Marilyn Manson Announces New Album: 'It's Got Some Old Blues Mixed With Very Hard Elements'

"The redneck in me comes out in my voice," the singer says.

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Marilyn Manson has recently confirmed working on a new album, describing the new material as a fusion of "old blues" and "very hard elements."

As the singer told Kerrang magazine, a "considerable body of work" is already done. "It's very cinematic," he said (via NME). "The redneck in me comes out in my voice, and it's got some old blues mixed with the very hard elements. I want to retain what I think is good about the past, what music I did and who I am. It's not about being pissed about the world - it's about realizing someone has to f--k things up."

One of Manson's recent performances includes an Avril Lavigne collaboration track "Bad Girl" on Canadian singer's latest self-titled studio album. In related news, Marilyn is scheduled to headline this year's Alt-Fest, marking his only UK festival appearance in 2014.

The latest Marilyn Manson studio effort, "Born Villain," saw its release in May 2012 via Cooking Vinyl Records.

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    I wouldn't mind a blues album. Something different. His last few records weren't really anything the world needed.
    I was actually really surprised with Born Villian, for me it was Manson's best album in over 10 years. Personally I feel like everything they've done after the 90s has been more or less a letdown, even Holy Wood, which I consider to be the last Marilyn Manson album in terms of my youth, wasn't as good as the work they had put out with their previous efforts. But Born Villain really surprised me, obviously it was no Antichrist Superstar, but it was still a rather decent record, not something you forget after a few months. Yeah, so who knows, maybe the new album will turn out even better?
    Born Villain is a great album! I can't wait see what he'll make next...
    I'm just happy he's still hangin in there, being a young fan and all I haven't gone to a concert yet. It would just ****ing break my heart to never get to see him in person; to really feel his presence.. yah know?
    High End Of Low was and IS amazing front to back. I Wanna Kill You Like They Do In The Movies is incredible. A great psychedelic orgasm. All his albums are amazing in my opinion. Some people need to stop living in the past and realize Manson is not a young twenty something anymore and has evolved into something way more sophisticated than saying "**** the world" and making everything sound like Antichrist. Thumbs up for Eat Me, Drink Me too.
    musically eat me, drink me has a lot of blues influence, the music sounds good, the Manson part it's no so good, and Fundamentally Loathsome from mechanical animals is amazing, i think that the problem is in the way that Mr Manson sings currently, I'm a big fan of his early work but it's really annoying to hear him sing nowadays.
    IDK Born Villain I thought got too bluesy at times. That style just doesn't suit his voice that well.
    This should be interesting. I quite liked his last two albums. Some of the songs on those albums already had kind of a bluesy groove to it.
    EMDM and HEOL and BV were amazing. Well all his stuff is. It's funny how "big fans" of Manson complain about his voice live. I don't mind it. I love it
    I have been a fan for a long time and am very grateful to have been able to see him perform live. (Saw him in Canada during his High End of Low album tour) One of many things that I love about Mr. Manson is that his music is so colourful and ever evolving that many fans love different aspects of his musical career. My fav album is Holy Wood whereas Antichrist is for others. That's the beauty in it. There is no album that I can honestly put down. I loved Putting Holes in Happiness and the title track Eat Me, Drink Me. I loved Leave a Scar and Into the Fire (among others) from High End of Low. I'm not going to go through all I love, but my point is the fact he's still creating is enough for me to be grateful. I love him. I have a huge tat on my shoulder of him praying with his flowers Le Fleurs Du Mal wrapping around his hands. I will always love him because of who and what he is and I have never lost faith in him. So, regardless what next he is creating I am supporting him. We owe him that.
    My fave album of his, and probably my favourite record of all time is Holywood. Eat Me, Drink Me, i disliked at first, but it grew on me for what it was. HIgh End of Low i cannot stand to this day, and Born Villain was a surprising bounce-back and a solid album. I would LOVE to hear Manson do some bluesy stuff. I'm sure he could make it work.
    I think this will be interesting to hear. Manson?... Redneck??... Can't wait to see what's up with this lol. Born Villain was a strong return and hope he keeps that momentum.
    The High End Of Low was not the best, but my favorite album,it is where he reflects all his internal feelings and there we have the depressed Manson, it also has like a direct protest influence without metaphores.
    I'm hoping he won't be putting out another High End Of Low. Born Villain came out much better in my opinion. More rocking, less moping and "WOW". The video for "Running to the edge of the world" was just ridiculous to me. IDK Born Villain did it for me. Judging from the Salem opening song, the next album has potential.