Mark Tremonti: Wolfgang Van Halen Is 'Kick-A-s'

artist: Mark Tremonti date: 09/20/2012 category: general music news

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Mark Tremonti: Wolfgang Van Halen Is 'Kick-A-s'
Guitarist Mark Tremonti, who is currently out on the road behind his debut solo album "All I Was", has been talking to Horns Up Rocks about the latest addition to his band, Wolfgang Van Halen. And, as HenneMusic, Tremonti is seriously impressed by the Van Halen bass player: "Wolfgang had been a bass player that we had considered for the band in the first place. But he was on tour with Van Halen. The situation just came up and he happened to be in New York and had his bass gear he was hanging out with the guys from Sevendust and I called him up and said hey man, we have a show tomorrow night and we need a bass player, whaddya think? He's like, 'Let me call you back.' Calls me back and says 'I'll be there in an hour.'" "We rehearsed for an hour and a half, two hours, Went through another rehearsal the next day, and within 24 hours he's up on stage with us playing in the band. He's a kick-a-s musician and he's learned faster than anybody I've ever seen. He's amazing and he saved the day." Wolfgang's first show with Tremonti happened last week in Rhode Island. He was brought in to replace Brian Marhsall, who notified the band that he was unable to hit the road due to touring matters. The junior Van Halen is currently on loan from the legendary rock group of his namesake, who are currently on hiatus due to Eddie Van Halen's recent surgery for surgery for a severe bout of Diverticulitis. The guitarist will be sidelined for the next six to seven months.
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