Marilyn Manson, Behemoth Banned To Perform In Poland

The All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects has compiled a list of artists who allegedly "promote Satanism" through their music.

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Michal Stangret of Poland's Metro reports that a Polish anti-sect organization calling itself the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects has compiled a list of artists who allegedly "promote Satanism" through their music. The list, which will be distributed to various Polish officials in July, will likely result in the artists becoming registered and getting banned from performing in Poland.

"Until now it has been unclear which bands promote these values, and therefore the authorities, unaware of the facts, have allowed these kinds of concerts to be organized, in the process giving these bands a platform from which they could spread their dangerous message. So we decided to help them," explained Ryszard Nowak, who heads the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects.

According to Nowak, hundreds of bands who have performed in Poland over the course of the last 20 years have been evaluated before the final list was compiled. Just exactly which artists will be included? The document's creators are unwilling to reveal that information just yet but it is almost certain that Polish acts Behemoth and Kat, as well as American shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, will make the cut.

"The index will not only contain metal bands, but also rock artists," Nowak explained, before adding that the list will include any groups who promote Satanism or encourage murder and animal sacrifice.

The document will be distributed to government authorities and various other officials around the country. Some of the local governments are already looking forward to receiving it.

"Nowadays we rarely know anything about the bands that are performing in our city and the list would enable us to identify the dangerous ones much more easily," said Urszula Sienkiewicz-Nogal of the Bialystok city council.

"I don't think anyone with common sense would allow concerts by any of the artists included in the document to be carried out," she added.

"At the moment, when I see a poster of a suspicious band in the street, I call the venue [to obtain more details]. But obviously this simple method does not always allow for the proper identification of bands that promote Satanism," Mariusz Orzelowski from the Siedlce mayor's office said.

According to the report, the document will also be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration and to the Minister of Education. What for?

"The report will be very useful, as we are currently preparing an amendment of the penal code which also includes regulations concerning sects and promoting Satanism," explained Joanna Dabek on behalf of Ministry of Justice.

"As soon as we get the document, we will pass it on to the police headquarters," stated Michal Rachon on behalf of Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration. He added that the report is going to be a valuable instrument for the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration since it is responsible for gathering significant information on sects.

The existence of such a list will surely make international headlines.

"This kind of document hasn't been compiled in any other country," said Nowak. "Poland is the first country to undertake such a task.

The document is going to be confidential and will not be made public.

"We don't want it to fall into the youths' hands as they could copy the practices we are describing there," Nowak pointed out.

Behemoth frontman Nergal had the following reaction when told of the plans to release such a list: "I am shocked; this must be some kind of joke. We've been touring around the whole world United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and we've not had any problems anywhere. I am surprised that we are being judged by our appearance and that no one even took the time to contact us and ask us what our music is all about. Other than that, come on there are enough serious matters to be dealt with in Poland! The authorities would be better off spending their time on things that really need to be improved and taken care of."

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    Satanists dont worship satan.... Its more of an a way of living for one self, read about it. Satan is used metaphorically, rather than literally, because believing in any diety is rather foolish. Satanists are also not responsible for the "gruesome acts" that seem to be "plaguing our world". When was the last time you saw a human sacrifice... or even heard about one? My point is I think they are being unfair because some bands denounce Christianity rather than support it. .... CHRISTIANS TO THE LIONS!
    Actually these corrupted sons of bitches who call themselves polish goverment could stop making some bullshit novels and start thinking about some real issues. "What can we **** up this time"
    1st! Boy, the headline is inaccurate. So far, Marilyn Manson et al MIGHT be on a list that MIGHT lead to a ban. Censorship sucks and has to be battled, but that doesn't mean we have to jump the gun on judgments here.
    jezus christ. If he would hear about no. Cristians really believe in conspiracy theories against them don't they. It's just the church trying to prevent any other idea's to be outed in their country. I'm not saying Satanism is an awesome thing cause I'm not a believer but as long as those people don't burn churches i don't see what the problem is other than the church having too strong of an influence on the Poland government were this to happen. Some people just can't deal with other-minded "movements" or persons. Yeah opinions.
    Horrible title- not only factually incorrect but also grammatically. It should be Marylin Manson, Behemoth Banned FROM Perfoming In Poland.
    Black Star
    I'm guessing that the Polish government assumes that Satanism means "Devil-worshipping". There is nothing wrong with Satanism. The APCDS needs to pull their heads out of their asses and actually look into the religion before bashing it for "devil worshipping"
    America may be next if we keep moving in our current ultra conservitave direction. This is a shame. Who cares what these bands promote? If you don't agree with them, there's a very simple sloution. Don't buy a ticket to their shows and don't buy their music. Damn the Polish government for forcing their beliefs on it's people. People have the right to make up their own minds. Those bands should be allowed to play where ever they want. That's my opinion anyway.
    The reason they banned the promotion of Satanism is that it is dangerous. Satanic bands have been known to influence kids to join cults and commit murders and suicides. I'm not saying they should be banned for sure, I'm just saying that's why they're doing it. I don't think the Church has much to do with it.
    This is just stupid. I bet the majority of the bands on the list are on there based on appearance alone - I doubt anyone even sat down and listened to the actual words and researched the meanings behind the songs.
    This just aint right. Im christian and listening to the music doesnt mean anything. Listening to something doesnt exactly mean you believe it, does it? The sin is to believe in the music more than God. And beliefs are beliefs. I'm not a fan of any of these bands but being [or potentially being] BANNED from performing in a COUNTRY? If a kid is being influenced by a band THAT much you cant blame the music. Sure the music may have aggravated whatever problem the kid had in the first place but banning it is just wrong. A guy with strong enough beliefs should be able to listen to whatever they want and still have those same beliefs, if not, maybe he's got the wrong religion.
    Congratlations to all the polish who voted ultra-catholic! First, gays, then comunists, Tinky Winky and now Metal. C'mon, we are in the fuc**ng 21st Century and we have to stand that!! I can't believe this, after all the totalitarisms. Maybe polish didn't learn anything. And the church has lots to do with this, they are making a lay state as is Poland, just another section of the Vatican. Down with fantatisms, religious or politics.
    g8erfan1 wrote: America may be next if we keep moving in our current ultra conservitave direction.
    As much as I hate to talk politics when something as blasphemous as Behemoth being banned from a country is at hand, part of me just needs to. None of my fellow INTELLIGIBLE Americans would vote Republican after what this monkey has done. The war against terror? NO! More like the war against the belief of American dominance! This eradication taking place in Iraq is merely a pretext, just as Bush is merely a figurehead! FREEDOM!
    i think thats funny. Is it racist? or would it be racist to ban a band was thought to promote Islam?
    Guess poland doesn't have the whole "freedom of speach" thing... Banning Behemoth from their own country would be pretty ****ed up, religion's pointless nowerdays anyway, so who gives a flying **** if the gullable sheep get offended? :S. Ah well, atleast they can save their ears from Manson. Thats one upside of things.
    "Ministry of Justice" is so 1984, doublethink and all. It's named after Justice but involves limiting your freedom of speech. That's bullshit though, Behemoth is pretty good. I'm not a huge fan, but come on.
    This is ****ing dumb, these people don't know anything bout their talking, like they say Behemoth is heavy metal (OMFG!) band, and all bands on the list (about 70 numbers long) promote satanism (list includes bands like Moonspell omg...)
    I don't think 13 year old sex offenders listen to Behemoth. I think MTV and their urban culture form a way bigger threat to teens.
    I think that's lame! Then christian bands shouldn't be allowed to play in Poland either, since they could affect people too.
    It seems that many here do not understand Christianity at all. It is a wonderful religion that contains tenets and guidelines of love and peace. It's purpose is NOT to brainwash any person. If your beliefs lie within Satanism or Atheism, that's fine, but do not target Christianity, it has nothing to do with this repulsive act committed by the Polish Defense against Sects. It is the actions of hypocrites who claim to be followers of Christ. The confiscation of Behemoth's "freedom of speech" is a grand misrepresentation of what Christianity stands for. A true Christian would have accepted this "Bible-tearing incident" gracefully and forgotten about it because they respect other religious views. I sympathize for Polish fans, this is unfair for all of you, but understand that these actions were committed by hypocrites (or extremists) and not people who are true followers of God/Jesus. Actions like this that occur around the world make me sick, especially since it gives so many minds the wrong idea about Christianity. However, I will say that Nergal made a foolish act. They should have foreseen a conflict with some sort of political/religious group by causing destruction to a text that many consider holy. Nergal, along with Manson and any other musicians that replicate such actions are no less hypocrites than the minds who complain about Satanism and attempt to force it out of their country. These bands have done the same thing that their enemies have, and that is act against beliefs that are not their own simply because they are not their own! This is pathetic and immature. If you really hate the Bible, so be it. But don't proceed to rip one apart in public, that is called pride. And because of it, a dramatic mess is created, just as Proverbs states "pride is destructive." But essentially, it is about freedom. Behemoth being banned from their own home is absolutely intolerable. My main points are, 1. Don't point the finger at Christianity or Satanism 2. Control your beliefs, don't ban a musical from a state/country for their beliefs or destroy religious documents live. 3. Allow people to CHOOSE their faith, and respect them for it
    You idiots knocking Manson need to shut the **** up! Poland doesnt know what the **** theyre missing out on! If ****in America pulls this shit I'm movin NOW!! Im gonna ditch america as asoon as I get outta High School anyway...
    There was a time when Vader had to use fake band name to find room for rehearsal.
    when i read this i thought it was a joke... but as i can see it's not i just hope it won't really end this way... God these people are idiots... Some people have bought a piece of the moon for the polish prime minister and the president let's just hope they'll move there sometimes i just feel ashemed to say i live in this goddamn country... :/
    That's absolute rubbish. if they want to ban bad influencial music they should get rid of rap which influences gangs and gun culture now that's way more common than satanism. i'm a goth i appreciate bands like Dimmu Borgir and Manson but i woulbn't go about sacrificing aminals or taking any of they're lyrics to heart. anybody with me?
    This is rubbish. I like Behemoth and I don't think that their are satanist,
    acshadow25 : i didn't think satanism was illegal
    - me too
    trojus : sometimes i just feel ashemed to say i live in this goddamn country... :/
    - I know what you feel. I feel the same (PL) Polska może jeszcze wyjdzie na ludzi {za około 40 lat} ;/
    There is no place for censorship of music based on religious or spiritual beliefs in a nation that is part of a body (European Union) attempting to promote secular values. I'm pretty suprised.
    Oh man, I thought Poland was a tough-hard ass country b/c of Decapitated & other death metal bands, but it looks like quite the opposite. And I'm sure manson is actually happy about this because he's getting attention.
    Satanism values are based on the belief that there's no omnipresent being (aka God) and that the only person allowed to influence our life is us.
    Umm, no. That'd be Atheism. The belief that there is no omnipresent, all-knowing God/Deity. But then again, I don't know all the values of Satanism.. and perhaps Satanism and Atheism values are closely tied. But I'm just saying, what you described there is Atheism.
    Teufel wrote: All right, I am finished with this and thus I take my recession. To finish it all off, I find religion in general to absolutely stupid, fickle, brainwashing, impeding, imposing, and despicable. People that give their life up for a God and allow themselves to be guided by some other being and not by themselves solely is an absolute dolt. Christianity, Catholicism - all of it is absolute pish-posh. I hate it, I stand in defiance of it, and will always oppose its views, moral rules and regulations, and simply anything and anyone than has something to do with it.
    I feel the same. Keep it real.
    Sleaze90 wrote: collbanth wrote: man, now if only we could ban this crap here. these bands do nothing but promote hate and violence anyway--while the music takes a back seat to it all. and then we wouldnt have to listen to manson--coz he sucks!!! the only reason hes even semi famous is coz of the way he looks-it sure as heck aint cause he has talent. Dude, agreed. About time they started banning this shit. I think most people that even likes him just like him because they think he's "different" not because of talent.
    Ignorance at it's finest.
    wtf!!!!! *sigh* idiots I agree with...cant remeber... but christian bands should be banned too is other religions are being stopped from playing... I bet these guys don't have a clue what satanism is, or is about...It has nothing to do with animal sacrifices as this gov't seems to think... they (satanists) are against that sort of stuff... its a 'sin' to them... morons! Like Behmoth ever got anyone to perform a sacrifice to satan through listening to their music...
    HellAwaits wrote: k yet another reason christianity is the greatest blight upon the face of our planet. We need more church burning tours, just to stop this. Satanism is the MOST logical religion ever, unfortunately 99% of people who talk about it have no clue what it means. If anyone actually invests even the slightest effort into reading about what Satanism is TRULY about you'll quickly learn that Satanism is merely the adoptation of many "christian" values, without the inclusion of Christianities (and all other major religions) policy of utter subserviency of its believers so as to permanently ensure the subjugation of the people of earth. If "satanism" hadnt been lied about and blackballed by "men of the cloth" in order to ensure the permanency of their pointless, obligatory, deceptive religions, such religions would be long dead. and rightfully so. I challenge everyone who buys into this anti "satanic" bullshit to take the time to READ the satanic bible. after that maybe you can talk about your dislike but idiots like Black_Fender, who think that satanism promotes "murder and animal sacrifice" are propogators of the worst kind of sickness man has ever been subjected to. Read and understand for wisdom and knowledge shall undue the lies of all false messiahs, for the true "evil" in our world does not lurk behind the crown of baphomet but upon the crucifix under the crown of thorns, wielding a whip of utter devestation. oh and BEHEMOTH IS BEYOND METAL AND THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.
    haha, wow. That's the most metal thing I've ever heard. Rock on, dude.
    Satan was the leader of music in heaven, music poured out of his being. He is still doing it today and from what I read here it still works. All of these comments prove the Christian doctrine correct in every way To the so called Christians "he who says I know hime but does not obey his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him" To the satanist You already lost , so go in a corner and cry "every knee will bow and every tounge will confess that Jesus is Lord" Even satan your poor excuse for a fallen wannabe To the fake satanist keep trying to stay cool and feel accepted, what your looking for is in Christ alone. Notice the sacrifice Satan demands, what normally happens at the end of a "pro satan" musician Dont let it be you, repent while God is still willing to forgive you.
    im christian, but far from what all of UG labels as christian, I listen to a lot of bands who do actually worship the devil, music is music, honestly I hate the way christianity wants everyone to be the same, I disagree with a lot of the church, but I am christian, I definately disagree with this whole banning thing, rock on fellas