Machine Head Are 'Moved to Tears' Over Bassist's Audition

artist: Machine Head date: 04/23/2013 category: music news
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Machine Head Are 'Moved to Tears' Over Bassist's Audition
As Classic Rock reports, Machine Head have closed the public auditions for their new bassist. The band are looking for a replacement for Adam Duce, who was fired in February, and have been inviting fans to submit videos of themselves playing bass and singing. Those chosen for the band's short list will be invited to jam with them in the near future. The band has issued the following statement: "A lot of hard work and effort went into each and every submission, with many people bravely making them public for the whole world to see and judge. It took a lot of brass to do that we earned an even greater respect for our fans in doing so." "There are some incredible musicians out there, fantastic players who unfortunately did not make an attempt to sing, and thus were ineligible, but you should absolutely keep at it! In fact, in the course of these submissions, it looks like many people have earned a lot of fans in doing so. Congrats!" The band also singled out Frank Memolo for a special mention. Frank played the hardest song on the list - with just one hand: "Many of the men and women who sent in YouTube clips performing, did so with the utmost passion and intensity. But of all the submissions, this man deserves a special mention. He learned and played not only the hardest song of the submission, 'This is the End,' but played it with only one hand." "It moved some of us to tears. It took a lot of heart to do this. Cheers, Frank Memolo." You can check out Frank's perfromance of "This is the End" below.
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