Man Who Killed Teen For Playing Loud Music Claims 'Self Defense'

Florida man claims that he is not guilty of murder.

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A man in Florida who opened fire on a group of teens after asking them to turn their music down has claimed that he is not guilty because he was acting in self defense. 45 year old gun collector Michael Dunn shot and killed 17 year old Jordan Davis at a petrol station in Jacksonville during the incident. Dunn, reportedly on the way to his son's wedding, exchanged words with the car full of teenagers, before pulling out a handgun and firing into the car.

Jacksonville homicide Lt. Rob Schoonover has offered the following statement regarding the incident: "[The music] was loud. They admitted that. That's not a reason for someone to open fire... Nobody else in that vehicle was struck; it was just our victim [Davis], which was lucky because the vehicle was shot eight or nine times."

According to Schoonover, Dunn had acted after "feeling" threatened by the teens: "His side of the story is he felt threatened and that is the reason he took action". The trial is currently ongoing.

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    Nugent: Obama hired him to take away our gun rights.
    All you sheeple would realize what's REALLY going on if only you opened your freaking mind so that you could hear the same voices in your head that Nugent and Mustaine do but the Illuminati chemtrails block the signals!
    JD Close
    I can't believe nobody's asked why he was bringing his gun to his son's wedding
    Probably because it was within his constitutionally guaranteed rights. Florida has a higher crime rate than where I live so I'd probably carry a gun as well. You never know when you might truly need it. This was not that case though.
    And I thought the Russian government was paranoid....Mr. Dunn you sir are a ****ing retard. You were on the way to your son's wedding? Does your son listen to loud music too? Do you feel threatened? Good! Fucking psychotic loser
    Too many guns and not enough guitars in Florida.
    Guitars for Guns. We need to get this into legislation.
    Wouldn't that be amazing? Trade a handgun for a Strat, trade a .357 for a Paul Reed Smith, trade an assault rifle for a Les Paul Custom...
    I'd agree if I owned guns. Call me selfish, but I don't want a bunch of douchebags to own better guitars than me simply because they are douchebags.
    Good point...OK, I decree guns may only be traded for a new Silvertone SS11 or Rogue Rocketeer RR50 though I will trade bullets for guitar picks :
    Being that your average AK is around $500 and AR's are around $1000, I think it would be a great deal to trade them in for guitars costing many times that amount. I'd trade in all my guns, sell off all the guitars, then buy all new guns and maybe a guitar or two with the leftover money. I love these government gun trade in programs. We profit from them ever time and at taxpayer expense.
    There are no guitars for trade, it's just a trick to get yer guns and sell 'em to the highest bidder to cut the deficit...
    What the actual ****?! Does he realise that when being dead is actually kinda a big deal, and you don't ****ing shoot people for playing music!
    Wow, so on his way to his son's wedding, he decided to shoot some kid, and actually thought the fact the kids had loud music justifies it?
    Mkaes those of us who like to shoot look bad. Life in prison, with 120 volts of electricity to his ballsack for that duration.
    All that without knowing his side of the story? I don't know about you but I've been in situations similar. Simply asking someone to move their car or something and they totally fly off the handle about it and come at me. Of course it becomes a self defense situation at that point. They choose to escalate it and get shot for it. Now obviously we will never know what happened in this case as long as we take this website as a source for our news...
    Judging by the picture and the fact that he's a gun collector, I wouldn't be surprised if you told me this isn't the first time he's done this.
    This guy should rot in jail for his ignorance and stupidity and selfishness. There's not nearly enough bad things i could say about this man, i read the same article on MSN. Just ****ing terrible.
    I mean, the guy is obviously crazy. But all I'm saying is if some dude was blasting Yoko Ono I might put him down lol
    link no1
    Yoko Ono? Is that who all the kids are listening to these days?
    Not the point I'm trying to make. The only way I would consider murder self defense is if the kids were blasting Yoko Ono. BUT, if they were recreationally listening to Yoko, they probably should be put out of their misery anyway
    This man needs to be tied down and forced to listen to whatever music he hates the most until his ear drums explode.
    I live not too far from where this occured. The guy claims that the teens were threatening him and that one had pulled out a gun. Cops investigate the scene and there was no gun to be found aside from the one Dunn owned. He asked them to turn their music down they (in typical teenage fashion. I know because I'm a teenager and we've all been guilty of doing this) probably said something rude. But that is no excuse to kill someone's son. I hear people play loud music in public all the time. You know what I do? I say to myself "damn that's annoying" and go about my merry way. I don't make it a point to tell them to turn it down because I don't give a damn. And if I were to do that i should expect someone to say something rude back. But that is not an excuse to kill someone. This man is a murderer.
    Dunn probably just said the kids had a gun because it sounded better than saying "When I asked them to turn the music down, they said something mean to me"
    Good on him for Standing His Ground. You can't let these drug-addled miscreants infringe on your God-given constitutional right to your freedom to have everyone else behave exactly as you want everywhere forever and to shoot them if you don't.
    if sarcasm, well said.
    Seems to me driving around with a loaded weapon equals someone looking for a fight. As D Boon of the Minutemen used to sing, "little man with a gun in his hand".
    I don't think he's saying that he felt threatened BY the music. He's probably claiming that the kids made threatening comments or gestures after he confronted them. You'd never know, though, because UG stories lack information. That being said, I still think the guy is a ****ing idiot.
    He claimed he saw one of the kids in the vehicle holding a gun. He was wrong.
    My point exactly. He never said he was defending himself from the loud music, which is what the headline and the quote by the detective would have you believe. Apparently, if there's music playing at the scene of a crime, that's a good enough reason for UG to post the story.