Lostprophets Singer Charged With Child Sex Offences

Ian Watkins has been charged with "conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a female under 13 and possession/distribution of indecent images of children."

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Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins has been charged with sex offences against children.

The 35-year-old will appear in court on Wednesday, and is charged with "conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a female under 13 and possession/distribution of indecent images of children," according to BBC News.

Two other women, aged 20 and 24, have been charged as part of the same case with similar offences.

The unexpected news makes one Lostprophets video, where Watkins appears as a children's TV presenter, appear quite sinister. You can see it in the player below.

Senior police officer Peter Doyle, who is investigating the case, said: "I want to encourage anyone who has any concerns or information which they think may be relevant to contact us."

If you have information that may relate to this case, officer Doyle asks that you contact 0800 056 0154 (in the UK), or 00 44 207 158 0011 for overseas callers. Alternatively, you can email operationglobe@south-wales.pnn.police.uk.

Lostprophets was founded in Pontypridd, Wales, in 1997 and have sold 3.5 million albums worldwide. Their breakthrough record "Thefakesoundofprogress" brought them to fame in the UK in 2000, and in 2004 "Start Something" brought them to the attention of US listeners. This year they released their fifth album "Weapons".

See the 2006 Lostprophets video where Ian Watkins appears as a children's TV presenter here:

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    What the ****?
    this has just been posted now, its even more dissapointing and disgusting http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/cri...
    Extreme animal porn. WTF!?!?!?
    because it wasnt extreme enough
    good thing they caught him before he dropped the E, and dare I say, added a hyphen. god, i hope nobody in Singapore is filming X-treme animal porn right now... What time is it in Singapore? Fuck, does it matter? These are X-treme animal porn enthusiasts were talking here...
    Rebel Scum
    Conspiring to rape a one year old!!! Unbelieveable. Still I never liked this band so it doesn't bother me if they never play again.
    what i don't understand is why the 2 women can not be named for legal reasons.
    I think there was another article today asking for the WTF moment of the year, guess this is up there
    Innocent until proven guilty in my book. To be honest the press and the police should not be revealing this sort of information. Even If he is found to be Innocent a lot of people will forever think of him as guilty now. Remember people it's a charge and not an actual conviction, reserve your judgement till you see the result.
    He's been charged, which means the police & the CPS believe they have enough evidence to get a conviction which in my book says plenty. Let's see how this plays out.
    Actually no it does not mean they have enough evidence for a conviction. If that was true than every person who ever got charged would get convicted and there would be no real point in the court other than to give out sentences. All a charge means is they have some reasons to believe he did it I.e maybe a witness, an alleged victim and maybe they did find images, that does mean they 100% are his. There are all manner of situations that can lead to many possible outcomes and since I assume you know as much about the case as the rest of us, which is pretty much nothing, then you really don't have the right and it would be highly idiotic of you to be declaring him guilty. The whole point of court is to try and find out the truth and then give out punishment where it is deserved. It's your sort of backward illogical thinking that really needs to be eradicated. It's the same sort of thinking that spawned witch hunts hundreds of year ago "Oh she was charged with being a witch it must be true! I don't need to see the evidence for myself or see a fair trial, I'm happy to burn her right here!" If your going to build your views based on certain things then I would highly suggest you research them before assuming to just know because a charge is very different to a conviction and by no means indicates definite guilt.
    He also stands accused of two incidents of conspiring to engage in sexual touching with two young children; possessing, making and distributing indecent images; and possessing extreme animal pornography. Keep the faith hahahaha
    Yes "Accused" not proven guilty. Please learn the difference for the sake of your own dignity, because right now you just look monumentally stupid. For reference I don't particularly care if he is guilty or not.I just can't stand idiots like you who assume someone is guilty just because they were charged with something. But you are obviously an ignorant moron and I can already tell you are one of those people who just repeats their same mis-informed point over and over again without ever listening to what anyone says, so I wont waste my time on you any longer.
    also if it's for possession of images etc, they must already have fairly solid evidence.
    Images? I've seen case like this where it was proven that the computer owner was nowhere near the thing when the images appeared on it. It's very possible that someone who had a beef with him set this up. Not that I think he's innocent, but most definitely wait you know more to make proclamations such this.
    That's possible but unlikely, as it doesn't happen as often as you might think.
    In the UK, child protection is very serious. All they need is a child to say 'he touched me' and you're automatically being put in hand cuffs. Evidence for this type of crime isn't needed to charge someone
    "..and possessing extreme animal pornography." Way to encourage the Welsh stereotype.
    apparently he misunderstood being asked to play with kids in glass houses.
    When I was 15 I had a friend (girl) who was friends with him (this being only 6 years ago) and I always thought it was a little weird a famous grown man would be friends with a 15 year old girl. Now this.
    I had a couple of friends who somehow ended up on their tour bus about 10 years ago. They were about 14-15 at the time too and they HATED it. They said this guy and one of the others (I forget which) were just trying to get them as drunk as possible and feeling them up and stuff. They genuinely felt trapped and had to sneak off the bus. At the time we didnt think it odd either - I guess when your 15 you think your sexually responsible and all that - but I often think how weird it would be for someone now my age to do that. I dunno these things can quickly get blown out of proportion so best to see how it goes I suppose...
    dude, just imagine... there are so many underage fangirls of bands like this.... ugh.
    He was caught with images but did he actually try and 'Make a Move'? Could you say he is now giving 'A Thousand Apologies'?
    "Hi kids, welcome to Tom time. We have an amazing show today. We're gonna learn all sorts of important lessons." He said this at the ending of the music video. But damn, that video really does seem sinister now. Really disappointed in him.
    This is one of the oddest things I've ever heard, and why the **** is everyone a pedo these days?! Anyway, really curious as to what the 2 girls charged involvement was, that's what's confusing me the most!
    Women can be paedophiles too.
    I know...and I'm wondering what their involvement was?! Was it just with the internet stuff or did they have something to do with the child (which is now rumoured to be only one year old)?!
    I believe one of them was only involved with the indecent images whilst the other was involved with the conspiracy to rape.
    link no1
    At least his name is easy to make into a lame joke about the occasion. 'Ian Wantskids' I feel I could have done better but this will do.
    moody git
    woah.. did not see that coming at all.
    Neither did she... too soon? But seriously what a dick.
    When I heard that Ian Watkins had been charged with sex offenses, I presumed it involved sheep.
    Well, we all knew it! ****in idiot, hes now ruined everyone in the bands career as well!
    exactly what i was thinking. all of their reputations will be tarnished, i could imagine it being very tough to get away from a stigma like that
    Shocked. I really want to believe in "Innocent until proven guilty" but the fact is, the Police and Crown Prosecution Service felt that they have enough evidence to secure a conviction. It doesn't look good.
    i don't know much about this band other than they make high school rock, so why is everyone assuming he's guilty straight away? is he known for being into weird shit or is it just the usual stupid, ****ing mob mentality.
    What a shame, especially when the band's lyrics convey the message of "stand up for yourself and fight back." Going against the message he sends, doing things to those incapable of fighting back. A Town Called Hypocrisy indeed.
    I remember one of their songs was on ATV Offroad Fury 2 or Tony Hawk back in the day and that was when I fell in love with them...cant say the same anymore...
    I hope this twisted, perverted ****ing piece of sh*t gets thrown into jail and is locked in there for quite some time ahead, so he can't lay a finger on other poor children. There's nothing more wrong, disgusting and irrevocably immoral in my book than molesting something as innocent as a child, and you deserve nothing else than the worst of punishments for doing it. Hopefully, the treatment he'll get in prison will match that. As for Lostprophets, even though I'm not a fan of their music, I hope they'll be able to move on and get a new singer after this.
    For ****s sake he's innocent until proven guilty. If it's true then I completely agree with you, but I'm not reacting unless he's convicted
    Sir Stoney
    Innocent until proven guilty? He has animal and child porn on his computer. He was consipiring to rape a one year old girl. Yeah, "innocent"...
    Given the fact that he's suspected of having images containing child pornography on his computer, I'd say he's pretty damn guilty on at least that point since it wouldn't happen without proper evidence. And if you're in possession of child porn, that pretty sums up of what you're capable of doing.
    So what you are saying is that you completely believe everything the media have told you about this guy? It is in no way possible that some of this has been blown out of proportion, or that someone has beef against him and is spiteful enough to set him up? Are you saying that, through the understanding of this case that you have gathered from media reports (and without hearing any sort of defence from the accused) you can say confidently beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty of everything he is accused of? I have an inkling that he is guilty, I dunno why, I just do. But I am not going to act upon it and make major judgements about Watkins as a person, because I know that my inkling is based upon media reports and word-of-mouth, nothing concrete, and that no court case has begun yet. Here in New Zealand, there was a 14 year old girl who was upset with her teacher (for some reason I can't quite remember, to do with refusing to give her good grades or something), and so she accused the teacher of making sexual advances on her and calling him a paedophile. The girl made it all up, and the guy was found not guilty of any charges and got off. But he hasn't been able to get a teaching job since, because some people believed the accusations were true and he just somehow escaped judgement. Schools are afraid to hire him, because of the anger he attracts from some people. Labelling someone as a paedophile, rapist, murderer or other loaded term before they have been adjudged can seriously affect the life of someone, even when they are innocent. Innocent until proven guilty is important, because the court of public opinion is more powerful than you think.
    Surely we should wait until he is a confirmed paedophile before slating him. Innocent until proven quilty
    Unfortunately, with this kind of thing the police are quite spot on, not saying it is a definite but still time will tell. Either way this is the end of his reputation and I hate to say it but could be the end of the band too as I can't see them getting a new singer and carrying on.....Shame really
    Mike Quall
    its disturbing that one day a guy is shooting up an elementary school full of children and the next day another guy is doing this... how can people do this?
    Mike Quall
    so you're saying he did nothing wrong and that kind of shit is okay? what's wrong with you dude?
    The video doesn't work, and also... before saying: "disgusted, what a pedo" etcetera.... What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? They havent made a verdict yet, lets wait on that before judging... mmkay?
    Have you read the above comments? Doesn't sound like something they'd lie about.
    Start Something was a cool album, and it was one I grew up with. I don't really dig their new stuff, but I always hate to see something like this in the news. This is disgusting and hopefully he gets what he deserves. That being said, I think it was Modest Mouse's lead singer who was unjustly accused of rape a few years back. Just goes to show "innocent until proven guilty".
    "That girl probably wanted it herself and she had the most wonderful time in her life. Imagine it! Sharing the most intimate of moments with the man whom you worship." Dude, what? I understand "innocent until proven guilty," and that it is very ignorant to jump to conclusions just by hearsay, but to justify the crime?
    New Lost Prophets song titles: Shinobi Vs Dragon Paedo 'Jail' Is a Four Letter Word The Fake Sound of Grooming We Are Godzilla, You, Are a Kid Last Train Home...From School But, seriously, wtf is up with these celebrities recently!? Glitter, Saville and now this!? What's wrong with these people!?
    Jimmy Page boned 13/15 year old too and he got away with it...
    that was like the 1900's and I think it was 13 yr old dog or his mom. he couldn't tell cause he was to ****ed up..
    There are some websites out there from a year and two years ago with commenters talking about how he bragged about having sex with 5 year olds and exploiting underage fans. This isn't just some new thing someone is pushing, it looks like he's had this coming for a few years.
    Reading some of the personal experiences, or experiences of friends on this, really made me sick. People are ****ing strange.
    Mr Winters
    Oh well. He may be a pedo pervert, but I still enjoy his music. Or the older stuff at least, their recent albums are pretty disappointing. Wonder what will be of the band if he's found guilty. In any case if he is found guilty he deserves to rot in prison.