Machine Head Are 'Moved to Tears' Over Bassist's Audition

Band has been searching for new bassist online.

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As Classic Rock reports, Machine Head have closed the public auditions for their new bassist. The band are looking for a replacement for Adam Duce, who was fired in February, and have been inviting fans to submit videos of themselves playing bass and singing. Those chosen for the band's short list will be invited to jam with them in the near future. The band has issued the following statement:

"A lot of hard work and effort went into each and every submission, with many people bravely making them public for the whole world to see and judge. It took a lot of brass to do that we earned an even greater respect for our fans in doing so."

"There are some incredible musicians out there, fantastic players who unfortunately did not make an attempt to sing, and thus were ineligible, but you should absolutely keep at it! In fact, in the course of these submissions, it looks like many people have earned a lot of fans in doing so. Congrats!"

The band also singled out Frank Memolo for a special mention. Frank played the hardest song on the list - with just one hand: "Many of the men and women who sent in YouTube clips performing, did so with the utmost passion and intensity. But of all the submissions, this man deserves a special mention. He learned and played not only the hardest song of the submission, 'This is the End,' but played it with only one hand."

"It moved some of us to tears. It took a lot of heart to do this. Cheers, Frank Memolo."

You can check out Frank's perfromance of "This is the End" below.

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    Sorry for replying to the comment at the top but I felt people should know that the reason he's playing with one arm is because he has got cerebral palsy in his right hand therefore cannot actually use it. This man is a hero in his own right, he's pushing past his limitations and doing something almost extraordinary here! Blown away by this!
    Even though the notes are a bit off at times, it's still very admirable that he tried and had the spine to upload it for all to see, especially if his arm is incapacitated. Hat off for Frank. I really hope that Chris Boshis wins the competition, though, the guy is a terrific bassist and can do some great backing vocals as well.
    im not mental
    VERY impressive, but he's out of tune. also, didn't Christian Olde Wolbers from Fear Factory audition for this too? My guess is he'll get it.
    I'm not huge on Machine Head, but this man deserves to be hired by them! Incredible achievement!
    matteo cubano
    maybe they're just nubs he wants to hide, but it really looks like he has a hand and fingers at points just turned away from the camera
    even so, lacking a hand or not, he still plays it WITH ONE GODDAMN HAND
    are you serious? symbrachydactyly look it up, i know someone who has this disability. it leaves the "hand" nearly useless after vid edit: that guy is way good holy crap
    matteo cubano
    I did not know about this condition. if i offended you, I'm sorry for my ignorance. I'll refrain from jumping to conclusions next time
    He clearly has some degree of disability. You are not foul mouthed, just a bad person. Trying to explain how he is, and why his disabled hand is a fraud. You are just a baad ****ing person. -An armless bass player
    matteo cubano
    Look man I didn't say anything absolute, i saw what i saw and since human beings are capable of lying for fame and sympathy I questioned it, had it been explained either in the article or video better I wouldn't have said anything. I am making no accusations of fraud, I raised a possibility. I recognize my ignorance and apologize for offending you sir.
    matteo cubano
    does nobody else see what I'm talking about??? P.S. I'm probably just being cynical, so let the downvotes rain down...and either way the fact he plays it with one hand id impressive as Fuck.
    That's the most retarded thing i've ever heard. Obviously he can't use his hand. You can immediately tell by the way his hand looks that he can't use it properly.
    matteo cubano
    it's clear I offended you. My sincere apologies to everyone else who took offense. I will say no more.
    I wouldn't have know what was wrong with his hand until i saw the comment... Its obvious it isn't fully functional, but not that he has cerebral palsy, give the man a break people
    impressive for a cripple
    Probably plays better than you, mate.
    mmm. no, i dont think so. a valiant effort at hurting my feelings, young padawan.
    Congrats dipshit. You've just unsuccessfully tried to attempt to claim that you are a better bassist than a one armed man...without any proof. A new level of loser.
    Thanks everyone for the comments... And to rgt42dx Me and Bill Clements are actually really good friends, and our respect levels toward each other are unmatchable, he has his style and I have mine... friend me everyone on facebook. and i actually posted a new video on youtube so check that out too.