Major Foo Fighters Announcement Coming Soon

artist: Foo Fighters date: 12/24/2013 category: music news

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Major Foo Fighters Announcement Coming Soon
A big announcement from the Foo Fighters might drop soon, as something is definitely cooking up over at Alternative Nation broke the news, pointing out at a vast array of possible goodies Dave Grohl and co. might have in store. As reported, the band is quite busy with the new record at the moment, but new touring dates or something completely out of left field is definitely an option when it comes to the Foos crew. The website itself currently only consists of a welcome page saying "Please stand by" and "Stay tuned" in the caption. Grohl had previously described the studio approach the band is using as unprecedented, also confirming a "bigger theme" throughout the new record. "We’re writing it in a way that nobody has done before. It won’t be just going into a studio and making a record," he told Sopitas. "There's a bigger theme to the record than any other Foo Fighters record. Not a musical, and it's not an opera, but there's a reason why we're making it this way. No one's ever done it." In related news, the Foo Fighters were recently announced among this year's Super Bowl Weekend performers alongside Zac Brown Band, the Roots and Imagine Dragons. But back to the announcement, what news would you like hearing the most from the Foos ranks? Let us know in the comments.
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