Machine Head Accuse A7X of Stealing Their Logo: 'There Are Some Uncanny Similarities'

M. Shadows responds to comments, saying, "Robb Flynn is a grown-a-s adult, he can say whatever he wants.

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Following frontman Robb Flynn's recent ripoff comments regarding the new Avenged Sevenfold record "Hail to the King," Machine Head have now accused the metal five-piece of copying their logo. The whole matter was started over on Blabbermouth's Facebook page, with an image of the two bands' logos side by side. Further fueling the fire, Machine Head shared the image with a question: "Did Avenged Sevenfold copy Machine Head's logo?"

"Last night the Facebook posted a side by side photo of Avenged Sevenfold's new stage set against Machine Head's 16-year-old lion crest," the official post reads. "Unquestionably, lion crests have been around for ages, but there are some uncanny similarities to Machine Head's distinct lion crest.

  • Lions (with axes)
  • Roman numerals at the bottom
  • Band symbol in the center
  • Black and white juxtaposition in the center Head Cases tell us what think." In a separate WAAF Radio interview, A7X singer M. Shadows addressed Flynn's plagiarism accusations, saying that "more than anything, [Robb's comments] brought a lot of attention to the record."

    "I don't really care what anyone says, but when people ask you about it over and over, you have to have some sort of response," Shadows explained. "And my response is just, look, I know the guy. He can say whatever he says. He's a grown-a-s adult. He's 40-something years old and has an opinion on our record. I guess he can write and say whatever he wants." You can check out the photo below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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      Teacher, A7X stole my idea
      M Shadows slams Robb Flynn for making fun of latest A7X album. "Make fun of my music? I'll copy your f*cking logo. So yeah...that's a mild inconvenience. Take that."
      There's a lot of similarities between A7X and loads of other bands on this new record, maybe just a little bit too similar in places. I'm not really much for this 'new' A7X it's like they took what originality they have and traded for a number 1 record.
      agreed. i think the rev even when he didnt write a song for them gave them the originality and creativity that i just dont see them repeating again. like can you really see them writing another song like little piece of heaven again?
      Why is it that Cannibal Corpse can get away with songs like Addicted To Vaginal Skin and Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's Cunt but A7X gets shit for A Little Piece of Heaven?
      Oh who the hell cares??!! No one gives two shits about the similarities! Quit your bitchin,' accept the fact they took influences, and move on with your damn life!
      You seem angry....much more angry than those pointing out the obvious similarities....Maybe you should get on with your life. Influences? Please. Obvious ripoff.
      can a band not sound like another band these days no ? seems not. everyone is goin mad about new 'A7X' just because of a few songs sounding like GnR and Metallica. every band we listen to sound like another band if you get me, not one band in the world sounds 100% different. people need to remember that.
      This is a little too close to sounding like Metallica
      Total ripoff, but the melody of the "sad but true" at the end of the choruses (its at 1:45) sounds great over that lead part.
      I guarantee you could overlay a lot of songs with different vocals and it would sort of fit. Honestly whatever
      I'm sorry I know it's pretty much a ripoff of the song but to be honest I enjoyed the crap out of this. This is pretty ****ing awesome. But sad to say I'm an Avenged fan but I stopped listening to them after City of Evil, anything after that was meh. This is more novelty but it's also meh. Metillica is way better.
      Ryan Withers
      seriously, the only part that could be considered "too close" is the vocal melody of the first verse. that's it. the rest of the song is original. and seriously, Millions upon millions of songs share that exact time signature. so picking apart miniscule details to over exaggerate the vocal melody in the first verse is a little ridiculous in my opinion. that beings said. this wasn't even close to the best song on the album, and this album wasn't there best work. and as for the logo, Machine head need to pull there heads out of their asses. same idea's were used, but in no way is that logo ripped off. it looks completely different, they are just looking for a reason to bitch
      its one riff...get over it
      And the same time signatures and drums, there's a difference between liking a band and copying them maybe you need to remember that.
      i dont like the album and thats the worst song on it. im just saying everyone is to quick to criticise and its for how many seconds ?? and its still not the same thing. its close but ye are all to stubborn to leave the topic go. its still only one riff...theres a song thats very guns and roses and i dont see anyone goin mad about that.
      Funny how you claim its influence. I doubt that would hold up in court if a lawsuit over this shit was filed. A7X ripped off their favorite bands, musically and logolly? Face it. Uninspired guys that have no passion left.
      I have a feeling this is A7X's way of trolling MH after Robb's comments? Like they're deliberately making the logo similar to piss him off?
      I wouldn't say that they actually copied it. Coats of Arms aren't exactly uncommon, are they?
      A7Xs response to this and the breakdown of which bands their new album has emulated make me think Machine Head are playing a massive joke on everyone, and A7X is in on it.
      Really Machine Head? Because there is two lions holding axes. Okay, I didn't know metal turned into online flame war. So brutal.
      Fair enough they look alike but all Avenged did was make there own kind of family crest, u could say Machine Head robbed the idea from the coat of arms (family crests). i think their just getting jealous in ways. he needs to stick to his own band if ya ask me. hes getting scared Avenged are after passing them out
      wow that does look like the same logo, or y'a know... any given coat of arms ever! next thing you know they'll be saying the came thing about frank turners england keep my bones cover and Elizabeth Windsor as she has a lion on hers. For the record im not defending the new A7X logo, they should have stuck with what they had but this bitching fest between them is getting to the handbags at dawn phase
      As a person who grew up in a proud scottish household, these are very common. Growing up we had a plaque on our wall for our clan, and pretty much every other household did too. They did not steal anything IMO.
      you stole Machine Head's idea... even if it was like 200 years before
      I am scottish as well, should we go after Korn for wearing kilts and playing the bagpipes then?
      Why is anyone surprised? A7x ripped off Overkill's logo first.
      Not sure why this was downvoted. I don't think that A7X ripped off Machine Head that much, but the skull thingy is definitely from Overkill.
      the Dethbat was on Ovetkills albums in the 80 s
      Just to toss this out there, the Deathbat was drawn for them by a friend who went to high school with Shadows, I think they were still in HS at the time. Not to say the guy came up with it on his own, maybe he saw Overkill's art, WHO KNOWS. But maybe they didn't realize it? I mean, a skull with bat wings isn't exactly hard to imagine (NO HATE TO OVERKILL, JUST SAYING). I have no idea though, just tossing that out there.
      A skull with bat-wings. Is it not possible that they both came up with it independently of each other? It seems like pretty cliche-imagery, plus A7X has done a lot more with theirs.
      Dude, the skull and wings logo has been used and ripped off by other bands for years. It was around long before Overkill started using it. I own two Lynyrd Skynyrd shirts that feature a logo of a skull with wings. I believe Queensryche has even used a deathbat logo as well. Hell, Harley Davidson has their own skull and wings logo....Jeeez give A7X a break.
      The "Dethbat" logo, or as my friends call it, "default metal logo." It is really bland. I think I took a graphics course where that exact design was the starting point. It's pathetic.
      I guess that Overkill stole it first.