Machine Head's Flynn: Metal Became Boring, We've Been Singing About Same Shit for 30 Fucking Years

Hip-hop is more interesting these days, the frontman says.

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Machine Head's Flynn: Metal Became Boring, We've Been Singing About Same Shit for 30 Fucking Years

Not long after Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland said metal became boring, Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn shared a similar stance, explaining how he's much more into hip-hop these days.

He told SiriusXM (via Blabbermouth):

"I don't listen to a whole lot of metal - I'm being straight with you. To me, a lot of it doesn't interest me, a lot of the lyrics don't interest me.

"I listen to a lot of hip-hop. I grew up on a lot of hardcore, punk rock, hip-hop, and I just love... Love it or hate it, I love just the fucking direct, ignorant-ass lyrics of hip-hop.

"It's very clear, it's very blunt; there's no metaphors. Metal's full of metaphors. We've been singing about the same shit now for 30 fucking years and I get a little bored with it.

"And with this record [upcoming MH album 'Catharsis'], I really wanted to just strip it down and make really clear, really simple, really blunt... Especially my choruses, just really clear... Like real vulgar language and coarse language, and it's a good vibe, man."

During the rest of the chat, Robb once again pointed out how the new album will not be heavy or thrashing but rather "very grooving, very melodic."

Flynn concluded:

"How the fuck do you blow people away? How do you say something different?

"'Cause there's the two sides - there's the type of bands that are, like, 'We wanna be AC/DC. Never change. It's always the same.'

"And then there's The Beatles, which is probably the most evolution that's ever happened over the course of 10 years in music history.

"I don't wanna say we've changed that much, 'cause I never think that we have, but I love the evolution. I love trying to find some new thing that keeps you going."

"Catharsis" is due out January 26 as the band's ninth studio album, you can check out the "Beyond the Pale" single below.

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    I disagree, I love poetic lyrics..but that what different opinions are for. But I dont know. Hip-hop is also rapping about the same shit now for almost 30 fucking years. 
    Everyone sings about the same thing as long as a genre exists.  It's called human experience.  Sure there's bands out there singing about a conceptual planet and its inhabitants facing destruction and stuff like that, however for the most part any music that sticks around for a while ends up singing about what they're experiencing in their daily lives.  Love, sadness, hope, anger, etc. So I guess what I'm saying is everyone sings about the same shit in every genre.
     "Conceptual planet and it's inhabitants facing destruction". And the idea was born.
    The peaceful planet of Squandar and it's friendly squid people faced an enemy unseen in many millennia....
    Actual Hip-hop actually has really good, thought provoking lyrics. Most of the commercial stuff is bullshit, but there are a lot of good rappers out there who put out some good quality music/lyrics.
    I am not trying to bash hip-hop. It wouldn be fair to say "Hip-hop lyrics are shit", by only hearing commercial stuff and say "And thats why I listen to metal/rock" when two new biggest commerical bands are Nickleback and 5FDP.. BlackRose93 - Well I am only starting with hip-hop, but Kendrik Lamar is great, Public Enemy, Death Grips and I want to check out album "Paid in Full" by Eric B. and Rakim
    Would you mind listing some of these? I have no idea where to start myself.
    I have a good one! Go on youtube and listen to "Let Nas Down" by J. Cole, but listen to the remix version with the verse from Nas. That song is what real hip-hop is like.  
    Vicryl 2.0
    if you like socially conscious rappers than the guns,drugs, booty and hoes then try this artists. A tribe Called Quest, Blue Scholars, The Roots, Rakim, Nas, common market there are tons of great hip hop artists you just need to do a little research..
    I'll just list some albums to check out. Reflection Eternal - Train of Thought Mos Def & Talib Kweli - Blackstar Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 1 or 2. Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow GZA - Liquid Swords Mos Def - Black on Both Sides The Roots - Things Fall Apart Jedi Mind Tricks - Violent By Design Guru - Jazzmatazz Nas - Illmatic Most things by Jurassic 5 For a quick reference, check out Good Mourning by Reflection Eternal, the lyrics in the 2nd verse are so good. This isn't the be all and end all, just the first example of great lyrics that came to my mind. Or Thieves in the Night by Talib Kweli and Mos Def. There's shit loads. That's just a mix of some great lyrics and some classics.
    "I got money, I got women, I got cars". So funny that people give rich people money to listen to them brag about how rich they are. Almost Stockholm syndrome.
    Exactly. Also, metal isn't about the singing. If it was, Rob would be working at a grocery store.
    Well Robb, you must know that you are part of the problem, right? "I love you Why do I hate my brother? I hate you I hate myself   Love Hate" ... right.
     "It's very clear, it's very blunt; there's no metaphors." My cat could write bullshit about her daily life. Add some drugs / hookers and bam! Instant "artist" .Someone please tell me how it's better that than pouring a bit of Baudelaire on your lyrics. Jesus, this guy drives me mad. 
    Yes, im sure there is no repeptitive themes in hip hop. Also, the sound of metal is fast ang angry, so it lends itself great to angry and angsty lyrics. I cant really imagine Meshuggah singing about love for their uncle or whatever.  Then again, protest the hero did write a song about how much New Fundland is awesome.  Anyway, I loved the last 4 machine head albums, but Robb is becoming more and more annoying with each goddamn interview or blog he does.
    Everyone is jumping on the 'hip-hop is the thing now' bandwagon. I've tried and tried. I can't get into it too much. I enjoy hip-hop songs if they're good, the Illmatic album is nice and I like how some of them are really fast, but a lot of honestly aren't worth the time, the lyrics are things that other genres would get prosecuted for but are apparently okay for hip-hop because it's 'in the hood...' Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather hear a midcard rock band than a really famous rapper. The songwriting with rock bands simply is better for me. Also hip-hop isn't really blunt because it's all ego-stroking. Punk rock is blunt because it has the most honest lyrics there are.
    I'm pretty much with you on this. I know a lot of people are lauding Kendrick Lamar right now. He has two, maybe three songs I enjoy. Found a rap group called Atmosphere that have been around '89 and they have about nine songs I like. Also, female artist called Dessa, she's pretty good, there's a good few songs of her's that I like. What I'm saying is, I've really tried to broach the genre a few times, but every time all I walk away with is a couple of songs that I can enjoy. Metal on the other hand, I can make a playlist of everything by Machine Head, Gojira, Lamb of God, Slipknot, As I Lay Dying, Periphery etc. and rarely find myself skipping tracks.
    What you're saying makes sense but that's how people get into different genres.  As of right now, since you're not into the genre, you've not found your go to record.  You've chosen select songs that you enjoy but you've not connected on another level with a single album yet that opens you entirely to the genre and another level of understanding of the genre. An example would be when I was young I listened to a ton of metal but it was more in the traditional sense with cleaner vocals (Maiden, Anthrax, Metallica, etc.) none of it was really "extreme".  Not much in the way of screamed vocals etc. because I hadn't connected with any record that had that on it and wasn't exposed to something I received well yet.  Then, my neighbor brought home The Great Southern Trendkill the day it came out.  The intro started and guess what... I was hooked.  It then lead me down the path to enlightenment in more extreme music and I've never turned back.
    Hip-hop isn't all ego-stroking.  There's a TON of socially conscious artists out there.  They rap about things that are not ego driven in the slightest.  If you're trying and trying and only locating ego-stroking artists, well then, just like Robb Flynn here you're not looking in the right spots.
    It’s easy to make a hip hop record. Pick either being in love with a girl, going to a club, ordering a drink, seeing a girl in the club, being a gangster or brag about how rich you are. Add a beat. Job done
    What about all the songs that are about other things that are in hip hop?  I'm glad that you're stereotyping something that you clearly don't listen to.  Also, you realize that it's just as difficult to make a hip hop record as any other genre right?  Making a record is making a record and if you want to make a good one you have to put in the work regardless of the genre. Each time I see a post like this about how "easy" making a rap song is I always say please link me to the song you're going to make starting now and let's put it up to a vote on whether or not it's any good.  We can put it out there to people who listen to and appreciate rap/hip hop and see what they say.  If it's so simple, they should instantly enjoy it right? Send me that link when you get a chance and we can see where it goes.
    Weybl Himself
    Brother Ali, Briggs, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, Public Enemy, Run DMC, The Roots... I could go on. Do your homework next time, you might not come across so stupidly ignorant.
    All I see here is shit, more shit and extra shit, go drink some Hennessy in a club you dick nugget
    Weybl Himself
    You mean a whole bunch of artists you've never heard of. Don't worry, I was the same when I was 12. You'll grow up one day.
    Heard of them still think they are shit. Trying to be a big man in the internet. Don’t worry you will grow up one day 😉
    You need to find the right metal. Sure, the "typical" names tend to write the same stuff, but efforts to be different are out there if you look for it. Just a passing glance through YouTube is all you need. Psychostick is a good starting point; they have songs about taking a shower, boobs, food, phone apps, blocking people on the Internet, beards, broken computers, Mega Man, grocery shopping and so much more. Plus, you have metal from all over the world. That way, you can scream lyrics you don't even fully understand, so all of it can seem new. Don't get me wrong, I also have love for rap, but I guess with all the weird crap I like, I never hit that "stale" state that Rob is describing.
    Agreed.  If you're finding what you're listening to stale you're not trying very hard to find something new.  There's too much out there for this nonsensical stand.  It's not stale, you're not looking for new product.
    If what you are hearing no longer appeals, time to dig deeper. I find tons of stuff on
    I would rather have lyrics that are poetic and have long lasting artistic value than something obvious. Why would you write a beautiful piece of music and sing something over it that isn't timeless?
    Was he by any chance on Sway in the morning ?cause then i would understand wanting to suck up to the black fanbase.
    Machine Head has never been a band that inspired me and even if they did, who cares. It's simple really, the broader metal world is either too stupid or close-minded to write thought-provoking lyrics, otherwise I would ask, "Where's the goods?" A lot of provocative lyrics being written, brutal (yawn), but not so much that you would say, "Damn those lyrics were art in and of itself.". The world over the course of 30 years has not been such a boring place that there is nothing worthwhile to write about, that especially included the multitude of sources to write from - literature spanding over hundereds of years. If the musicians don't treat lyrics as filler but as a form of art complimentary to the music then there will be nothing to be bored of. Put that in your Kanye West weed pipe and smoke it, Robert Flynn...
    If you find "metal" boring, you're not looking deep enough. Listen to both Parallax albums by BtBaM, and get back to me.
    Wow. Expect a Flynn Hip-Hop record next.  This sellout goes with the trends and anybody that knows his history knows it.   A lover of metal doesn't care about trends.
    Humanity has been singing about the same shit for millennia. It's almost as if we have a shared emotional experience or something.