Man Wins $232m, Wants To Buy GN'R Reunion

Will the classic Gn'R lineup accept an offer to pay for an official reunion, after a music shop owner won $232 million on the lottery?

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A man who won £148 million ($232 million) on the Euromillions lottery over the weekend says he wants to buy an classic Guns N' Roses reunion.

Before his win, Adrian Bayford ran a music shop in Suffolk, England. Now he's the second-biggest lottery winners in UK history but still chose to return to his music shop this morning.

When asked what he would do with his winnings after buying a new house and car, Adrian said: "I think I would just have to get Guns n'Roses together the original lineup, mind. I'm a real fan."

There's one big problem. Members of the so-called "classic lineup" of GN'R from the early 1990s aren't exactly the best of friends.

When the band was to be inducted to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this year, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for the classic lineup to put their past disagreements behind them. Sadly, Axl Rose refused in an open letter. Slash and Duff McKagan eventually chose to perform anyway, with Myles Kennedy standing in on vocals.

But as noted by Classic Rock, Adrian could afford plenty of private shows with the modern GN'R lineup. A Russian billionaire paid $1 million for a private performance last year.

What would you do with a lottery win like that? Would you pay for a private show, and who with? What would be your dream guitar or recording studio setup? Let us know in the comments.

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    Glass Prisoner
    To take Frankie Boyle's joke; with that kind of money, you'd be better writing FUCK OFF AXL on the moon.
    Yeah, but I don't think he could afford that. Besides, as he said he's a real fan. If he's willing to pay that much money for a reunion, I doubt he has the same opinion of Axl as you (or the general English-speaking public) do, and he wouldn't want to tell Axl to "Fuck off."
    Thats actually a pretty cool idea. Too bad it won't happen. With that money I'd honestly love to keep running the shop, make it cooler, maybe get Slash and Duff to make an in store appearance.
    $4 million to Izzy, Duff, Slash, and Steven : $228 million to Axl and his ego.
    Imagine paying millions of dollars and then Axl not turning up, which would totally happen. I'd buy a private Rush concert though, and have them play 2112 in full.
    Hopefully, with the kind of money we're talking here, you'd have a contract drawn up, and one of the (many, I'd imagine) stipulations would be that if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. Period.
    What's with this site? Honestly, the grammar and spelling is simply atrocious. Hell, pay me and I'll edit your crap for you. It just feels so amateur here.
    I'd pay $232m to heal Dave Mustaine's paranoia and make him a normal person.
    If this doesn't work, will you stop posting stories about Guns N Roses getting back together?
    Oh i'd buy everything... tons of gear, a professional home studio and i'd open an independent record label to sign up exclusively rock acts... and then i'd pay a ton of money to Deftones to play a free concert at my hometown with all the songs i wanna to hear... among other things.
    With that money i'd rather pay brain surgery for Axl ) its cheaper
    Agent 00Awesome
    That's a waste. Even a reunion doesn't appeal whatsoever these days. Axl and his ego has ruined the band for me.
    I agree completely in that there isn't any appeal to it. Maybe in a stadium with hundreds of people watching where they are on a stage it can be a little hard to tell they aren't totally in synch with each other but for a private performance it be painfully obvious and ruin the show.
    That's a waste. Even a reunion doesn't appeal whatsoever these days. Axl and his ego has ruined the band for me.
    I dont think Any amount of money would bring Slash back. Axl just ****ed up too bad
    Not that he wants to come back, but I don't think Slash would be the one keeping Slash out of GN'R anymore. Axl doesn't want him back.
    I'd probably fund the continuation of the TV show 'Firefly', and then I'd like to provide clean drinking water for as much of Africa as possible. Honestly I hate seeing people win this much money, that's more than ANYONE needs in a lifetime, and they could do so much good with it if they weren't so damn greedy!
    If they wanted the money that bad, they would have just gotten back together and toured. That tour would have grossed at least $232 million.
    I love all the "I'd get this n this n then give the rest to charity!" Give me a break, who the hell are you fooling? Real talk: I'd give between $20-$50 mil to charity, buy all the things I immediately wanted, and save the rest to live a long luxurious lifestyle at my mansion with my own private shuttle to bring me places, which doubles as a Bugatti Veyron, because it is in fact, a Bugatti Veyron. With my own private chauffeur who will actually be a professional race car driver but I'll pay him loads of money to tediously drive me places just to make a statement. He would drive me to my own private jet, piloted by Bruce Dickinson, where I would have a private show by Maiden while he threw it on autopilot, all while flying above my private island. I may be a scumbag but at least I'm an honest scumbag that's not in denial like the rest of you.
    Cool idea but the fact is that no amount of money will get Axl and Slash together. At least not in this lifetime.
    *facepalm* Seriously? With that amount of money I would move to Vegas and never come back, forget about GN'R's reunion, dudes... it's not gonna happen.
    I'd probably buy my dream rig, pay off any college debts... Any money left over would go straight to charity. Although I do like the idea of setting up my own business, I'm no good at bookkeeping so it's probably a bad idea.
    I could think of so many ****ing things I'd rather spend millions on.
    If I had that money, I would make that shop the coolest shop in England. Give all of my co-workers $10,000 to spend on musical equipment and invest/donate. I would probably do everything teknoman said too.
    "There's one big problem. Members of the so-called "classic lineup" of GN'R from the early 1990s aren't exactly the best of friends." No duh Sherlock
    Root Beer
    What a dumb thing to waste that much money on. It'll never work anyway, you can't pay Axl to NOT be a prick.
    Might as well have Myles Kenndey on vocals with the original GNR lineup, minus Axl. That'd actually be worth the money.
    I agree, when I said that I got thumbs downed though. And I have a feeling I'm gonna be thumbs downed again.
    Saw new GN'R with Axl this year, and 3 days later Slash with myles. to be honest, in comparison to axl, slash sucked hard. but thats the ug community, always against axl.
    Unfortunately, only Axl sounds like Axl. Myles can sing, well even, but IMHO he doesn't sound *right* singing GNR songs. To my ears, it's as awkward as it would be if Natalie Merchant suddenly replaced Amy Lee in Evanescence. Both can sing, but vocal ability is not the only factor. The voice has to *sound* right for the music. Myles doesn't... Axl (did). If you think Myles Kennedy is a good replacement for Axl, you might like to see Rod Stewart as the next lead singer of Anthrax. That'd work, right? ::smh::
    I come from a small town. I'd build my own theater and invite all the bands I liked to play and pay them handsomely for the job...perhaps take singing lessons from Roy Khan and force Candlemass to tour with both Messiah and Lowe on vocals.
    I'd buy UG, get rid of all the annoying ads, make that tab program free, and overhaul the entire site making tab access much easier and less cluttered (because it's 2012, not 2000 anymore). Drop boxes UG, DO IT!
    I'd just pay for someone to proofread the damn articles. Jesus Christ UG, this is embarrassing.
    Forget GnR reuniting, Get the remaining members of Pink Floyd to play together agian. They stated that the only way they would do it would be for another charity event, so what better thing to do then donate a ton of money to a charity of their choosing and get them to play together agian?
    Move to a country that I can grow weed in, then build a warehouse thats 50,000 square feet in size and grow so much weed than I will be stoned for the rest of my life. Might dedicate a few k feet for studio and personal gig venue. bring in some famous musicians to jam/record with. some day..
    m4ss3 m/
    I would just get Periphery to play in my living room, produce my album and then give the rest of the money for charity. True story..
    Stop with the Myles Kennedy over Axl comments. Axl flushes more talent down the toilet on a given day than Kennedy will ever have. I'm not saying he sucks (but he does, god awful) but Axl was incredible in his prime.
    Axl would just show up 2hrs late and go home early, plus he's not as good a singer as he used to be
    My dream rig consisting of: 1959 Les Paul Standard 1953 Blackguard Telecaster 1974 White Les Paul Custom A bunch of Marshall stacks And a whole John Petrucci replica rig. Then, the family thing, home studio, everything else I want, put some of the rest aside for safekeeping. And then hire: Iron Maiden, Rush, Trivium, DragonForce, and many many many more to play in the Arena I'd build.
    Axl used to be god but now - he sucks.. too much. Slash, Duff, Steven and Izzy would normally play, coz they still fukin can. axl would just f*ck it up with his new "great" voice