Lostprophets Frontman Is Guilty of Attempted Baby Rape

Ian Watkins pleads guilty to child sex offenses.

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The BBC is reporting that Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has pleaded guilty to a series of child sex offenses including the attempted rape of a baby. The 36 year old singer from Wales, who had had previously "furiously denied" that allegations, was due to stand trail at Cardiff Crown Court alongside two women. Last month, Lostprophets officially split up, releasing the following statement on their Facebook page: "After nearly a year of coming to terms with our heartache, we finally feel ready to announce publicly what we have thought privately for some time. We can no longer continue making or performing music as Lostprophets." The news that Ian Watkins had been charged with sex offenses against children originally came to light in December 2012. His trail was scheduled to take place this week and was expected to last approximately one month. An application to transfer the trial venue outside of Wales had officially been denied. In the lead up to the date, Watkins had reportedly been on suicide watch, with clinical psychologists recommending that he receive anti-psychotic medication.

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    Truly disgusted. Childhood hero no longer, the sicko can burn! I won't let his reprehensible actions taint the music, as over the past 14 years, 7 other people have put their heart and soul to create their music, but I hope they lock him and up and throw away the key. Start Something was the first album I ever bought, at the age of 10 and now it just seems darker :/
    First band I ever saw live. Seen em twice. Im not trying to be funny, but the video to A Town Called Hypocrisy seems pretty... Wrong.
    Same here, first band I saw live in 2006 and been a huge fan of AFSOP-LT albums, really got me through the years. Shame about Watkins, but I'll always credit their music
    My first live band too, I know what you mean about that video... When the news broke out the comments on that on YouTube went crazy.
    Yep, first band I ever saw live as well and I think Start Something was the very first album I ever bought back at the start of middle school. I used to look up to this man as a massive vocal influence and the fact I saw him on the Weapons tour which was something like couple of years ago really disturbs me. I really hope the rest of the guys get another project started when they've healed some.
    To be honest, after the accusations and everyone he knew not even hinting they believed he might be innocent, I think he would plead guilty regardless of innocence. He isn't exactly an emotionally stable person to begin with.
    good point
    No, that's a retarded point.
    It is well documented through history people can be broken very easily with interrogation, seclusion and isolation. With constant reinforcement to make him "admit" it is highly believable that after a year of this he would believe it. Additionally with at least half a year of suicide watch, it has been known for a long time he has wanted to escape from this situation, this does not confirm any guilt, people kill themselves for less than these accusation. I am not saying he is innocent, but through this whole thing it feels like a lot is being omitted and leading people to answers before any evidence is shown. I have been waiting for a single solid piece of evidence to confirm his guilt without any doubt but that hasn't happened and now it never will. What is grinding my gears however is the death calls for him, he hasn't DONE anything. By all accounts legally he should be dealt with in a psychiatric ward and not a prison. Is our justice system not based on rehabilitation? And can someone really be held accountable for actions they have not yet committed?
    They've got videos of him trying to convince a woman to perform sexual acts on her child over the internet. They also have his laptop and found videos of him having sex with children. What more evidence to you need? Or do you actually need to see the videos for yourself? GUILTY
    If that were true, it wouldn't be "Attempted" rape he was charged with.
    "I am not saying he is innocent, but through this whole thing it feels like a lot is being omitted and leading people to answers before any evidence is shown. I have been waiting for a single solid piece of evidence to confirm his guilt without any doubt but that hasn't happened and now it never will. What is grinding my gears however is the death calls for him, he hasn't DONE anything. [...]And can someone really be held accountable for actions they have not yet committed?" You clearly haven't done a lot of research. Please, try and catch up with all the facts before investing in another long post. We haven't seen a lot of the evidence, but be assured that the judge and the jury have. Search for the NME article, which has more up to date details, but discretion is advised as it is not an easy read.
    Also, with the crimes he's been accused of, there will be enough evidence to convict him. It wasn't like hunting for a killer and the first person caught is criminalised by society, his arrest brought the crimes to public attention. He is most definitely guilty, which sucks, I liked him before all of this. And to answer your question on our penal system. It is a mix of punishment and rehabilitation that simply doesn't work. The penal system as a whole is a complete mess, but for crimes like this, rehabilitation isn't right, it needs to be punishment. Also, He may not have actually acted on anything, but it's like possession of drugs, if you have it on you, you can be arrested and charged. He had intent to RAPE A BABY so I think he should be locked up. It's like if he tried to kill someone, he might fail, but you don't want him on the streets
    He had footage of himself performing a sexual act on a baby. And of him having sex with two separate 16 year olds. 'Nuff said. Case closed. Hang the ****er.
    The West Memphis Three were innocent yet still pleaded guilty, perhaps he was forced into an ultimatum and chose to plead a lesser charge. Just sayin
    Or perhaps he saw the evidence against him and realized they had him dead to rights. Just sayin
    You shouldn't mix his music with his real life. In fact, you shouldn't give a shit about his charges. You don't lose or gain anything from his criminal charges but you sure gain a lot by listening to Lostprophets' awesome music and that's how it should be. (I'm not saying he didn't deserve this though)
    Growing up, Lostprophets were one of my favorite bands, I had posters, I'd seen them live multiple times, etc. etc. The news is sick, twisted and utterly disgusting, but their music will forever live on as a vital part of my adolescence, a dark thought, but one I can't simply deny.
    Lots of people have god awful taste in music when they are young, don't worry.
    Just because you liked the music and could relate to some of it doesn't mean you endorse his actions or relate to every aspect of his mindset. I used to LOVE limp bizkit even if Fred Durst is a douche.
    Rot in hell, Ian Watkins. You ruined the careers of your band mates and my adolescent love for Lostprophets. Instead of being known for the music they made, now they'll be known because their ex-frontman is a paedophile. Thanks a lot, mate.
    Before I read this news, I thought that he was guilty. Now I KNOW that he is guilty. Would have liked to see some more information on the subject though, but I guess it's too early. Children abusers can rot in jail. And as a fan of Lostprophet's music, I can say that this includes him. He can rot in jail, for all I care.
    He deserves a far worse sentence than just rotting in jail...
    From what I heard, people like Watkins get a rough time in jail. I forget where I heard about it, but I bloody well hope he has a worse time in his last days. No wonder he was on suicide watch.
    Jail is actually a good palce for him, Ironcially they ahve the worst because guess what even murders robbers,theives etc, drug users, hate these type of people. hell msot likely be raped and made someones bitch if he doesnt die
    Are you really grouping drug users amongst murderers robbers rapists and thieves?
    @heavywinter10: He might not group drug user with murderers and robbers, but the "Justice" system does. Thnk you for saying that. I am looked at by many people as a common criminal because of possession charges. I'm not saying I am innocent, but anyway...
    The problem is, he's going to be a high profile inmate. They'll probably keep him in a medical wing or a more secluded area so he doesn't get killed.
    He won't rot in jail. It's baby rape. Pedophiles get brutally murdered inside, he probably won't last long.
    Death is the easiest way out though, if you really have to punish someone then the one thing you do is keep them alive. Like others mentioned, he will surely go through living hell in prison. Next to the the ranks of politicians and bankers, child molesters are the most hated kind of criminal.
    yeah keep him alive so we can pay for his living and then once he gets out nothing has changed. you have to kill these people for the betterment of the human species
    Sex offenders and especially paedophiles have an extremely rough time in jail, unless he's isolated from the rest of the inmates he will likely become someone's bitch, or get shanked.
    For as many counts as he had there was no way that he wasn't guilty. All the people that down voted me because they were butt hurt about paying for baby raping music... I told you so. Down vote me some more.
    Just check the BBC's report, or WalesOnline's report. Truly terrible, let me quote; "He accepts being a determined and committed peadophile" the 2 women involved volunteered their own children to sex abuse by him, and by the women themselves. All of which is recorded on video. He also had text one of the mothers saying "if you're mine, so is your baby". It's just very sick. Especially when he's been proven to have child sex photos from as early as 2006.
    The BBC Wales website has a lot more details on it, but refrains from publishing some of it, saying "Some of the evidence was too extreme and distressing to report". I have never seen that before, and there is some very worrying stuff they DID report...
    I grew up in South Wales where a lot of my peers were *huge* Lostprophets fans. I feel sorry for them, that their childhood band and the people they looked up to have been snatched away from them.