Mark Tremonti Solo Record Is 'Heavier Than Creed Or Alter Bridge'

artist: Mark Tremonti date: 01/20/2012 category: general music news

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Mark Tremonti Solo Record Is 'Heavier Than Creed Or Alter Bridge'
Mark Tremonti recently said his solo material is heavier than Creed or Alter Bridge and has a lot of soloing - that says a lot coming from a guy who plays lead guitar for a living. Guitarist Mark Tremonti is currently writing material for Creed's next record and simultaneously finishing his first solo album while on a planned break with Alter Bridge. Artist Direct recently caught up with the busy axe-slinger and got an update on how his debut album was coming along: "I'm going off to the NAMM convention. When I get home, I'll hopefully get into the studio to finalize all of the tracking. I've done all my parts; I just have to go make sure what I hear back is exactly what needs to be there. I may rewrite a chorus or verse I have to re-sing. Other than that, my tracking is done. We have to get Eric, the other guitarist and backing vocalist, to do all of his vocals. In February, we mix for a couple of weeks, try to get it mastered, and hopefully out in March or April. I'm singing all of the stuff. Hopefully it turns out alright [Laughs]." Tremonti also spoke about the direction of his record compared to what he does in the studio with either of his other bands: "It's a dynamic record. It's probably heavier than either Creed or Alter Bridge, but it's still melody-driven. Most of the stuff is more up-tempo and heavy-riffing though. I had to write eleven solos for this record so it took me a long time. There's lots of soloing." Creed is still in the writing process for their next album and will hit the road to perform their first two albums in their entirety in April (click here for dates). Alter Bridge may be on hiatus but their "Live At Wembley" concert film will debut this summer at theaters in 3D and will later be available on DVD and Bluray. Thanks for the report to the
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