Marilyn Manson, Behemoth Banned To Perform In Poland

The All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects has compiled a list of artists who allegedly "promote Satanism" through their music.

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Michal Stangret of Poland's Metro reports that a Polish anti-sect organization calling itself the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects has compiled a list of artists who allegedly "promote Satanism" through their music. The list, which will be distributed to various Polish officials in July, will likely result in the artists becoming registered and getting banned from performing in Poland.

"Until now it has been unclear which bands promote these values, and therefore the authorities, unaware of the facts, have allowed these kinds of concerts to be organized, in the process giving these bands a platform from which they could spread their dangerous message. So we decided to help them," explained Ryszard Nowak, who heads the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects.

According to Nowak, hundreds of bands who have performed in Poland over the course of the last 20 years have been evaluated before the final list was compiled. Just exactly which artists will be included? The document's creators are unwilling to reveal that information just yet but it is almost certain that Polish acts Behemoth and Kat, as well as American shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, will make the cut.

"The index will not only contain metal bands, but also rock artists," Nowak explained, before adding that the list will include any groups who promote Satanism or encourage murder and animal sacrifice.

The document will be distributed to government authorities and various other officials around the country. Some of the local governments are already looking forward to receiving it.

"Nowadays we rarely know anything about the bands that are performing in our city and the list would enable us to identify the dangerous ones much more easily," said Urszula Sienkiewicz-Nogal of the Bialystok city council.

"I don't think anyone with common sense would allow concerts by any of the artists included in the document to be carried out," she added.

"At the moment, when I see a poster of a suspicious band in the street, I call the venue [to obtain more details]. But obviously this simple method does not always allow for the proper identification of bands that promote Satanism," Mariusz Orzelowski from the Siedlce mayor's office said.

According to the report, the document will also be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration and to the Minister of Education. What for?

"The report will be very useful, as we are currently preparing an amendment of the penal code which also includes regulations concerning sects and promoting Satanism," explained Joanna Dabek on behalf of Ministry of Justice.

"As soon as we get the document, we will pass it on to the police headquarters," stated Michal Rachon on behalf of Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration. He added that the report is going to be a valuable instrument for the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration since it is responsible for gathering significant information on sects.

The existence of such a list will surely make international headlines.

"This kind of document hasn't been compiled in any other country," said Nowak. "Poland is the first country to undertake such a task.

The document is going to be confidential and will not be made public.

"We don't want it to fall into the youths' hands as they could copy the practices we are describing there," Nowak pointed out.

Behemoth frontman Nergal had the following reaction when told of the plans to release such a list: "I am shocked; this must be some kind of joke. We've been touring around the whole world United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and we've not had any problems anywhere. I am surprised that we are being judged by our appearance and that no one even took the time to contact us and ask us what our music is all about. Other than that, come on there are enough serious matters to be dealt with in Poland! The authorities would be better off spending their time on things that really need to be improved and taken care of."

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    1st! Boy, the headline is inaccurate. So far, Marilyn Manson et al MIGHT be on a list that MIGHT lead to a ban. Censorship sucks and has to be battled, but that doesn't mean we have to jump the gun on judgments here.
    As far as I've seen, Behemoth don't really have satanic themes. All of their stuff is like thelema and Crowley.
    Wow... I'm not one to stand for Satanism, but it's a religion. I'm sure they wouldn't ban Buddhist bands from performing. People have a right to believe in what they want to believe in. SOME censorship is necessary, but entire banishment of performing in an entire COUNTRY? That's ridiculous.
    Ohhhhh, man. Doesn't that sort of thing just encourage them? Rock on, Marilyn Manson.
    I hate the lyrics of satanic bands who try to sound evil and surround their personel lives to fit their image and claim being satanic is good..... They all deserv to be smacked around a fair bit. But then again you have the metal bands that promote christanity... then there's these groups that say whats bad and whats good... Just like my life, religion has no influence in any lyrical content because religion itself is what should be censored.
    bnull24 wrote: The reason they banned the promotion of Satanism is that it is dangerous. Satanic bands have been known to influence kids to join cults and commit murders and suicides. I'm not saying they should be banned for sure, I'm just saying that's why they're doing it. I don't think the Church has much to do with it.
    Someone would have to be f*cking retarded to be "influenced" by a band to kill someone... Anyhow... Censorship sucks. Stop it.
    Musical Meds
    bnull24 wrote: The reason they banned the promotion of Satanism is that it is dangerous. Satanic bands have been known to influence kids to join cults and commit murders and suicides.
    I'll believe that when you give some examples. Its like saying video games influence kids to shoot up their schools. There is no hard evidence. Censorship sucks. Ignorance IS NOT bliss. People can make their own descisions on what they don't want or want to see.
    "Nowadays we rarely know anything about the bands that are performing in our city..." that gives you room to try and ban them does it? He said it himself and that says it all. These people have to do some research before they try to control things like this. I've read most of the Satanic Bible and it hardly promotes the worship of Satan. It's actually closer to atheism to be honest. It is in all fairness, people of one religion attempting to ban others from believing what they want to believe. What will they try next? Banning all atheists from living in Poland?
    Religion almost seems primitive anymore, considering all the science and technology. I'm not saying that religion is pointless and outdated, but, to ban someone because they might be involved in something that just might be in support to something that banning authorities do not support just seems kind of childish.
    there really is no such thing as freedom of speech, everyone gets offended by what people say. Plus, Poland doesnt have the rights that we do. This whole behemoth not being allowed to play in their homeland is just wrong. thats like being exiled from your homeland. Just because people may talk about satanism in their songs doesnt mean that people are going to worship satan and follow the religion. Dont ban a people from a country because they dont have trust in their citizens. I dont care what you're religion is. You're religion does NOT dictate behavior. Look at slayer, Tom is Catholic. I know a few Satanists and Luciferions and they are the coolest people you would ever meet (and you would never think that they follow that path.)
    Dear satan loving christ Most extreme and misguided movement against my religion I've ever seen. This is simply bullshit. Satanism promotes nothing but being yourself and so far none of the bands here "promote" satanism. Music is not always a tool through which a message can flow. You might aswel ban cannibal corpse because they promote the raping of women, or dragonforce because they promote the burning of castles and the slaying of dragons. Come off it poland. Learn before you condemn and actually talk to the artists before you **** with people's free-speech.
    I'd agree that banning something without knowing too much about it is bad, but I think their motives are in the right place. They simply wish to stop certain bands from spreading material which promotes "murder" and "animal sacrifice" which are common in Satanism and are against the law anyway. To say it is unfair to keep bands from spreading such a message is foolish. Any government in its right mind would want to prevent its culture from adopting such beliefs.
    Pantera wrote: I'm not saying Satanism is an awesome thing cause I'm not a believer but as long as those people don't burn churches i don't see what the problem is
    i guess Burzum are banned then, haha
    k yet another reason christianity is the greatest blight upon the face of our planet. We need more church burning tours, just to stop this. Satanism is the MOST logical religion ever, unfortunately 99% of people who talk about it have no clue what it means. If anyone actually invests even the slightest effort into reading about what Satanism is TRULY about you'll quickly learn that Satanism is merely the adoptation of many "christian" values, without the inclusion of Christianities (and all other major religions) policy of utter subserviency of its believers so as to permanently ensure the subjugation of the people of earth. If "satanism" hadnt been lied about and blackballed by "men of the cloth" in order to ensure the permanency of their pointless, obligatory, deceptive religions, such religions would be long dead. and rightfully so. I challenge everyone who buys into this anti "satanic" bullshit to take the time to READ the satanic bible. after that maybe you can talk about your dislike but idiots like Black_Fender, who think that satanism promotes "murder and animal sacrifice" are propogators of the worst kind of sickness man has ever been subjected to. Read and understand for wisdom and knowledge shall undue the lies of all false messiahs, for the true "evil" in our world does not lurk behind the crown of baphomet but upon the crucifix under the crown of thorns, wielding a whip of utter devestation. oh and BEHEMOTH IS BEYOND METAL AND THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.
    Funny that no one bothered to read the article. They are not banned from performing. There was no governmental policy put in place to do anything; this is just some Catholic committee blacklisting a couple of bands they find offensive. The church does not have that much power in Poland; hell, the previous president of Poland, Alexander Kwasniewski, is and was an atheist.
    mm be sorta amusing if some1 decided to hold concert of zeppelin's music... than ban it for all the supposed theories of subliminal messages of satan...since that's what this government is actually aiming for, not true satanism ROFL and banning behemeth from their home country..??(tear*)
    it's not a ridiculous idea if it protects the people from doing crazy shit like sacrificing animals... i dont think behemoth is quite like that though. so its both good and bad
    IlikeMetal wrote: To settle the religion argument: All religion is complete insanity. How can you honestly believe that your specific religion is the one and only correct religion, when the only way to "difinitivly find out" is to die (something which, at my last check, is irreversable; ergo no one alive could possibly find out)? At the same time though, religion is an integral part of life because it gives you something to believe in. However, that is where religion should stop at: just being something to believe in. When you start to push your beliefs on others and into government what you get people starting to believe they are better than the next, and all of a sudden wars erupt over minorly different ideologies and people start to tell you what you can and cannot watch of listen to.
    I am a Christian and with the exception of you're opening line, I totally agree with you. There is no way to know which religion is the right one, so it's silly to argue about. And it shouldn't be about picking the correct one, it should be about picking to right one for you. I was raisded to think that if you don't accept Jesus, you got to hell. I know ALOT of people that haven't done that but they live good lives, and help other pople and are just good people. I refuse to believe that God is that autonomous and if you don't complete steps 1-4 or w/e then something bad happens to you when you die. I don't push my religion on anyone. Forcing love one someone is rape, I refuse to rape anyone with my religion. Not all Christians point at everyone and say "You're goin' to Hell boi!" and not all Satanists where all black with white corpse paint and sacrifice/sodomize animals.
    billyof bodom71
    raise_the_dead : incockgnito wrote: IMO hip-hop "culture" is more dangerous then "satanic metal" culture. All the lyrics are about having good time "in da club", sex with "b****s" (does anyone know hip-hop song where women are called women, not b****s?), drinking Cristal, cruising in pimped Escalade, weed, weed, weed and sometimes killing some opposite gang members... FEW teenagers killed on black sabbathes are nothing compared to MILLIONS of women with unwanted pregnancy after "havin' good time in da club" with some stupid, gangsta wannabe "pimp"... FEW people who join satianc sects are nothing compared to MILLIONS with drug addiction problem and HIV\AIDS...!!! Yes, because all people who have AIDS or drug addictions listen to rap. Dumbass Stop judging by the junk on radio and check out some REAL hiphop, fool. Oh, and for the record, I have never heard of a Top 40 club rap song called Havin A Good Time In Da Club, if you mean 50 Cents In Da Club, well there probably arent MILLIONS of women with unwanted pregnancies because of that one song. Isnt it ironic, the fans of ROCK MUSIC (you know, SEX DRUGSN ROCKNROLL?) are complaining that rap culture promotes drug use, irresponsible sex and violence? What do you think the 60s were all about? What do you think hair metal was all about? What about the fact that ZZ Top were the ones that brought the term pearl necklace to the mainstream, huh?
    Ok, I agree with both of these guys on this one. incocknito says that TODAY rap is the most harmful music around and i see exactly what he is saying. My sister listens to rap and when she plays her radio loud enough i hear very arrogant lyrics that make them sound larger than life. it probably leads to violence and what not to some, but its like Grand Theft Auto. Some people may go out and kill, but the mature audience will just use it as entertainment. And to say somethin about what raise the dead said. he says the whole sex drugs and rock n roll thing, but that was then, and also, that was glam rock not satanic rock. Thats a whole different scene. But what i dont understand is why they are banning it, Im christian and i dont get offended by it because i dont feel like the music is pushing satanism on me. Truely, music is absolutely harmless, and the churches should realize it. LET BEHEMOTH AND MANSON PLAY.
    okay... i'd like to clear some things up about satanism, as i am a satanist. first off, satanism doesn't involve murder or torture. secondly, it is not the same as devil worship, which can be seen as evil. Satanism is a religion which is realist: everyone determines their own fate, and there is no higher power. in satanism, everyone is their own god (to a point), and satan is not the devil, or even one single thing for that matter. satan is a conglomeration of ideas and beliefs. Satanism is not evil, it is just a different way of thinking. and satanism doesn't involve any animal sacrifice. to tell the truth, satanism is more like christianity than most other religions, aside from the fact that there isn't one god. the practices are much the same. to sum up: satanism is not bad, or evil, it is an opinion, and what is bad and evil is the censorship of music and emotion, and the freedom of belief.
    i have no problem with satanism as long as they dont burn churches. but i hate it when their fans bitch about christian metal. wtf's wrong with it? i know you dont have to be religious in these times, but beleieving in God has no downside. you dont have to pick a religion, as long as you believe and have faith. yeah, rap is so harmful these days. i cant understand why people would want to listen to a guy talking shit with synthesized shit. but others people opinions are different, just leave it out to them.
    man i pity mods who have to go through articles like this.... must be tough
    total bullshit, polish people should also be able to listen to Marilyn Manson's awesome music, and have ear pussy orgasms just like Americans... i swear, christians need to really get their priorities straight, and quit worrying about satanism, they cant stop it..
    "the list wont only compile of metal acts, but also rock artists" WOW stereotypical arent we, you ****ing gooch. Stuff like this is just annoying. Isn't religion supposed to "show how to care for one another", not seperate. I mean, Nergal's favorite colour can be pink, and he wont get banned from his own country. But just because, GASP, he believes something different, Oh noez! He can't play here! As many have said, research should have been done with the lyrics of 90% of the bands. Manson doesnt promote Satanism at all. Wow, one or two images and a couple of lyrical refferences. If these tools knew any better, even a ****ing nine year old can smell that this is just trying to shock people, and being banned from Poland will only feed Manson with the feel of power. -anDy
    collbanth wrote: man, now if only we could ban this crap here. these bands do nothing but promote hate and violence anyway--while the music takes a back seat to it all. and then we wouldnt have to listen to manson--coz he sucks!!! the only reason hes even semi famous is coz of the way he looks-it sure as heck aint cause he has talent.
    Dude, agreed. About time they started banning this shit. I think most people that even likes him just like him because they think he's "different" not because of talent.
    I beleive that christians, not all christians, but those with power are the scum of the earth and will rot in hell. It's not right to hold people down and keep them from listening to music, playing video games, or watching certain movies. Christianity has set moral values in communities and is the base of most reasonable laws but that is where it need to be stopped when it comes to politics. Freedom of religion, speech and expression are in the constitution, so stop crying over the "f word" and work like a normal person.
    IlikeMetal wrote: Geekis_Khan wrote: And for the record, this is wrong: "This kind of document hasn't been compiled in any other country," said Nowak. "Poland is the first country to undertake such a task. The USSR had a blacklist of "potentially dangerous" western bands. You are 100% correct, and let us not forget that even more recently what was done in the US after 9/11. Which was Clear Channel's blacklisting of songs with questionable lyrics for radio play. Here are just some of the list (complete list here stionable_lyrics%22_follo wing_the_September_11%2C_ 2001_attacks) Pretty Much AC/DC's hits Hell's Bell's, TNT, Dirty Deeds Dio's Holy Diver Drowing pool's Bodies Godsmack's Bad Religion Tom petty's Free falling All RATM songs Alien Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal (but not Michael's) The list goes on and on, and is completely absurd. Seriously read it for yourselves.
    I think the funniest/saddest one on that is John Lennon's "Imagine" "hey, take that song off, it promotes hope, WHICH SOMEHOW MIGHT REMIND PEOPLE OF HORRIBLE TRAGEDY!!!"
    All right, I am finished with this and thus I take my recession. To finish it all off, I find religion in general to absolutely stupid, fickle, brainwashing, impeding, imposing, and despicable. People that give their life up for a God and allow themselves to be guided by some other being and not by themselves solely is an absolute dolt. Christianity, Catholicism - all of it is absolute pish-posh. I hate it, I stand in defiance of it, and will always oppose its views, moral rules and regulations, and simply anything and anyone than has something to do with it.
    marilyn manson does promote satanism. he's declared himself a satanist, and promotes it openly, but i don't think his music is really satanic. as for keeping the list a secret, that won't last long. why bother? as soon as the bands find out they can't play there, all of the fans will know, because they'll post it on their websites... so people are gonna know. then there's the fact that europe isn't really large. i assume poland has some form of underground or metro system? so they can just go out of the country to see their favorite bands play nearby. poland thinks they can stop them from seeing the shows by banning them, but when people have a will to see these bands, they're not gonna just stay indoors and watch t.v.
    DTFatesWarningX wrote: was anyone else reminded of 1984 with all the ministries they have?
    I was thinking that.
    Censorship is such a bad thing and only leads to more misunderstanding. Rediculous, I'm not a Satanist but I do believe in the freedom of religion and freedom of speach. But I doubt this will ever happen in the U.S, we do have our basic rights.,,
    Living in Poland sucks... This country is runned by moneymaking *****s, 99% dumb. ^Example
    raise_the_dead wrote: MetalStorm4786 wrote: Ok, why the ***k is everyone here bashing christianity and religion. NOWHERE in the article does it say Christians are behind all this, it sounds to me like you have all jumped the gun. Not all Christians are brainwashed sheep who don't think for themselves. I am a Christian and I grew up on Slayer, I play guitar and love heavy metal. I think for myself and I don't listen to everything the church says. I respect everyone elses beliefs wether they be Jewish, Muslim or even Satanist, just don't attack people for what they believe. As far as people talking about freedom of speech, I doubt Poland has access to the first ammendment. This article is about censorship, it seems all you religion bashers are just looking for an excuse to talk about how you think religion is dumb and blah blah blah, it's nothing new. Metal > All of us! Well, Poland is one of the strongest Catholic countries in Europe. Secondly, this kind of censorship is usually led by Christian conservatives (in the West, in other parts of the world obviously its led by conservatives of other faiths). As it turns out, the government currently consists of a coalition of two parties: Self-Defence of the Republic of Poland (Polish: Samoobrona Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, SRP) is an agrarian political party and trade union in Poland. In its political platform, it combines strong support for its leader Andrzej Lepper with left-wing economic policies and traditional Catholic stances on social issues. The other party is: The League of Polish Families (Liga Polskich Rodzin, or LPR) is a national conservative political party in Poland. It is represented in the Polish parliament and in Poland's current ruling right-wing government. The media in some western European countries have depicted the party as distasteful, and it is widely regarded by them as being a far-right party. In particular, the party's opposition to homosexual rights has led to condemnation from The European Commission Obviously both parties are strongly Christian, so you can see where the criticism comes. It is rather stupid to attack all Christians because of the misguided actions of a few, Ill give you that.
    Thank you for those facts, it is a shame that whenever anyone Christian does something stupid it gives everyone else a bad name. But I guess that's how it is for everyone, even the satanists.
    garden of grey
    It's hilarious because Lavey Satanism (BY FAR), the most popular form, discourages all violence unless it is in defence. I hope one day Christians get to see how this feels. "Turn the Other Cheek....or not"
    The War Machine wrote: marilyn manson doesn't promote satanism. he promotes looking stupid while writing brilliant lyrics to go along with talentless music.
    Did you really just call John 5 talentless? Marilyn Manson has worked with some brilliant musicians, and he is a great musician himself. His music may not be your taste, but to say it's talentless is just ignorant. And you may think he looks stupid, but I'll be that he gets laid more than you.
    slashlover wrote: So if music promotes and indoctrines (sp?) child molesting, rape, violence, it should all be legal? Sick...
    You should be able to say what you want to say, no matter what society deems to be correct. There's a big difference between singing about those things and doing them. In fact, most bands sing about those things taking place in society, and how sick it is that society just wants to cover it up, or make it into entertainment. One Manson song goes: "Some children died the other day. We fed machines, and then we prayed. Puked up and down in morbid faith. You should've seen the ratings that day." PAt Robertson might say he's promoting the murder of children, while he's acutally calling the media sick for it's coverage of the Columbine shootings. The problem is there are so many people that just take something at face value, and never actually find the meaniong in it.
    These bands should just grow the **** up and cut the childish concert gimmicks and just play normal songs.. It's about time that talentless faggot gets his show canceled and stops getting money..
    scarfacesuit wrote: marilyn manson does promote satanism. he's declared himself a satanist, and promotes it openly, but i don't think his music is really satanic.
    You have your facts wrong. Quote from Manson:
    "I'm not and never have been a spokesperson for Satanism. It's simply a part of what I believe in, along with Dr. Seuss, Dr. Hook, Nietzsche and the Bible, which I also believe in. I just have my own interpretation.
    Now, some of his message might be considered "Satanic", because his message is to be yourself, be an individual, and to be stronger than the forces that try to bring you down. That message is in alignment with a lot of LaVeyan thought. However, he is not openly promoting Satanism. There just happens to be similarities
    the problem with a government run "by the people for the people" is that people are ****ing retarded sadly this is the best system we've got running
    DTFatesWarningX wrote: the problem with a government run "by the people for the people" is that people are ****ing retarded
    I'm sigging that.
    man, now if only we could ban this crap here. these bands do nothing but promote hate and violence anyway--while the music takes a back seat to it all. and then we wouldnt have to listen to manson--coz he sucks!!! the only reason hes even semi famous is coz of the way he looks-it sure as heck aint cause he has talent.