Manson Explains Stage Collapse

Marilyn Manson puked then collapsed on stage in Canada last week - now he explains why.

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Marilyn Manson has explained his on-stage collapse last week in Canada as the effects of a serious bout of flu.

According to witnesses at the venue, Manson collapsed during the encore while performing "Beautiful People", though many were unsure if it was part of the show until medics arrived. The band continued, either unaware or unsure what to do.

Now TMZ says sources have told them Manson had been feeling ill all day, but wanted the show to go ahead.

"Problem is, when he hit the stage he started feeling worse, vomiting on stage several times before collapsing," say TMZ. "We're told he still feels 'drained' but he's focusing on recovery."

Manson last hit the headlines in December when his ear had been reattached after a bar fight where he was hit with a glass table. "I was the victor, but had to have 24 stitches to keep my ear from becoming Van Goth," he said at the time.

See grainy footage of Manson's collapse here. He's the pixel with a black hat:

YouTube preview picture

Were you at the show? What did you see? Tell us about it in the comments.

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    "He's the pixel with the black hat:" I LOL'd.
    Yeah I wonder with many ppl who go with their cameras to concert nowadays, couldn't they find a better video?? I can't believe there was only this potato recorder LOL
    geez, when did everybody start hating marilyn manson?
    Yeah, was just wondering that myself. Personally I love Manson, even though I must admit everything they've done after Holy Wood has been more or less pretty bad... Except for the new album! I still buy every Marilyn Manson album, and probably will for as long as they keep making them, but after the last three albums I wasn't really expecting much from Born Villain. But damn, that album rocks!
    Everybody has always hated Manson, isn't that the point of being Marilyn Manson..?
    Everybody has always hated Manson, isn't that the point of being Marilyn Manson..?
    i remember seeing him on his birthday several years ago, and he was wasted out he gourd. im glad he is ok and its nothing too serious.
    kill it
    I just saw his show Saturday night in Edmonton and doubt it's the flu, he seems messed up. I've seen a few of his show which were very good but this one sucked. His band was musically solid but Manson is a joke. He was terrible vocally, kind of like he didn't even care. He forgot lyrics and mumbled his way through most of the songs. He was a total jackass on stage and seemed to be putting no effort into his singing. Most of the screams were done well indicating it wasn't an issue with his voice, just his attitude and being too intoxicated or drugged out to get the job done. I definitely won't be going to see one of his shows again anytime soon or purchasing anymore of his mediocre albums. It's kind of sad really because he has released some great music in the past and put on some amazing live shows. I hope he can get it together and return to form.
    I agree with you. Like I said in the last.article. He needs a break and get his shit together and give us another Antichrist, Mechanical Animals, and/or Holy Wood.
    i was pretty close to the stage when he played in Mexico a few months earlier and i saw how some guards had to help him get on and off the carrying him through the stairs.. the drugs must really like him..
    If it was no pun intended he probably would've just said Van Gogh.
    Everytime I hear that Manson has collapsed, or in a fight, or forgot his lyrics, or on drugs, and the rest, it just reminds me of an interview I saw on UG with Trent Reznor a few years ago "He is a malicious guy and will step on anyone's face to succeed and cross any line of decency.Seeing him now, drugs and alcohol now rule his life and he's become a dopey clown."
    Who gives a ****? He's terrible live. Slams the mic down on the floor and tries to walk off after each song.
    Really, saw a concert of his in 1999...(I'm not a huge Manson fan either) One of the best shows I have seen and I've seen many
    Well dude, the man has over 3 million Facebook fans, so I suspect someone gives a ****.
    Well, Manson, not many people would believe you... but I do. I TOTALLY believe you LOL
    Sings a song entitled "The Beautiful People", looks away from the crowd and throws up. Am I the only person that sees how ironic this is? I'm a Manson fan myself, I'm just saying.
    This is a ton of bs. I know ppl that were at that show and ppl saw him stick his finger down his throat.
    Whoa, well that's pretty solid evidence! I went to a Queens of the Stone Age concert once where my friend swore for a whole week that they played Something's in the Wolf and he remembered it explicitly. They didn't.
    Oh wow, Marilyn is still going, but instead of a glass table he got taken out by the flu? ... Man up
    m a fan,saw him at Ozzfest, but his show was far from the best concert ive ever seen. That goes to Iron Maiden.