Mark Lanegan Announces New Album and EP, Streaming Single 'Sad Lover'

"Phantom Radio" and "No Bells on Sunday" to drop in months to come, details inside.

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Alt-rock master Mark Lanegan has confirmed the release of two new efforts in the near future, meaning he is set to return in style after 2012's "Blues Funeral."

As Consequence of Sound reports, Lanegan and his longtime band will first unleash a five-song EP "No Bells on Sunday" on July 29, shaking things up for a major event and the fall release of "Phantom Radio" full-length album.

Sharing even more tasty goodies, Mark is streaming the "Sad Lover" video single off the upcoming EP. You can pre-order the effort here, it's vinyl-only and limited to 1,500 copies, so if you're interested, think fast.

The EP is available for order in US and Canada only. However, it will be made digitally and on CD once the full-length album is unleashed. Track listing and the new video await below.

"No Bells On Sunday" Tracklist:

01. Dry Iced
02. No Bells on Sunday
03. Sad Lover04. Jonas Pap05. Smokestack Magic

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    New Lanegan is always good
    25 replies to "Asking Alexandria taking a break" and only 1 to new Lanegan stuff.. Fuck this site
    Yea man… way more people get frenzy for Lincoln Park (I refuse to misspell those retard nu metal band names)… Lots of people stuck in the tweens here. Know anything about Piaget? Lots of people here never made it to formal operations...
    one of the truly original and unique artists out there. just loves what he does.
    Wow, very nice. Only familiar with his gravelly contributions to QotSA and a few songs from radio. Voice is smoother than I was expecting. Will be interested to hear more of this.
    Get your hands on the Winding Sheet… one of the best albums of the 90's.