Lullaby Renditions Of Pantera Classics Available For Sale

Metal giants get a lullaby makeover from Twinkle Twinkle Little Rockstar.

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Joining the likes of Rush and Iron Maiden, metal giants Pantera have officially got a lullaby makeover from Twinkle Twinkle Little Rockstar.

Featuring group's classics such as "Walk", "Domination" and "Cowboys From Hell", "Lullaby Versions Of Pantera" is the 104th release in the company's catalog. If you're having trouble getting your little ones to fall asleep, you might as well give this one a shot.

"Metal continues to be one of our most popular and requested genres. More than any other genre it's music that little ears aren't quite ready for, so parents seem to appreciate this option. When you look at the metal landscape Pantera ranks among the giants. We are proud to add this to our metal offering alongside Slayer, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica and Dream Theater", said Paul Modiano of Roma Music Group.

The company itself stresses out that their lullabies are "for all ages", adding that "just because the music is for a baby it doesn't have to sound unsophisticated".

Other lullaby makeovers we've recently encountered also include Guns N' Roses and Deftones. You can listen to the "I'm Broken" lullaby below.

"Lullaby Versions Of Pantera" track list:

01. Hollow 02. Planet Caravan 03. Cemetery Gates 04. Cowboys From Hell 05. This Love 06. Domination 07. Revolution Is My Name 08. 5 Minutes Alone 09. A New Level 10. Mouth For War 11. I'm Broken 12. Walk

So how do you like the songs? Would you consider playing this to your children? Or do you simply prefer listening to it by yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    It's almost kind of creepy sounding... And I don't really hear "I'm Broken" in that mess of keys. I think my kids are just gonna listen to Pantera.
    What no The Great Southern Trendkill or Death Rattle? :p
    i actually envisioned War Nerve being put into lullaby form as i clicked on this article haha.
    cementary gates would sound pretty sweet im a bit dissapointed that they didnt do floods though... ...what am isaying id rather listen to pantera
    This company did a similar album with the music of Tool. I must say, the "Lullaby" version of Schism is actually quite terrifying.
    Too much effort put on this, I'm not even a kid and I also feel like sleeping when I listen to Pantera.
    Next thing you know, Metallica will have one of these
    I think it even mentions it in the article.
    Your right, it does. That's what happens when I read articles a few minutes after I wake up...I should stop doing that.
    They do, the tracklist is: One Wherever I May Roam Enter Sandman Fade To Black Nothing Else Matters Battery The Unforgiven Master of Puppets Welcome Home (Sanatarium) (Anesthsia) Pulling Teeth And Justice For All Yes i do have it...