Lou Reed's Obituary Revealed

The words of tribute, written by late musician's wife Laurie Anderson, posted online.

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Lou Reed's wife Laurie Anderson has published a short message in remembrance of her late husband, Consequence of Sound reports. Though it appears in the obituaries section of the East Hampton Star - a small newspaper serving the community of East Hampton, New York, where she and Reed frequented - the message is more a heartfelt reflection on his final days. "What a beautiful fall! Everything shimmering and golden and all that incredible soft light. Water surrounding us.

"Lou and I have spent a lot of time here in the past few years, and even though we're city people this is our spiritual home.

"Last week I promised Lou to get him out of the hospital and come home to Springs. And we made it!

"Lou was a tai chi master and spent his last days here being happy and dazzled by the beauty and power and softness of nature. He died on Sunday morning looking at the trees and doing the famous 21 form of tai chi with just his musician hands moving through the air.

"Lou was a prince and a fighter and I know his songs of the pain and beauty in the world will fill many people with the incredible joy he felt for life. Long live the beauty that comes down and through and onto all of us.

Laurie Anderson, his loving wife and eternal friend." If you have something to say on this terrible loss - write your small messages here, in the comments section.

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    It would seem that Lou Reed and Randy Blythe share an uncanny resemblance in their facial features.
    "he looks like Randy Blythe" would have done
    No, because that would be rude. This man just passed away, and that would be an insensitive comment. I decided to be thorough with my comment and word choices, so as to leave little room for misinterpretation.
    Comparing him to Randy Blythe using any word choice is insensitive, dead or alive.
    Forgive me if I'm missing something really obvious, but how is saying someone looks like someone else (when one or both are deceased) insensitive? They're hardly slapping them in the face now, are they? It's an observation, not an insult.
    It's so funny how EVERYONE on this site bashed Lou Reed and Lulu non-stop for the past few years, and now that he's dead everyone's saying how sad it is that he's gone... Oh the hypocrisy.
    Just because you don't like Lulu doesn't mean that you don't like Lou Reed. I don't like Lulu, but I have massive respect for The Velvet Underground and his solo records. Also, even though I don't like Lulu, it's still sad to me that he's gone. The guy just DIED. He's gone. His life is forever gone, and he won't be able to enjoy making the music that he loved to make any more. That's sad to me. That's no hypocrisy; that's remorse.
    Because Lulu was literally the ONLY thing Lou Reed ever did in his entire career. The Velvet Underground never was a thing. And he never had a solo career. What hypocrisy is there ya dumbass?