Lou Reed Reveals 3D Art Installation

artist: Lou Reed date: 01/30/2012 category: music news
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Lou Reed Reveals 3D Art Installation
Lou Reed is reviving his experimental 1975 album "Metal Machine Music" as an immersive surround sound art installation. He has collaborated with artists Ulrich Krieger and Sarth Calhoun to present the new work under the title "Metal Machine Trio: The Creation Of The Universe". The original album remains a difficult one to sit through, with Reed apparently acknowledging that even his biggest fans will find it difficult to sit through the hour of noise, feedback and screeches, as you can hear in the player below. However, collaborator Ulrich Kriger decided to re-arrange the album with orchestral instruments, which inspired Reed to revive the project. "I was astonished at how brilliant Ulrich was," Reed told OC Weekly. "It was wonderful to have someone understand [Metal Machine Music] to the point they could notate and arrange it." "It combined the three worlds I was really interested in at the time," replied Ulrich. "And I always heard it as an orchestral piece on guitars." The installation lets listeners sit between 12 surround speakers while Reed's layers of noise are presented in an all-new 3D setting. It will run at the University Art Museum in Long Beach, CA, until April 15. Hear a sample track from his original album here:
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