Marilyn Manson Collapses Onstage

Witnesses saw emergency medical teams rush backstage after he vomited and collapsed in front of the audience during an encore.

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Marilyn Manson collapsed during an encore last night, according to witnesses.

Some fans initially thought his vomiting and collapse during the encore were part of the stage show, but others saw emergency medical technicians attend the backstage area.

Apparently the band had to continue playing as the music was locked to a click track, but technicians reportedly told the drummer to stop playing.

Detailed reports are still scarce, so here's the twitter messages that paint the picture so far:

@antiquiet Marilyn Manson just went down on stage..... like collapsed.... literally just now....during encore

Forbes Too (@forbestoo) February 7, 2013

@antiquiet Still confused... MM collapsed after an hour onstage... looked like EMT'swere there after...

Forbes Too (@forbestoo) February 7, 2013

@spstephmckay There was confusion onstage. Band was locked into a click track, so were stuck playing. Tech told drummer to end it, I think.

Adrien Begrand (@basementgalaxy) February 7, 2013

Wow good way for a concert to end. Manson falls down, pukes, then gets dragged off stage. #SayNoToDrugsPeople

Hannah Franson (@HannahFranson) February 7, 2013

Did Manson party too hard, or could it be part of the show after all? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Either my computer is totally spacing out or you just got a medal by saying nothing... you're my hero
    Cause if he said something that would mean an opinion and we all know those aren't allowed round here
    Danjo's Guitar
    The band couldn't stop playing because they were locked into a click track? Like physically locked to it? I would stop playing if my lead signer just passed out.
    I think that perhaps having been around him for a while, never knowing what to expect, there's probably an understanding that no matter what happens, they're to keep playing. I mean, they'd probably make exceptions for something like what happened to Dime, but aside from that...
    I guess the drugs don't like him anymore... Seriously though, I hope is alright.
    well... at least we know for sure its him singing at his concerts...
    Just like anyone else he's gotta hit rock bottom before he can start getting better. As much as I've moved on from listening to his music, he's a talented guy and I hope he can get healthy ASAP. I wish him the best.
    Poor guy. No matter what you think of his music, having that happens still sucks.
    This encapsulates everything about the UG comments section right here. No problem! If UG ever changes the way comments work, the first article detailing the changes should include a screenshot of your post rolandroi
    He just had a terrible flu when he passed out. He didn't have to go to the hospital or anything and he's resting for the end of the tour.
    i [+]'ed you tho I can't read what you said just to oppose censorship shit
    We need a god damn ****ing video.
    If you look closely... It's ****ed up really xD
    Do you know the specs of that potato they used to film?
    I don't get the click track part. What happens when the musicians stop playing anyway, do their friggin heads explode or wat.
    If I had to stop playing my guitar for an extended period then yes, my head would explode.
    If you play in a band that uses a lot of prerecorded synth parts, piano, aux. percussion and so on then you use a click isn't a cop-out what-so-ever it is just a means of staying in time with the prerecorded material. Examples of a few bands that use prerecorded material would be Static-X, White/Rob Zombie ect. ect. For those of you who do not know what a click track is... it is just a metronome set to the tempo of the song they are playing.
    I love his music. And he put on a hell of a show last year in Atlanta. Hope he's alright.
    Goth JR
    Another day at the office. How many times has he ODed? Maybe he forgot to do some drugs for this show and fooled his system, but who knows. Haven't followed what Manson has been up to in a while.
    The man needs a serious break... Get the shit straight.... Then give us another Antichrist or Mechanical Animals... Or Holy Wood... That was when he was at his creative bests... Then the drugs and failed relationships clouded everything... Like I said... He needs a break and get his shit straight.
    I hope hes alright. Also is it just me or does he look like Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show in that pic? (if anyone has watched that movie i'm referring to the "pool scene")
    Publicists reported afterwards that he has the flu and is still recovering. I sure as hell couldn't put on a show if i had the flu.
    "Apparently the band had to continue playing as the music was locked to a click track, but technicians reportedly told the drummer to stop playing." What a joke.
    Aw. Saw it coming though. He put on a fairly good show in December, but you could tell something is up. Could just be general unhealthyness. I mean, he's always been unhealthy, but he might be getting too frail to jump around like a maniac on stage.
    Probably vomited over the thought of how many people attended his concert just to send twitter updates.
    if we are lucky maybe he threw up his vocal cords so he can stop making music. i hate him. such a freak
    ..A click track? really? lol - that's kinda of lame. Unless all bands do that, but I seriously doubt it.
    Most, if not all big live bands, send a click track to their drummer who keeps the tempo so the rest of the guys can keep up with regards to lighting and set changes (and with some bands like Periphery and Red Seas Fire, who run their pedals and effects through an AxeFx controlled by midi switches in the click track, it allows them to change effects without messing with pedals in a live situation). It makes for a much more fluid and reliable live performance, especially if your effects signals are timed with the click track.
    sorry bro, most bands use a click live. p.s. all those amps on stage are fake aswell..
    This is after he cut his show the night before to under 45 min. Was his sick or didnt care because it was two small Cdn cities....
    Cause if he said something it would more than likely mean an opinion and those aren't allowed on here