Marilyn Manson Advises Gerard Butler On Becoming A Rock Star

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson, Tenacious D's Jack Black and Johnny Depp are said to be advising actor Gerard Butler on becoming a rock star.

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Shock rocker Marilyn Manson, Tenacious D's Jack Black and Johnny Depp are said to be advising actor Gerard Butler on becoming a rock star.

The 300 star sought advice from Depp on "putting a first-rate band together" and was then introduced to Manson and Black, who are reportedly guiding Butler along the path to rock and roll stardom.

Butler, who is currently promoting his new movie Playing For Keeps, in which he plays a professional footballer, is said to be writing songs and is in the process of recording an album.

US gossip magazine, the National Enquirer, quote a source as saying: "Gerry is rocking out big time and is already writing songs and cutting an album. He's been a closet singer for years and has decided the time is right to try doing it professionally."

Earlier this year, Butler checked into the Betty Ford Centre after he reportedly became addicted to prescription drugs. While in rehab, the actor is said to have honed his music skills and focused his attention on recording an album.

The source continued: "Gerry started channelling all his energy into music and it's turned out to be a great outlet. He even turned to Johnny Depp for advice on putting a first-rate band together. Johnny and Gerry have jammed together, and Johnny introduced Gerry to some of his musician friends, including Marilyn Manson and Jack Black."

This isn't the first time Marilyn Manson has teamed up with an actor on a musical project. Earlier this year, Manson recorded and released a duet with Pirates Of The Caribbean actor Johnny Depp. Their cover of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" appeared on Manson's new record "Born Villain", which was released in April.

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    I can almost hear their first single now- This Is SPARTA!!! (feat. Marilyn Manson)
    Wouldn't Geezer be giving others advice? I believe he's already been a rock star now for a couple of years...
    mis-read title as Gerard Way and thought he needs all the help he can get!
    Is it really that impossible to just look at things like this and say, "Oh, an actor I know has been working musically with Manson and Jack Black, that's kind of cool." I can't stand looking at comments on articles anymore, everyone just posts garbage like "th1z is g01ng to sux lol" or "lolololol mar1lyn mansunz gay". Come on guys.
    He played the lead role in the Phantom of the Opera film, so he can sing. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.
    Not gonna like...I read Geezer Butler like everyone else did. Then I was like "Wait...isn't he already a ****ing huge rock star? I mean...I guess he could become a bigger rock star...don't really know how though ._."
    ...the hell? I didn't even write "****ing" I wrote "freaking" because I didn't want to have any of those *s in my comment o.O
    advice from Marilyn Manson, Jack Black and Johnny Depp on being "a rockstar" in other words, his album and band are probably gonna suck. right on.
    I am a fan of Marilyn Manson's stuff, but how is this news? Make this news when Butler becomes a 'famous' (everyone has a different opinion on the word) rockstar.
    I've read up on the guy before. He used to be in bands before he got famous through his acting. Music was apparently his first (or second) career choice. I think he went to law school, too, or something like that. Acting came later in life.