Mark Chapman Refused Parole Again

Lennon's murderer told he'll stay behind bars for at least another 2 years.

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Mark Chapman, who shot John Lennon dead in 1980, has been denied parole for the eighth time, Classic Rock reports.

The killer, now 59, gunned down the ex-Beatle outside his New York apartment as he and wife Yoko Ono were returning home from a recording session. He was later handed a sentence of 20 years to life.

The three-man parole board noted that Ono had once again sent a letter asking that Chapman was not released - but that, along with others letters supporting her position, they'd also received notes from those who believed he should be granted freedom.

Further noting that his prison behaviour sheet had been clean for over two decades, the board said: "There is a reasonable probability that you would not remain at liberty without again violating the law. Your release would be incompatible with the welfare of society, and would so deprecate the serious nature of the crime as to undermine respect for the law."

Chapman may apply again in two years' time.

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    If his behavior sheet is clean for over 20 years, then what possible reason could there be for them to think he would violate the law again? Not that I'm against him being stuck for another 2 years. It just seems to me like 20 years of good behavior should mean something.
    It's because he killed a famous person.
    Jail is probably the safest place for Chapman, I don't think the world would ever leave him alone and really give him peaceful enjoyment of the rest of his years. That said, I agree; 20 years should mean something.
    Perhaps it is for the better - He was mentally disturbed, and though he might have been "cured" (for lack of better words), he would suffer pure hell in society - I wouldn't be surprised if he turned up dead within a week or so if he was released, probably shot as well. I despise his actions, and his crime is unforgivable, but I feel somewhat also sorry for him - Even if he truly repented his actions, society would still detest his very being. His crime will probably haunt him to the grave and beyond.
    should stay in jail forever
    Also, I know that chapman got charged with 2nd degree murder???? Why I have no Idea, seeing as how he had planned to kill John months before he did. Also, I guess most people know this but Chapman got John to autograph a copy of Double Fantasy a few hours before he killed him and there is a picture of him signing it for him. That alone should be enough to keep him in jail for the rest of his life. That alone
    I think his 2nd degree murder charge had to do with his mental competence being questionable. Still... he should and probably will stay in jail for the remainder of his life.
    Most people that commit first degree murder get life.
    Not in the UK I tell you that. Some woman just murdered her own 3 year old son - 11 years in prison. A massive WTF to the British justice system.
    In Brazil you are kept in prision less than that. If you're rich, you don't even get behind the bars.
    I think they know, just like everyone else, that he would be dead within a week of his release. Or at least jumped.
    Honestly, why would he even WANT to get out at this point? Even if he isn't instantly murdered, his life will consist of nothing but being harassed by people at his house and everywhere he goes. His life is actually better in jail.
    f*** the c***.
    Face the cure? Not particularly something I want to think about after watching X-Men.
    I love your loose use of profanity even though as you are probably aware 46% of what you just typed will appear as an asterix.
    they'd also received notes from those who believed he should be granted freedom.Who the HELL believes he should be free! HE SHOT A MAN IN COLD BLOOD for no damn good reason, and had been planning on killing him months before he did it. That is first degree murder. Most first degree murderers get life without parole or the death penalty.
    Let him out....I have a little red dot pointed somewhere the minute he steps out!
    Its people like you that can't let this man live a good life. Prison is the safest place for him because as soon as he's out, boom, dead. Either by his own hand because of how much the world has changed or by someone else.
    So you are saying that you will murder him personally when he gets out? Sounds like you and Mark Chapman have more in common than you think, you both are fans of killing people in cold blood...interesting...not so different after all.
    good. leave him in there. he probably would be hunted down on the outside anyway.
    Every night I get on my knees and thank shrek for this man. Now we don't have to hear his AWFUL music. I IMAGINE (get it? xD) this guy will be remembered in the future with the respect he deserves for stopping one of histories worst musicians. Thank you, Mark
    What a Cunting FUKKtickler you are.
    There is no reason to be upset, you and everyone else here knows that all the Beatles are massively overrated.
    My opinion had nothing to do with The Beatles but was more about what a Cunting FUKKtickler you are. Unrelated subjects.
    I'm from Liverpool (Unfortunately), and I don't agree with the first part of ngrklr's comment, but I certainly agree with the last. The Beatles are overrated. Visit Liverpool or worse, Live here. Then you'll know.