Mark Tremonti: Wolfgang Van Halen Is 'Kick-A-s'

Guitarist Mark Tremonti has been talking to Horns Up Rocks about the latest addition to his band, Wolfgang Van Halen.

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Guitarist Mark Tremonti, who is currently out on the road behind his debut solo album "All I Was", has been talking to Horns Up Rocks about the latest addition to his band, Wolfgang Van Halen. And, as HenneMusic, Tremonti is seriously impressed by the Van Halen bass player:

"Wolfgang had been a bass player that we had considered for the band in the first place. But he was on tour with Van Halen. The situation just came up and he happened to be in New York and had his bass gear he was hanging out with the guys from Sevendust and I called him up and said hey man, we have a show tomorrow night and we need a bass player, whaddya think? He's like, 'Let me call you back.' Calls me back and says 'I'll be there in an hour.'"

"We rehearsed for an hour and a half, two hours, Went through another rehearsal the next day, and within 24 hours he's up on stage with us playing in the band. He's a kick-a-s musician and he's learned faster than anybody I've ever seen. He's amazing and he saved the day."

Wolfgang's first show with Tremonti happened last week in Rhode Island. He was brought in to replace Brian Marhsall, who notified the band that he was unable to hit the road due to touring matters. The junior Van Halen is currently on loan from the legendary rock group of his namesake, who are currently on hiatus due to Eddie Van Halen's recent surgery for surgery for a severe bout of Diverticulitis. The guitarist will be sidelined for the next six to seven months.

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    Yes, he's a great b-ss player.
    He is, but I'm not sure it's worthy of headline news. 'Musician rates another musician highly! Read all about it...'
    I like how UG censored the "ass" part of "bass".
    Oh, didn't saw that on the title already, it's tough for me to read shit on this smartphone thing sometimes. Fail comment is fail...
    They censor "ass" nowadays?
    Yes, but they happily showed a picture of a set of dildos cast from the members of Rammstein. Consistency, UG?
    UG censors anything that has even the smallest possibility of being offensive. They'll probably remove this comment just because I'm criticizing them.
    Yeah and 'Pussy Riot' has been on the front page every now and then for a month now
    yet they wont stop posting about pussy riot, a much more offensive considering its genitalia conontations
    "Kick-Ass? more like 'Ass-Kicked'" " that doesn't even make sense" sorry, i couldn't resist making that reference *runs away*
    is that a pewdiepie reference? xP
    Mark Tremonti, the most underrated metal guitarist in the world. And no way am I calling another guy "Wolfgang".
    Eh, he was overrated a few years, but now that everybody has jumped on his bandwagon, he's getting the credit that he has long deserved. Mark is a guy that was never satisfied with being just 'okay', always worked his ass off to get better at his playing and he's shown that he has improved tenfold from his early days with Creed. I wouldn't call him underrated anymore, he's getting plenty of recognition these days as being one of the greatest of the modern rock era of guitarists.
    Nope - Tremonti is actually highly OVERrated. And he's far from metal - maybe hard rock at the most.
    I think Mark Tremonti is a metal player, that happens to play hard rock. He's got the picking control, speed, and the skills to keep it with most of your run-of-the-mill metal guitarists these days. Michael Angelo Batio has also been quoted to say that Mark would make a great thrash metal guitarists. He showcases a bit of that, the bridge to "Isolation" always comes to mind. A very speed thrashy type of riff.
    Oh sorry, your opinion of Mark Tremonti is most definitely fact... Forgot about that...
    "due to Eddie Van Halens recent surgery for surgery for a severe" What monkey proofread this article?
    I just want to know who Wolfie called after getting the call from Mark....."Daddy, can I go play with Mark Tremonti?"
    What I think about: Mark Tremonti: kick a** guitairst! Wolfgang: Lucky a** to tour with Mark Tremonti Creed: Awesome band cuz of Mark Tremonti's kick a** riffs!!
    Diamond Dave
    I don't recall anyone saying Wolfgang wasn't great at bass. The problem is no one can match Mike Anthony's pipes and that was half of Van Halen IMO.
    due to Eddie Van Halens recent surgery for surgery for Well done UG, your spell checking is excellent as always.
    Yeah that sound like something they'd do. Haven't had an account blocked yet but I've had quite a few comments removed. It was stuff that wasn't even confrontational either. Basically if you don't 100% agree with the beat writer that threw the article together your comment gets taken down.
    somehow down the line I can see him and Aron Lewis making an album together, their genres mesh well. Even though I don't listen to either one, to date, I just see this happening of a collaboration.
    Obama FTW
    Mark Tremonti is such a cool guy. Awesome guitarist. Although I'm not too sure why this is a story, but hey kick-a-s article.
    Tremonti was in creed- he ceases to be in the club.
    First of all, Creed was never that bad. They were just popular to hate, even though their first album is one of the best rock albums I own. Second, the mere fact that Alter Bridge exists should cause you to forgive him for Creed. Third, hating Creed was popular more than a decade ago. Get over it. They made some damn good music, even if Scott Stapp was a royal twat back then.
    Creed was awful. There are no excuses.
    If you had any musical knowledge you wouldn't b a goon. No excuses. Creed are superb!
    If I had "any musical knowledge" I'd like Creed? Well I'm glad I don't live in your universe. Even in the late 90's, when you're all claiming that Creed was good, we used to make of them and their fans... who were mainly jocks and rednecks even then.
    loser. you make fun of jocks for liking a band? they probably made fun of you for liking backstreet boys. creeds not the best band in the world but they dont deserve all the hate they get.
    Yes because jocks are usually a**holes and generally have no taste in music. They did make fun of me for liking Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Iron Maiden, etc. What planet are you from? You're a bright one huh?
    Obama FTW
    Are you guys still in high school? Seriously... I can recall the all star running back in my school listening to Fear Factory, Chimaira, and Pantera. And grow up. That was high school, this isn't high school this is a stupid comment section on a completely unrelated article.
    Alright, well no one got my sarcasm. That's ok. Creed is still terrible though
    theyre like the good version of nickelback- everyone hates nickelback because theyre so cliche with their lyrics and attitude- creeds got some positive and meaningful lyrics with a lot of musical talent to back it up
    First of all, Creed is THAT bad. They write mediocre, watered-down, generic songs that appeal to simple minded people with no musical taste (which, apparently you are one of those people). Second, Alter Bridge is just as terrible as Creed - and how could they not be seeing as its Creed with a different singer. Third, hating Creed was never "popular". When a band sucks, they suck. Get over yourself.
    Hey I thoroughly enjoyed Creed and Creed 2 (alter bridge). They were like the bastard child of Pearl Jam and Nickelback,except with the added consistent mispronunciations of words by Stapp. And honestly I'd love to have had the kind of mainstream money making success Creed had, and you all know you would too
    whats not to like about alter bridge? the music is dynamic, the riffs are heavy the solos are amazing, myles is the best singer alive. what more can you ask for?
    I actually saw Tremonti at Highline Ballroom last week. VERY humble guys and I'd have to agree with Tremonti about Wolfgang -- the kid got skills. They also put on a great show. Meanwhile, it is getting old to see any Tremonti/Creed/Alter Bridge news and have a whole flame war. In the words of Infidel Amsterdam, "Don't like it? Don't listen to it or even bother to comment on it because therefore you're wasting your time".
    broken ipod
    while i can find appreciation in his guitar playing, always thought the vocals in alter bridge never really fit, maybe i havent listened enough though
    It's painful to see people legitimately trying to say that Creed and/or Tremonti are anything but garbage but I'm gonna stop because I'm sure I'll get banned. Rock and roll!
    I really have nothing against Wolfgang, but am I the only one who think he never looks like he's into the performance? He never looks like he is having fun on stage...
    That's because he has to listen to DLR butcher the VH catalog. I'd be uninterested too.
    I'm amazed the new VH album has those trademark backing vocals that I thought were always provided by Michael Anthony. Never thought too highly of Michael as a bass player but always loved his backup vocals.
    Um, both Creed AND Alter Bridge are tertible, generic altpop. Nothing to see. Kennedy knows that Slash butters his bread now, thank god.
    How do you not tour due to touring matters?
    Before the RI show, for which I attended, Tremonti stated that Marshall had to bow out due to personal matters. I think that was another UG typo...
    mom: i thought i'd be eating breakfast without a cows a-s-s in my face. louise: you know what that spells? ass. mom, ASS.
    Tremonti is like 50% Hetfield and 50% Hammett rolled into one. I love him.....and he has some awesome signature pickups!
    Neat to hear that Wolfy is doing something with other musicians. Eventually he's gonna have to hook up with guys closer to his age.
    Something tells me all the Alter Bridge hate comes from people that only know AB as the guys from Creed with a different singer...
    Um, that is all Alter Bridge are, is Creed with a different singer. Same music style, just with less Jesus Christ Poses.