Man Dies After Stage Diving at Suicidal Tendencies Concert

artist: Suicidal Tendencies date: 01/29/2014 category: music news
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Man Dies After Stage Diving at Suicidal Tendencies Concert
A 28-year-old fan died from injuries sustained after a stage dive incident during last week's Suicidal Tendencies concert in Switzerland.

As Solothurner Zeitung reports (via Blabbermouth), the tragedy happened during January 22 concert as crowd members failed to properly catch the young man, causing him to land badly.

The incident seemed harmless at first. According to head of the venue Pipo Kofmehl, "A security guard responded immediately, helped the young man and our emergency unit reacted as well," adding that the fan asked to go home. "Our team decided, however, that he should immediately seek hospital care."

It was at that point when a series of complications occurred. The young man had an epileptic seizure and died two days later (January 24) at the Bern University Hospital.

A police investigation was launched, but the State Police spokesperson has already stated that the entire incident "was an accident."
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