Major Foo Fighters Announcement Coming Soon

"Please stand by," the band says.

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A big announcement from the Foo Fighters might drop soon, as something is definitely cooking up over at Alternative Nation broke the news, pointing out at a vast array of possible goodies Dave Grohl and co. might have in store. As reported, the band is quite busy with the new record at the moment, but new touring dates or something completely out of left field is definitely an option when it comes to the Foos crew. The website itself currently only consists of a welcome page saying "Please stand by" and "Stay tuned" in the caption. Grohl had previously described the studio approach the band is using as unprecedented, also confirming a "bigger theme" throughout the new record. "We’re writing it in a way that nobody has done before. It won’t be just going into a studio and making a record," he told Sopitas. "There's a bigger theme to the record than any other Foo Fighters record. Not a musical, and it's not an opera, but there's a reason why we're making it this way. No one's ever done it." In related news, the Foo Fighters were recently announced among this year's Super Bowl Weekend performers alongside Zac Brown Band, the Roots and Imagine Dragons. But back to the announcement, what news would you like hearing the most from the Foos ranks? Let us know in the comments.

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    Daburcor, eh? This may be way wrong, but perhaps they will be live streaming the sessions for the new record? That would definitely be something big.
    Like when Green Day made a pirate-radio station to broadcast the process of writing and rehearsing American Idiot!
    New album will be released tomorrow
    They made the album 100 years in the future; Dave is now just trying to figure out how to convert the audio into something us peasants can listen to.
    That's ironic, 'cause their last album was recorded in a really old-school way.
    Awesome!!!! A news article about an upcoming news article that will shed some light about some future news about the big news the Foo Fighters will be revealing!!!
    Could they not be live streaming the recording process? Goes with the "stay tunes" caption
    Considering they have three guitarists now, Wasting Light seemed like a waste of potential so I hope this album goes further. I'm not some zealot metal head who wants 8 finger tapping guitar solos with squealies and chugs, just a much bigger sound than wasting light.
    I thought they did a pretty great job with three guitars. "Bridge Burning" has three distinct guitar parts in the intro... ...Actually, that's pretty much it. Never mind.
    I get what you mean, It would be nice to hear a little more lead guitar in their songs.
    I think they are gonna produce the album in liquid form like dethklok
    I bet they're just recording it outside on Dave's front porch. I mean, if they're not in a studio, they must be outside!
    What's with the weird, crackling noise on the website? Maybe they've created their own, new type of disc to record it on like a Grohl Compact Disc or something. That would be so cool, even though we'd all have to buy new CD players.
    Maybe record the album live at a series of gigs? Do a small 12-13 date tour in various countries and record a new song at each gig.
    Yo dawg, I heard you like news, so we made some news about the fact that there's gonna be news soon.
    Dave Grohl said Foo fighters 'haven't done their bohemian Rhapsody yet' , so it's probably something on that line of doing a song inovative enough to be the signature song of the group just like Rhapsody is to Queen.
    I think some interactive way or smth.Dunno really tho. or maybe they recorded somehow straight to wax vinyl ?
    I hope Josh (Homme) gave Dave his "medication" and the Foo Fighters are producing Songs for the Deaf II
    Sidestepping the fact that this is "news that there will be some news", I'm maybe possibly almost thinking that the album is being written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Grohl's kids. So presumably we can expect something similar to the last four or so albums, but with heartfelt lyrics about wanting an ice cream, wanting a mobile phone, getting a go on the X Box, and vampires.