Marilyn Manson: I've Always Frowned Upon the Idea of Suicide

"I'm not saying that about Cornell or Bennington, just to be clear."

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Marilyn Manson: I've Always Frowned Upon the Idea of Suicide

Marilyn Manson shared his thoughts on the idea of suicide, saying in a recent Sun interview:

"I've always frowned upon the idea of suicide.

"Not to be disparaging but I think it affects too many other people. I'm not saying that about Cornell or Bennington, just to be clear.

"I've never tried to kill myself because I'd be great at it.

"I've even put in my will that when I die, which will probably be never, I want my funeral to be loaded with dynamite and to explode so everyone there dies."

Manson also shared his thoughts on Soundgarden and Linkin Park, saying:

"I grew up listening to Soundgarden though but I always thought Linkin Park sounded like The Backstreet Boys meets Korn - it just wasn't for me.

"But later I played shows with them, hung out with them all. I think I took them to their first strip bar - but I'm not really sure."

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    If you separate suicide from depression - yeah, you should frown upon it. Unfortunately it goes along with mental illness sometimes. I agree with him in a way.
    He frowns upon suicide? What else does he not like... cancer? War? The bubonic plague? What a cutting edge statement
    " I always thought Linkin Park sounded like The Backstreet Boys meets Korn - it just wasn't for me. " Yes, that is what they were supposed to be I think. Or as someone said years ago, N-Sync if they found out about downtuned guitars.
    uhuh.... boy.... remember N-sync? We are old...
    o town
    ... Liquid Dreams? Yes please!  All or Nothing, ahuh! "Cause I want it ALL! Or Nooooothin' at all!  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="
    " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Did everyone here miss his line about dynamite? He's being a shitlord... dont take him seriously lol
    what a cunt thing to say about linking park. it's held against them that they all take care of themselves, whereas manson has clearly let himself go and does whatever he can to destroy his body?that dumbass mentality of  "they must be lame because they don't dress like gimps". the amount of well documented hell he has put his body through is some attention whore joke, and he's against suicide? every single thing he does is some sort of act of self destruction. I've listened to manson's best albums, and most of the others. he doesn't have one cd as good as hybrid theory. not one. but I guess that's what happens when you stuck millions of dollars up your nose, it clearly stops your brain's ability to think. maybe if he spent less time talking shit about other artists and stirring the pot with them, and more time not destroying himself in the studio, he'd get close to something as good as lp's best. or maybe not
    Oh and your buddy Chester had a very well documented drug and alcohol problem.  He didn't take care of himself.  What rock have you lived under?
    I'm sorry but... Portrait of an American Family AND Anti Christ Super Star are much better albums than hybrid theory....
    What are you talking about, they take care of themselves? You do realize the main man just killed himself, aye? if that's "Taking care of themselves", then i don't wanna see what a slip-up looks like. And i don't get your position. You're mad because Manson isn't really into Linkin Park? Doesn't take much, huh?
    Yeah how dare he speak against Linkin Park. Linkin Park is the most talented band in the world and it's absolutely unacceptable to say anything bad about them.
    He gave his opinion on a person and it was far less offensive than your opinion of him.  Being dead or alive doesn't change anything.  I am not a fan of either band, but there is one thing that is certain and that is that you are a giant hypocrite.   
    Speaking of things that "clearly stop the brain's ability to think", I believe nooses are higher on the list than drugs in Manson's nose...
    Why do people discourage people from leaving this life when the afterlife is much more interesting?
    I've always had a very strong dislike for the concept of suicide. I just can't understand how people think it's a solution, and this is coming from someone who suffered from major depression for years. And what's worse is this small group of people who are romanticising mental illness and the aesthetic of suicide. 
    So someone deleted my earlier (earliest in this article) comment about how dare MM talk shit about the best ever band in the world with the most talented vocalist ever which is, of course, Linkin Park. Looks like one of the mods is a Linkin Park hater.
    I dunno, you go around throwing out blatant lies like that someone's gonna call it out
    No it's not sarcasm. It's just fact. Deal with it. Linkin Park is the most talented band ever and Chester is the most unique and talented vocalist ever. Not even a hundred Dream Theaters or a hundred Animals As Leaders can stand up to their awe-inspiring talent and metal attitude.