Manic Street Preachers on Russell Brand: 'Voting Should Be Compulsory'

Nicky Wire speaks out for democracy.

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Manic Street Preachers' bassist Nicky Wire has slammed Russell Brand's attempts to urge the British public not to vote.

Wire, one of the most politically outspoken figures in music, was speaking to NME (via Gigwise) where he revealed that he was a fan's of Brand's personality and comedy, but not his politics.

"There's a bit of me that just loves people being d-ckheads and being absolutely contrary," said Wire. "But then I spent most of my life thinking that democracy is one of the greatest things about living in this country. So there's the ying and the yang of the great Situationist spectacle, and reality."

He continued: "I think reality won in the end. I think voting should be compulsory under law, anyway. The bottom line was he didn't seem to have any policy apart from 'drug rehabilitation for all!'"

Wire also discussed the rise of UKIP in Britain claiming that their success stems from the failings of the coalition government: "When you strip it down, they're not anti-establishment.

"They've just found themselves to be an alternative to the eternal status quo of the three main political parties. In my dreams I'd like to think an extreme-left wing political party fronted by me could do similar, but they just f--king got in there!"

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    If voting was compulsory you'd have a whole lot more idiots who would be very easily swayed by propaganda
    "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." - Winston Churchill how about no compulsory anything.
    "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried." -Winston Churchill
    Oh please, you think the idiots aren't already voting? Look at the framing of political discussion. There are so many people like Brand who would vote for populist independents if they realized they were out there. Any then independents would actually stand a chance. TLDR; idiots are already running the show. Forcing people to vote forces them to have some level of awareness and keeps a vocal minority from controlling the rest of us cough-tea party-cough.
    if people can't be bothered to vote, no sympathy, when they bitch about the elected politicians. Forcing people to vote will simply increase the amount of idiots voting since most of the idiots are too lazy to vote otherwise.
    You keep saying that but you can't prove it. Most idiots are too lazy to vote? How do you know that so certainly? The people I know who don't vote are generally just disillusioned with politics because of the corruption. Well, the only way to change that is by voting, otherwise you have no voice. The powers that be would love nothing more than for you to give up your say while thinking you're making some kind of statement.
    Not making a decision is a decision as well. I decide not to decide and I decide against being part of a system that is, in my opinion, flawed and unfair. You want there to be a change? Don't vote.
    You don't get it. By not voting, you are giving up the only power you have to create change. What do you think is the point of protests? To affect elections. The powers that be would love nothing more than for most people not to vote, that way they can control everyone with only the votes of a small, vocal minority (as they unfortunately do). The two party system only became so entrenched because people stopped caring and gave up on voting for independents because they didn't stand a chance. They don't stand a chance because like half of the population that actually would agree with their populist platform doesn't know they exist and doesn't vote out of frustration. If that HUGE chunk of the population voted for independents, they would be serious contenders. Get it now?
    I don't vote for liars and corrupt sons of bitches. Oh wait, that's every party in my country!
    It's not democracy if there aren't any real alternatives to current leaders and their politics or if voting for something else changes nothing.
    That's why voters need to be educated in order to politically literate. If more citizens woke up out of apathy and the majority of the populous were educated enough to comprehend their problems and global issues, then there would be a real alternative: it would have to exist by default, rather than the Hodge-podge usual shit that the dullards currently vote for. You can't have a political revolution if the voters refuse to vote or cant comprehend the issues and vote for whatever appeals to their sensibilities without any thought. Thats pretty much how UKIP won. Voter: " I cant comprehend the UK's problems and I'm angry at the government because I lost my job " UKIP: " Nether mind about that: if we get rid of the Muslims and European immigrants everything will be ok" Voter: " okay "
    Political literacy as a requirement to keep away bad leaders creates bigger incentive for those leaders to keep people politically illiterate. Then, elections become the trashy, emotional, game shows they are.
    Voting doesn't bring change, the people do. Voting for politicians who care more about their own wealth and power than doing their job only stalls change.
    Compulsory voting in Australia. For citizens only. As a permanent resident I pay taxes and contribute to the system yet have no say in who governs this country. There s also a two party preferred system in place which basically means that if you vote for an alternative to either the Labor or Liberal party your vote still goes to one of the two. The system is completely flawed and results in a negligible democracy in which, although not the one with the single greatest amount of votes we wind up with a Prime Minister like Tony Abbott; someone who has serious misogyny issues and trouble separating church from state.