Maiden Haven't Heard Harris Album

Iron Maiden mainman Steve Harris believes his bandmates haven't heard his solo album British Lion.

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Iron Maiden mainman Steve Harris believes his bandmates haven't heard his solo album "British Lion".

He didn't want to force them into sitting through the recent release, and only played it to drummer Nicko McBrain when he asked to listen.

Harris tells Decibel: "When someone else in Maiden is working on another project, no one really talks about it. Bruce and Adrian don't go around broadcasting to the others and I didn't either.

"Nicko asked to hear it so I played it for him. But the other guys haven't asked to hear it, so I haven't played it for them. Simple as that, really."

The bassist flatly denies the suggestion that his material is made up of Maiden cast-offs.

"This is not throwaway Maiden stuff," he insists. "These aren't riffs I could have used in Maiden. It was done with other people, and as soon as that happens it's not going to be Maiden."

He accepts three tracks, "Us Against the World", "The Chosen Ones" and "A World Without Heaven" could sound a little like material from his main band, but only because they've got those harmony guitars.

"In general it's more riffy," he continues. "Obviously there's lots of melody. There's lots of melody in Maiden as well. Sometimes I think Maiden doesn't get enough credit for the melody we do have."

Harris, who'd been working on the solo project on and off since at least 1993, says it's a relief to have it released at last.

He explains: "I think everyone knows I'm the one that's busiest in Maiden. When we're not touring or recording I'm still doing loads of Maiden stuff, video editing and God knows what else, so I get less downtime than the others.

"That's why it's taken so long. I was trying to find bits in here and there when the other people were available to work while I was in the UK, which over the last few years has not been very often."

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    People will always associate this with Maiden and say it sounds like Maiden. After all Steve does write MOST Maiden songs. Regardless, I am beyond excited for this!
    his album sucked unfortunately. i wish he had spent as much time on BL as he does on Maiden. Production was off i personally didnt like the singer at all. in general the songs themselves were not very good. if it had sounded more like Maiden the album definitely would not have suffered
    the whole point of doing a solo album is to try and use the ideas that don't fit in the context of the main band; if he had written songs that sounded like Maiden, he could have just used them for Maiden instead of spending all that time on it now, I'm not saying that's always a good thing, there have been some solo albums that aren't that great, like Dave Mustaine's (and that's because I'm a big Megadeth fan), but I'd rather have them get that out of their system in another setting than forcing the band members to record songs that don't have the band's sound or essence and fail
    Are you talking about Daves M.D. 45 album? I have one version of it. Supposedly there's one version with some other singer, then another with Dave singing. I forget which version I have.
    thats all fine and good but nowhere did i compare British lion to maiden nor did when i listened to it. i think the songs are bad, the production was not too good the snare sounded terrible and whoever sang for it was not good either. all in all i thought as a standalone album it was just bad
    Didnt really like the album, the bass is incredibly loud and i cant really stand the singer. He just seems misplaced in this bands, it sounds like hes singing different songs than the band is playing.
    It's very bleh. Very mediocre band, and with Steve Harris with them, it makes it more of a disappointment. He coulda done better, with better musicians around him.
    I heard everything in this interview a couple weeks ago when I watched That Metal Show and Steve was the main guest.
    I LOVE Maiden but I can't say I really like "British Lion" much. It's not terrible but it's so hard to not compare it to Iron Maiden even though it's a different band/style.
    Hmm. I personally think its kinda strange when the people you've been touring and making music with for decades DONT want to listen to your other creative endeavours. Ah,but to each his own I guess.