Manchester Police Carries Out the First Emo Hate Crime Arrest

After recognizing attacks against alternative as hate crime, Manchester police makes its first arrest under the new category.

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After officially recognizing the attacks against metal, goth, emo and punk fans as hate crime, Manchester police has successfully carried out their first arrest under the new category.

After assaulting a 16-year-old emo teenager this Monday, a 44-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy were arrested and subsequently released on bail until May 7, The Guardian reports. The attack has been categorized as alternative subculture hate crime and is currently awaiting further investigation.

"Officers will be reviewing CCTV and speaking to witnesses in order to investigate this attack thoroughly ... the fact we were able to identify this as a hate crime is very positive. Just last Thursday we announced that we will now record alternative subculture as a hate motivation. We hope this encourages victims to continue to come forward so we can take positive action against offenders," said the Assistant chief constable Garry Shewan.

The new act came to power following the murder of 20-year-old goth fan Sophie Lancaster in 2007 after she was attacked and severely beaten while walking through the park with her boyfriend. Sophie's mother Sylvia gave the latest decision her full support saying that "it's a validation of the work undertaken in the past five years."

Sophie's attackers were arrested and sentenced in 2008 with the judge recognizing their acts as a hate crime. In a recent debate we held, most of the UG community also condemned such crimes, giving various comments and opinions on the topic.

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    A 44-year old man assaulting a teenager disgusts me, hate crime or not he should be sent down.
    "44-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy were arrested" Was this a father-son outing?!
    That's what I was thinking. With role models like that I'm not surprised there are so many youths in this country that are wasters. Gives the UK a terrible reputation.....
    and from what you hear in the news, us over here in the States have such a GREAT rep ourselves.... haha
    I was thinking the same, what the hell is a relatively old man attacking a teenager?
    Ya really. I mean emo people are weird lol but you really got enough hate in your heart to do some shit like this at 44 fricken years old...GROW UP!
    What could you do if you see these guys in real life?
    I'd sacrifice myself and save humanity.
    I thought this was the band 'Bewitched'. I watched it a few times looking for the twins but they ain't there. It's not that dissimilar though.
    Personally, I can't stand this "band". I'm a goth, don't like most goths or emos. But I don't go punching kids in the face just because I don't like how they dress. If I did that I'd be hitting everyone I pass on the street. It's just common bloody sense! You don't do it! I find this new law a joke, people should stick up for themselves! This does not help, it singles us out, makes us look weaker then we are. What you have shared here is a VERY poor representation with MANY different sub-cultures, and makes us all look this bad. Thanks for spreading the hate there by the way!
    i did not see this video going in the direction it went in at all. i was expecting some dark emo metal shit. not cheesey 80's emo kid pop. Weird stuff
    Anyone assaulting anyone disgusts me.
    I agree. Outside of a purely sporting realm, violence frightens and sickens me. Even then it can be quite disgusting.
    A f*cking 44 year old man?! And to think I was raised to respect adults, but I've seen far too much evidence opposing that idea. I'd have thought people grow out of that sh*t but again I've seen many times that's not always the case.
    I've never arbiterily repected adults, it just never made sense. If someone knows there shit I will happily listen respectfully the whole day but that's earned and a whole lot of teachers and adults in my life where pretty ****ing stupid. because of a combination of aspergers and laziness I always got a lot of assistance from the people who worked with mentally handicapped kids (I guess being bored and not giving a shit is a kind of handicap) and I met one person in this line of work I could respect between kindergarten and graduation. Funny thing is I loved reading and learning but the schools material always suffered in comparison to the stuff I brought from home... And this is related to a father figure son duo beating an emo kid because... respect for adults, right... already said that... Well I hope you enjoy reading the life stories of some random guy on the Internet.
    I've been attacked on three different occasions for just having long hair here in Ireland.Bout time to see this happening
    I live in manchester. I've got long hair and I wear a battle jacket covered in thrash patches about everywhere. I've never had anything said or done to me. It seems really odd.
    You must just look hard haha. I've got long hair and wear my Sabaton hoodie around all the time, but nobody says anything to me.
    That doesn't really suprise me, especially if you're talking northern Ireland.. They'll deliberatly beat anyone up there from what I hear.
    I can't believe it took them this long to classify it as a hate crime, the very second a person was attacked for the way they dressed it should have been obvious it was a hate crime!
    It's good they were arrested but I'm not sure about this subculture hate crime thing. Shouldn't this kind of incident be covered by straight up assault?
    It is, but hate crime is designated as an "aggravating factor" IE you will get given a stiffer penalty for assaulting someone if it was seen to be motivated by an aggravating factor rather than just simple assault.
    This is good news. Personally, I think the designation is a bit too specific. I think anyone who beats someone else up just for looking "different" should be treated as a perpetrator of a hate crime. But yeah, this guy is a total twat. No excuse for this sort of behaviour at any age, let alone 44. That's Manchester for you, I suppose. Glad I don't have to live there any more...
    I agree that changes to the law like this are long overdue. An adult attacking a minor is bad enough in itself, without the motivation for it being a matter of personal choice. In the past I have also been attacked for looking different (long hair, piercings, tattoos etc) however I've been fortunate in that a long time ago I used to fight competitively so for the most part I'm able to defend myself.
    I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet... the savior of emo's everywhere...
    This is crazy sad. I really hope the kid that got assaulted was okay and everything.
    As black jack says, "You can't kill the metal" \m/... ...and just about any genre that's worth listening to
    Insanity ninja
    Not saying it's okay to assault people, but quite often when I go into Manchester and through the Urbis area, I see underage kids drinking in a public place, both of which are illegal. And other kids that have no respect for the general public and just mess up the place for everyone else. It's only a minority of a minority, but it puts me off going near there.
    link no1
    Urbis? Really? People still hang around there? I thought it was a waste of time even at the age it was 'appropriate' to be there.
    Insanity ninja
    They do, sadly enough. Mostly scene kids, sweaty metalheads and punks calling other punks wannabes. You get the odd weirdo in his early 30's down there sometimes too.
    Nobody should be assaulting each other, but the hate crime concept is stupid to me. Assault is assault, it shouldn't be considered worse or not as bad based off the perpetrator's views of another person's culture/way of life/etc.
    I understand what you're saying, but I don't agree. In my understanding there is a different psychological issue that is happening to make it a hate crime. If a person simply goes out and fights for little reason, surely that is a very different mental state than to wish and act upon hurting another person simply because their dress code is specific to a genre of music and style that they like. I'm 23 years old and didn't appreciate walking to a venue and being told that I'm a "F***ing C**t and deserve to be raped" by a fool out of their car window, simply because I dress differently than their personal taste.
    Could have done with this 10 years ago when a 19 year old assaulted me in the street for dressing differently. I had a witness and the police took statements but he still got off. And I was 15. Disgusting.
    It's ok making laws, it's getting the Police to actually give a shit that's the problem.
    shoulda fought back instead of being a bitch and taking it.... he was 19. Not like he was 44.
    It's funny how some users here are all politically correct saying that it was about time for a law like this to come along and yet, whenever an article about an artists they don't enjoy is posted here they keep leaving hateful comments, saying that they wish they could beat up those artists.
    Not enough info to state on this by a long shot, but I came to think: does this mean it's ok to go to school fully dressed in your fav styles again without being alienated and singled out by both same-track runner schoolmates and teachers alike? If I was in school today and dressed like I used to I'd be arrested for being a terrorist suspect
    It would probably be against the school dress-code. You could be sent home or whatever. However, would people sart attacking you? Being alienated or shunned is quite different to being physically or verbally assaulted.
    While I don't believe in assaulting anyone for anything, I DO NOT agree with this nanny-state bullshit about making it a "hate" crime. Last I looked, ANY VIOLENT crime is fueled by some sort of "hate" or it wouldn't be committed, period. As far as I'm concerned, this is nothing more than politically correct bullshit and for the record, PC is for those too weak-minded to handle the sometimes harsh TRUTHS & REALITIES of everyday life, PERIOD.
    While this has been mentioned on previous articles in regards to this issue, crime is always hateful. So every crime is a 'hate crime'. If discrimination is to be wiped out, should crimes against people of a minority or pertaining to a certain subculture be punished more severely than crimes against someone who is not of such a background or group? Still, it's good that they got him. Hopefully the cracking down on 'hate crimes' will at least make them less common. It's pathetic for a 44-year-old to assault a teenager, especially for their appearance.
    Not all crimes are crimes of hate. That notion is just ridiculous. You don't take a bong rip because you hate bongs.
    Meant to say crimes against other people, sorry. Specifically crimes like these: unprovoked assault, etc. Even then I still didn't really think that one through
    probably the most retarded comparison i have ever seen. Two stupid comments dont make a smart one
    You misunderstand. It's not because they are of a minority that the sentence is higher, but because of the motivation of the attacker. Let's say someone punches your girlfriend; many people would retaliate, even if they didn't meet the criteria for self-defence. This is assault on behalf of both parties. If someone attacks someone on the basis of their skin colour or whatever, reason says this is less justifiable (ergo higher sentence) than the previous example. And crime is not always hateful; desperation, frustration and boredom etc. are other motivators.
    Gerard Way Jr
    Can we not just call it assault? Does everything have to be "hate crime"? Who the hell cares Why the **** does everything have to be so goddamn politically correct
    link no1
    I say it's because people from certain 'alternative lifestyles' are a lot more likely to be assaulted than your casual everyday citizen than you could say noting about based on how they're dressed. Attaching 'hate crime' to these kinds of assaults is probably a hope that it will drastically lower these attacks on certain 'sub cultures'.
    If everything was a hate crime, it'd be a redundant definition. Defining different types of crimes means resources in the future can be better allocated to dealing with specific types of crime and their causes. Also, it's not politically correct, it's just a definition. PC would be calling black people "African Americans", which I think is a bit of a narrow definition anyway. I'm happy with being called white, it's not racist - it's just a descriptive term.
    At first I though this was a BS law because UG made it sound like it was for "emo" people only; however seems to be clarified as alternative subculture lifestyles in general which is nice. I used to catch a lot of verbal flack from the jocks in school for wearing metal shirts and listening to metal, upside is I was bigger then most of them so they didn't physically attack me. Probably would have been a jock if the teams didn't suck so bad!
    Lumping metal together with emo. *Vomit*
    You're part of the reason why many people think metal fans are arrogant and hateful. Get off your high horse kid. There are lots of music genres and metal is just one of them. There is no reason for being so prejudiced towards a genre that you simply don't enjoy.
    Ok this is bad but why don't we use that same hate towards something more positive and take out those kids into chris brown n kanye west...they deserve it more. Someone had to say it.
    link no1
    Just because you think their music is terrible doesn't mean the fans should get assaulted. One of my friends likes Panic at the Disco. I despise the band with a passion but have I beat the crap out of him for enjoying them? No, I just accept his taste and move on with my life. You're as bad as the people assaulting Metal, Emo and Punk fans.
    I don't like Christ Brown or Kanye West, but why the hell would "taking out" people who DO like them be a GOOD thing!? You, good sir, are what is wrong in the world.
    ohhh yeah he definitly wants a holocaust style killing of hip hop fans, for sure. Not a drop of a sense of humor, you are whats wrong with the world.
    Right, because attacking human beings is humorous... Regardless, connotation is difficult to convey over the internet, and I've met plenty of people stupid enough to seriously believe that everyone who likes something should just die. However, it's nice to know that you knew he was being humorous - what's your secret?
    Um...why exactly are Chris Brown and Kanye West deserving of hate either? What exactly does assaulting fans of any type of music do for anyone? What does hate in general do that's good?
    Chris Brown is an assaulter himself.
    I'm aware of that. That doesn't mean we should assault him in turn. That'd be vengeance, and the laws in place (in the West anyway) are designed to administer justice (not vengeance). It's just as illegal (and unethical) to assault an assaulter.
    I wouldn't say it's unethical. However, it is unjustified if 1) the person has done their time and 2) (more importantly) you are not right there when it happens. So, if someone attacks another, and you get in the way and knock the person out - I'd say that's okay, as it's defending the other person. You just then stop, and don't do anything more than call the police and an ambulance.
    Wow! This is much more open minded than the previous article on hate crime. What happened? Well whatever it is, thank the deities.
    You'd be surprised, I've had a few dads encouraging their kids to laugh at my long hair at work.
    You haven't already graduated to total strangers calling you "miss"? That's when it gets fun - especially if you have facial hair.
    "most" of the UG community also condemned hate crimes. Good to know. Could be 49% people who are in favour of hate crimes. Wooooo!
    I think hate crimes should have shorter sentences, it's productivity in my books
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    Well I think morons should be shot at birth but sadly, we can't predict whether people like you will be a moron till later in their life.
    Metalisnotmusic's bio: "I grew up in a big city, approximately the size of your mother's vagina, and with just and many occupants. For as long as I could remember, I was bombarded with the liberal faggot media, always telling me to be a part of their communist ideas. Everywhere, niggers, spicks and ****s spooging their nazi agenda into my supple and tender mind. When I was 8 years old, my mother was brutally attacked by a rabid gang of malignant tumors. She'd never been happier, she said, "Cancer's killed more blacks than the police. I love cancer". That woman is still an inspiration even after death. I keep a collection of her various bodily fluids in jars in case those hippy yellow arab doctors invent cloning. She's the only one I'd even consider bringing back, except John Wayne of course. I'm in college now, I got a 4.0 GPA because my roommates keep killing themselves. Go **** yourself, Obama." Stay classy, San Diego.
    You can actually get arrested for that? Wtf is with the world being all pussified now-a-days? Graahhh... Whatever happened to stand up for yourself, rather than cry to the police. I mean if he threatened to kill you or something that's one thing but... s**t man.
    link no1
    People shouldn't have to defend themselves in the first place. If I go out somewhere I don't want to be assaulted. Yes, I am one of the people that can and will defend myself but I shouldn't have to at any point ever in the first place. I think you missed that point.
    This guy seems to think that blaming the victim is appropriate.
    Why does it gotta be a hate crime because the kid was emo I know that's why he got beat up but how bout they arrest the dude for being an a hole and beating up a kid
    They also did that. The reasoning for it being a hate crime is because bigotry was the motivator for the crime, the the perpetrators will get stiffer sentences.
    The guys should be arrested for assault, not a hate crime. Being Emo is not like race, gender or sexual orientation and shouldn't be treated like them
    Rex Inclitus
    Two sides of the coin, on one hand, IMO vulnerable individuals should learn to defend themselves wether laws are there to protect them or not. 2. I trained most of my youth in fighting styles and subsequently had to defend myself on several occasions. In high school, it got me expelled dealing with people intent on bullying other students, I was brought up to try to defend anyone in such situations. On the street after years living in project ( although never hurting anyone in my life unless in self defence ) I find myself unable to travel to some places. Last time I tried to visit the US, I was detained by Homeland Security briefly and informed I was a person of " moral turpitude " and inadmissible for the safety of their general populace. End result, after explaining each and every assault in minute detail I was allowed one last entry as they deemed it ridiculous that I would be incarcerated for defending myself but have to apply to their consulate for temporary entry whereas I am to be monitored IF I am approved or risk getting incarcerated and deported if found on US soil. In all it is a Catch 22 situation, so maybe if it deters these assaults and prevents other people from the need to use their self defence skills it would be much better than incarceration and travel restrictions. I have lived among psychos who would just as soon kick someone to death in a fight so everyone should know how to properly defend themselves IMO.
    Cant ****ing tolerate emo's one bit, their whole subculture is absolutely disgusting. The image, music, stupid way they dress, all of that. But violence is far more disgusting to me. Especially a 44 yr old and what im guessing was his son, assaulting a teenager or anyone for that matter. Setting such a great ****ing example, that irresponsible ****nut. Although dressing like a flashy attentionseeking brat(ehhh a teenager has the right to do it) is going to get you lots of attention of course, and not just the positive attention that your after. Im grateful that the music I listen to (metal) isnt a subculture that forces people to dress or act a certain way. I dont appreciate how the new generation really loves to conform to these trends, because its only murdering individuality. But ehh, wish more woulda been done to these douchebags. I do wish a speedy recovery
    yeah not like lame ass metal people dont dress the same... with their fades ass black t-shirts of their favorite band, long hair, and holding the gay ass devil fingers up. 9 times out of 10 metal fans are the filth of the earth... particuarly slayer fans
    ben nixon
    I'm no "emo" but I can't see why all of us metal-heads can't stick together, man.