Mark Lanegan Premieres New Track 'Floor of the Ocean'

Thi is the first song to come from Lanegan's new album, set for release in October.

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Mark Lanegan Band have announced the release of their new album "Phantom Radio," which will come out on 20th October via Heavenly. It marks the follow-up proper to 2012's "Blues Funeral," but in the meantime Lanegan has been characteristically busy, recording a collaborative album with Duke Garwood ("Black Pudding") as well as last year's "Imitations" covers album.

Most recently, he's just released a five track EP, "No Bells on Sunday," acting as a taster of sorts for the full new album. In advance of "Phantom Radio"'s release, you can listen to the song "Floor of the Ocean" below.

"Phantom Radio" features ten tracks, including one further collaborative track with Duke Garwood, titled "I Am the Wolf." Its writing process was mainly centred around an app on Lanegan's phone called "Funk Box," from which he'd create beats to flesh out with guitar and synth.

"It's great to use because it's easy, and I'm the kind of guy who always chooses the path of least resistance," he said in a recent interview with the Quietus.

The current more electronic direction he's taking with music-making, he went on to explain, is "a reflection of what I'm into and taking some elements of music that I enjoy listening to, and then applying it to what I'm doing. I don't know if that will last forever but it's what I'm into right now. I look at every record as an opportunity to enjoy myself and try new things."

"Phantom Radio" tracklisting is:

01. Harvest Home
02. Judgement Time
03. Floor of the Ocean
04. The Killing Season
05. Seventh Day
06. I Am the Wolf
07. Torn Red Heart
08. Waltzing in Blue09. The Wild People10. Death Trip to Tulsa

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    So while he's checking out the floor of the ocean, his good friend Josh Homme sits BY the ocean. (Presumably after drifting along it, first)
    Nice song. It's reminiscent of Blues Funeral but the production is nowhere near as thick, which I like.