Lou Reed Says 'Lulu' Is For Literate People

artist: Lou Reed date: 12/09/2011 category: music news
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Lou Reed Says 'Lulu' Is For Literate People
Lou Reed is going out of his way to say how little he cares for the critical reception to "Lulu" - so much that he seems to be quite bitter at the reaction to the record. He told the Telegraph that his collaboration with Metallica was written for himself and other "people who are literate." "Who cares?" Reed said in reponse to the negative "Lulu" reviews. "I never wrote for [the critics] then, I don't write for them now. I have no interest in what they have to say about anything. I'm interested in whether I like it. I write for me." He continues with what appears to be a warning: "You know a lot of time these guys that interview us, they think they're more literate than I am," he said. "That would be a real bad mistake. Don't kid yourself about me, you know what I'm saying? I'm not a good guy to f--- with." Observers like Henne Music suspect Reed is putting up a mask so that others don't see how much the reviews are affecting him. His insecurity seems to be revealed when he blurts out "Are you gonna savage this [interview] when you leave the room?" You can't fault Lou's effort in defending his work. "I think this thing needs a champion. This is for people who are literate," he says. "These words every time I see them I get thrilled because it does it to me. It may do it to no one else, I don't care. I can't try any harder. I can't do any better. And my heart was pure and my soul was pure, too. "I went in there to make music with the best guys I could find. And we did."
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