still look down on the band.
    I really, really hope this guy is telling the truth. I want to believe him, I really do. Because if he's guilty, this is one of the most sickening things I could ever imagine someone doing, and I don't want to know people really have the ability to do something like this.
    Does this mean that he is sitting in prison at the moment? Sorry I have very limited knowledge of how the legal system works. Just wondering what that means if he sits in jail for near enough 12 months before the trial even starts and what happens if hes found innocent?
    How could anyone bring themselves to rape a baby...seriously... That's the worst crime I can can imagine. And yes, I know, innocent until proven guilty. But it still reminds me that people like this do really exist in the world.
    one-year-old baby... where do we live? I don't believe him but I still hope his not guilty
    Until the trial is over everybody should shut up and wait. Even if he turns out to be innocent this whole media circus will make the whole world remember him as "that guy who was tried for child molesting".
    He claims innocent, but with 20 different charges being brought up, it's hard to ignore the facts. If it was like 1 or 2 charges then maybe, but I feel that he is guilty. Time will tell what the justice system brings.
    doesn't matter if he is guilty or not, this guy has contributed so much to the music industry and inspired so many musicians, myself included. LOVE IAN
    just because he inspired you and made music (1 good album) that makes it okay to have sex with a baby? to conspire to have sex with another small child? distribute child porography? "doesnt matter if he's guilty or not" you make me sick and thats sayin something, i'm a limp bizkit fan xD
    I originally wrote something funny, and now edited it because it was actually not that funny. I don't know how to delete this. Downvote plz
    Used to be my favorite band, haven't listened to them in ages, and this is a huge reason. I just can't believe that he didn't think "maybe I'm nuts and I need help". I know, innocent until proven guilty, but there has to be some damning evidence for all these charges.
    There's things dating back from a few years ago. His ex's have reported seeing child abuse pictures on laptops of his, but the police did nothing. i hope its all bollocks, but considering his "colourful" private life, anything is possible. am i right in saying the police wont charge someone without sufficient evidence?