Marillion Man Guests On Philharmonic Rush Record

artist: Rush date: 10/24/2012 category: general music news

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Marillion Man Guests On Philharmonic Rush Record
Rush are the subject of tribute album "The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music of Rush", featuring a guest appearance by Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery, due out on November 13. The nine-track record features some of the Canadian giants' most popular classic tracks, including 2112 Overture, which is available to stream here. The London-based orchestra gathered 60 instrumentalists and 30 vocalists to record the tribute - but it's not the RPO's first brush with rock music, having collaborated with Deep Purple on Jon Lord's 1969 opus "Concerto For Group and Orchestra". "RPO Plays The Music of Rush" was recorded in Abbey Road Studios, conducted by award-winning composer Richard Harvey, who's previously worked with prog outfit Gryphon, Kate Bush and Sweet. The album also included an appearance from Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith. Tracklist: 01. 2112 Overture 02. The Spirit Of Radio 03. Tom Sawyer 04. Red Barchetta (featuring Adrian Smith) 05. Subdivisions 06. Fly By Night 07. Closer To The Heart 08. Limelight 09. Working Man (featuring Steve Rothery) Thanks to ProgRockMag for the report.
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