Madina Lake To Release Fan Funded EP

artist: Madina Lake date: 01/20/2010 category: music news
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Madina Lake are set to record an EP that will be released exclusively via fan funded investment platform Pledge Music. The Chicago rockers are asking their fans to pledge towards the making of a brand new as yet untitled EP which they'll receive in return when the band complete it. As an extra incentive, Madina Lake "pledgers" will have the chance to scoop signed CDs, merchandise and memorabilia, while a lucky few will get to hang with them in the studio and even introduce them on stage. As well as funding the EP, the band will be donating a percentage of the money to breast cancer charity Keep-A-Breast. They said of the partnership: "Pledge Music has provided a struggling and confused industry with a clever and intriguing idea. "By aligning artists with charities, they have opened the door to music fans, allowing them unique and personal experiences with their favorite bands for a beautiful cause. "For anyone who knows Madina Lake, they know how important it is for us to be close and feel connected with our audience. "Pledge Music facilitates this desire with the added gratification that comes with donating to charitable causes that are important to us." Thanks for the report to
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