Madina Matt Voted Hero Of The Year

artist: Madina Lake date: 12/13/2010 category: music news
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Madina Matt Voted Hero Of The Year
Madina Lake bassist Matthew Leone has been voted hero of the year by readers of Kerrang magazine. The musician was nearly killed in his home city of Chicago in July when he intervened while Justin Pivec, 33, was assaulting his wife. He's spent months in hospital and had to have part of his skull removed. Pivec was later charged with attempted murder while Leone later revealed he'd been 15 minutes from death. And while the band can only hope to get things back to normal in the future, Leone says fan support has meant everything to him. He tells Kerrang: Being called a hero' is pretty awkward but to hear your words and snatch your killer vibes is inspiring and profoundly appreciated. A man beating a woman is the ultimate cowardice. If you're a victim, don't tolerate it you're better than that. I must admit: being recognised for getting my ass kicked is kind of enjoyable! In October Leone revealed how close to death he'd been, explaining: I had a few flatlines on the operating table. The surgeons sawed my dome open because I had extreme internal brain haemorrhaging. The first surgery removed a third of my skull to allow for brain swelling. In the second surgery they put my lid back on and drilled it in with titanium. I also had some oral surgeries as a result of my dislocated jaw. You get to a point where you're so vulnerable and weak that you almost want to say, Fuck it!' and throw down your hand. But having the fans' support kept me so happy and surrounded by love. There was no way I was going anywhere. Thanks for the report to
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