Man Dies After Stage Diving at Suicidal Tendencies Concert

28-year-old suffers critical injuries following a stage dive incident.

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A 28-year-old fan died from injuries sustained after a stage dive incident during last week's Suicidal Tendencies concert in Switzerland.

As Solothurner Zeitung reports (via Blabbermouth), the tragedy happened during January 22 concert as crowd members failed to properly catch the young man, causing him to land badly.

The incident seemed harmless at first. According to head of the venue Pipo Kofmehl, "A security guard responded immediately, helped the young man and our emergency unit reacted as well," adding that the fan asked to go home. "Our team decided, however, that he should immediately seek hospital care."

It was at that point when a series of complications occurred. The young man had an epileptic seizure and died two days later (January 24) at the Bern University Hospital.

A police investigation was launched, but the State Police spokesperson has already stated that the entire incident "was an accident."

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    As terrible as that is for his family and the people that saw it happen, I have to say, that is pretty damn ironic.
    Irony police, open up! Sir Irony would be if he died at an anti-suicide concert, I'll give you 3 seconds or we're busting down this door. All stupidity aside, this is terrible for those who knew him, and a sad way to go.
    It was rather ironic that, while his death was self-caused, he had no suicidal intentions.
    I have to question how he dove in order to not be caught. I've only seen someone fail to be caught twice, ever. It was actually the same guy at the same concert. He wasn't caught because instead of going horizontal, he kicked his feet out so that anyone catching him would get a foot to the face. So, everyone moved out of the way to avoid a bloody nose and he landed square on his tailbone. He then proceeded to do it again. Of course, all of this is speculation regarding the occurrence in this article. But, it just makes me wonder.
    "As terrible as that is for his family and the people that saw it happen" Um, it's pretty awful for him too, isn't it? Y'know, the guy who actually died?
    Well, he completely disregarded health and safety and common sense to do something that could've caused serious harm to others and in his case, himself. Sucks he died and all, but jumping off a freakin' stage is hardly a good decision
    Well that's definitely true, but it's not like stagediving is rare or anything. I'm just saying, it was dumb of him, but who would've guessed he would have died? Seems like some pretty freaking bad luck for him.
    What do you mean, "...but who would've guessed he would have died?" After the whole Randy Blythe incident you'd think no one would try it anymore.
    Coincidental would be my word for it. And as bad as I felt, upon reading the headline, I laughed.
    Stop stage diving, people. Damn.
    stage diving is fun as shit, it said the crowd didn't properly catch him and that's the risk that dude took...the danger of jumping off the stage into the crowd is what makes it fun same goes for moshing
    Insanity ninja
    I'd rather not throw myself headfirst off stages into a crowd of people who probably don't want me to.
    I agree, you are a little girl. If you can't cut loose and have a fun at a concert, don't even come out. Just stay at home and slit your wrists.
    There's a difference between having fun and stupidly risking harm to yourself or others for "a good time", but then again, seeing as in the space of three sentences you managed to be both sexist and insulting to mental health, I wouldn't expect you to have an ounce of compassion in your body.
    Oh my God, This. bradd101 Comment of the week, my friend. You want to mosh at a show? That's fine. That's your way of cutting loose at a show. But some other people's way of cutting loose is by going to see a show and not getting shoved around.
    Problem is, many stage divers don't know how to properly dive. I've been to a concert where people were "diving" - literary running off the stage and jumping towards the crowds faces. How the **** are you supposed to catch that? Result is he smashes 3 others who want to have a good time listening to good music. He gets up and does it again. I don't know, should I smash his face in the concrete when he lands, because I feel like it when experiencing it. Because I would really enjoy to do it, having fun right? With that said, I dont mind surfers, mosh pits etc, stuff belongs to certain genres of music, but it's the way it is performed that is important.
    Stage diving is irritating and dangerous; people either aren't going to catch you (because why the **** would they? I don't fancy trying to catch a 14 stone man) or they'll try (to catch) and get themselves hurt.
    Just because a guy dies from time to time in extremely rare cases, it's no reason to stop stage diving. It is HILARIOUS to stage dive and crowd surf. Some people also accidently crash on their bicycles and die, but you're not gonna stop riding bikes, are you?
    yeah but in most cases on a bicycle youre in control of yourself, and in stage diving youre leaving your life in strangers hands in one of the most needless fashions ever
    I'm not sure what's hilarious about jumping on and kicking 50+ people in the head while crowd surfing.
    How many people stage dive at concerts a year compared to how many people die a year from stage diving? I would bet that stage diving is still safer than many other activities. You are still more likely to die from a vending machine then stage diving. Point is, do it if you want as long as you understand there is a possibility of injury. It's the same advice I give to motocross riders, skydivers, racecar drivers, skateboarders, skiers, and other "dangerous" activities: go for it as long as you know the risks. If you deem the risk worthwhile, by all means have fun!
    Good point but a vending machine? do tell...
    I think it's 12 people a year that die from vending machines falling on them. Still stage diving doesn't seem like a good decision. Just because death is rare, it doesn't mean injuries aren't and you do seriously piss off the performers.
    Vending machines falling and crushing people. For the ridiculousness of how it sounds, it seems to happen more than expected :')
    Moshing is fine, because anyone in the pit generally wants to be there. When I'm watching a band play, I don't want some moron jumping on top of me.
    Thank god this didn't happen in the Czech Republic!
    Surprised the cops didn't come looking to arrest the band members following the Randy Blythe debacle
    No, one of the band members would have had to brush up against the fan and push him for that to be not downvoted... this is COMPLETELY different... /sarcasm
    Why do people feel the need to stage dive anyway? You can easily injure another person in the crowd, as well.
    To answer your question as to why: When you have the intelligence to just climb onto the stage while the bands performing, you're not just gonna walk around and say hi to everyone and walk off, or ask your friends to get you down - youre in the hype of the moment and the only reason you got up there in the first place was to surf the crowd. not be a pussy and walk off. Ive never stage dived, dont really plan on it either, but im not gonna go around asking stupid questions like im some sort of a internet-mother or something
    Then don't climb on the stage while the band's performing. Jesus christ is this ****ing high school
    It's a common thing in Punk, I see it all the time. However it usually happens at much smaller venues than this so it tends to be less harmful.