Manowar: 'Our Music Makes People Want to Drink and Make Love'

artist: Manowar date: 03/21/2013 category: music news
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Manowar: 'Our Music Makes People Want to Drink and Make Love'
In a recent interview on Russian Ekburg TV, Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio spoke about the current tour and the band's music and sound in general. When asked about the group being one of the world's loudest acts, 59-year-old responded by saying that "heavy metal is about power and sound. And we have the most powerful people, so we have to give them top sound, the top people deserve the top sound." On the possibility of someone from the audience getting a heart attack during a concert, the bassist commented: "No, our music only makes people want to drink and make love and have fun. That's all our music does to people." Manowar is currently busy touring to promote their latest record "The Lord Of Steel," released online in June 2012. After numerous shows in all parts of Europe, the band is set to take on the second leg of "The Lord Of Steel World Tour." "This tour has been fantastic so far. The audience was wild and crazy. We can't wait to unleash 'The Lord Of Steel' to more countries!", says DeMaio. You can check out the entire interview below, featuring DeMaio inviting the female show host out for a dinner and talking about his x-rated experiences.
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