Malaysia Officialls Looking to Ban Lamb of God as Satanists

Band's concert would "corrode morality and the faith of Muslims," official statement reads.

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Lamb of God sparked a controversy among Malaysia officials with their September 28 scheduled performance in the capital of Kuala Lumpur.

As New Straits Times reports, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) is calling on local authorities to ban the group's performance, labeling the metal five-piece "satanic."

"Lamb of God had drawn many controversies and was dubbed a 'satanic' band that fitted evil spirituality and anti-godliness even by the Christian community," said the department's director general Datuk Othman Mustapha. "The name Lamb of God also referred to Jesus that Christians referred to as the son of god."

The department also claimed LoG aired Quranic verses during US concerts, expressing concern over suggestive song titles such as "Walk With Me in Hell," "Sacrament" and "Resurrection." Representatives went on to name the band's 2000 release "New American Gospel" as opposing to Islamic Syariat (Sharia) and morals.

"The organizing of such events do not only corrode morality but also the faith of Muslims," Mustapha said. "Performances by heavy metal outfits that were often extreme also encouraged its audience to lose control," he concluded.

The department is reportedly looking to submit a memorandum to various ministries in order to ban Lamb of God. The band is currently warming up to kick off their upcoming tour on September 18 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The image is courtesy of Annie Atlasman.

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    Actually I can also see the name being part of biblical culture where a lamb would be sacrificed to appease god, which exists within both christian and muslim religion. so surely that is enough evidence under their reasoning to say they AREN'T satanists
    "The organizing of such events do not only corrode morality but also the faith of Muslims," I would guess pretty much anything coming from the last 3-4 centuries would have that effect.
    same with christianity, maybe even farther back! It is funny though, theyd ban satanists, Is satan even apart of muslim belief?
    Did I just miss out on the last 20-30 years or something? Are people still accusing metal bands of Satanism?
    No, muslims just tend to be living in the past.
    Hmm, true. I guess you can at least say that more western religions such as Christianity have moved on and realised that the times have actually changed since the origins of the bible. Muslim's still go by their book as if it would still apply today, sadly.
    I'm sorry, but that is a painfully ignorant thing to say. What is true is that in some countries the government and society as a whole have created a situation where people are essentially compelled into fundamentalism and extremism, that tends to be the case in countries with established state religions, but to suggest that some single coherent group of 100% conformist people called "Muslims" all take a literalist interpretation of their holy book - or even to state as a fact that a majority do - is ridiculous. Christianity is no better, it's simply that fewer people care about religion in the western world enough to practise it. After all, there are still people who'll quote the book of Leviticus as a reason to deny homosexuals human rights.
    That's why Metallica took 31 years to come to Kuala Lumpur.. The dumbness is immense here..
    as a malaysian, i find this extremely embarrassing and aggravating. our leaders are a bunch of circus clowns. There are serious issues to tackle, but they're too busy banning bands and locking up people who 'insult' Islam
    remember the dog issue? oh WHICH ONE..... argh, another band we will have to wait 15 years to watch live
    How do you say "that's retarded" in Malaysian?
    they say 'cacat betul!' (which is essentially 'really retarded') ....well i guess we have to be thankful that metallica made it over here and we fans 'lost control' during the 'heavy metal performance'.....
    Hey, I may be spiritual, but I love metal for what it is. It never conflicts with my beliefs. But this...seroiusly? Didn't the past years teach us anything, like what happened in Arkansas (West Memphis 3)? It still make me sick of all the prejudice that still happens today...
    "The organizing of such events do not only corrode morality but also the faith of Muslims" If your faith is so strong, then how could a musical performance affect it? LoG should pose no threat to one who truly believes.
    Surely if ye can sing hymns you can "worship satan". Though it's more anti-worship altogether.
    That is why we have a First Amendment in the US; opinions differ. If "free speech" only applied to ideas and opinions that are not offensive, there would be no need for the Amendment.
    I really hate the way people feel the need to bag on religion as a form of belief. So far as I can tell, the only things you should morally object to are murders, paedos, that kinda thing - dismissing religion, organized or otherwise is the height of ignorance. I don't like the way that many metalheads have this 'satanism is cool, christianity isn't' logic, nearly as much as I hate the way Christians (and Islamists) feel the need to go labelling good metal satanic. It's okay to be religious, it's okay to not. Have a little bit of respect.
    You know.. Jesus Christ is Lord, too me.. Thats my opinion.. it always will be.. I love LoG, There is a bit of a difference in what these people are doing and what Christians actually do.. The small few make us all look crazy.. Whatever though, tunes are tunes.. Im gonna rock anyway..
    If anything I'd say Lamb of God are a Christian metal band and not satanists.
    How so? Several of their songs question organized religion, go listen to Descending off of Sacrament
    And here come the anti-religion people that feel as if they HAVE to express their opinion, even though it means absolutely nothing. It's like they have to say it to reassure themselves. I think banning a band because they're 'Satanic' is quite stupid none the less, though. If people are offended by the music, that's their decision to not listen to it.
    If expressing an opinion means nothing then why did you just do so?
    bah bah religion sheep, have you any other opinions? It means absoltuely nothing when people keep saying that same shit over and over "god isnt real blah blah" no one gives a ****, why do people insist on saying it?
    Possibly because of irrational extremist behavior as illustrated in this article? Anyways I just thought it was funny that you claimed opinions meant nothing and started your next paragraph with "I think..."
    All religions need to be respected. The creed in a superior being has been following humanity since its first steps towards living in society and the information they provide about the culture of a society in which they prevail is immense. However, I don't think that pushing them down everyone's throats, especially through the force of law, should be a thing. That's why there's a strong debate between religious leaders and laicists in Malaysia nowadays, in the first place. Besides, something buried so deep in the culture of a country like religion is unlikely to be subverted by the so called "satanic music" of Lamb of God. I don't approve of this ban in any way tbh... EDIT: this wasn't supposed to be a reply, sorry mate
    its just paranoia and lack of education that those monkeys can make those type of statements. JAKIM need to get out more,
    Muslims getting offended by something which offends Christians? Quite an achievement there boys. Fucking retards nonetheless though.
    Why does it surprise you that Muslims and Christians would get offended by the same thing?
    mehh...their loss
    Unfortunately it isn't their loss. The people working to ban LoG aren't the same people going to the shows. The fans are the ones who are losing out. The band also suffer because it's one less place they can play. I would be pretty pissed if my country decided to ban LoG.
    Oh here we go again... UG firing out another religious shitstorm.. here come the bible bashers and thumpers.
    @eiren:: just say malingsia idiot bin guoblokK..they'll know it.. I will call it oppose of islamophobia..even in malaysia you can't wear MU t-shirt cz it has devil picture in the logo..
    Religion should just stay separate from everything. If people rely on bands for what they should believe in, they need to go out and get a personality.
    I don't think they'll actually ban them from playing. They'll lose money and aggravate a lot of people that will pour out their anger elsewhere. Looks to me like they are doing Lamb of God more good than bad with what they think is "negative" remarks. More people will want to go to the concert now.