Marketing and Finance Wizard Gene Simmons to Release New Book 'Me, Inc.'

The book will be released on October 21 via Dey Street Books.

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KISS bassist Gene Simmons has often been cited as the marketing genius behind the band's success. Now, those hoping to replicate Simmons' achievements can do so by reading the words of the man himself. As Blabbermouth reports, Gene will release a new book, "Me, Inc.: Build an Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business," on October 21 via Dey Street Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

The official book description is as follows:

"The quintessential self-made man, master of brand identity, New York Times bestselling author, and award-winning executive - KISS' Gene Simmons - shares his manifesto for business success.

"KISS did not become one of the most successful rock bands in history by accident. Long before they first took the stage, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley had a clear-cut operating plan for their business. Over the past forty years, KISS has sold over 100 million CDs and DVDs worldwide and manages over 3,000 licensed merchandise items. In addition to KISS, Simmons' lucrative ventures include two hit reality shows, a professional sports team, a restaurant chain, and a record company. A recipient of the Forbes lifetime achievement award, this brilliant executive runs all of his businesses on his own - no personal assistant, few handlers, and as little red tape as possible.

"In 'Me, Inc.', the marketing and finance wizard gives aspiring entrepreneurs the critical tools they need to succeed. Simmons teaches you how to build a solid business strategy, harness the countless tools available in the digital age, network like hell, and be the architect for the business entity that is you. Inspired by 'The Art of War', 'Me, Inc.' is organized around thirteen specific, easy-to-understand principles for success, drawn from Simmons' own triumphs and failures. From finding the confidence necessary to get started, to surrounding yourself with the right people, to knowing when to pull the plug and when to double-down, these principles can help you attain the freedom and wealth of your dreams."

The news of the publication may irk KISS front man Paul Stanley who refuted the claim that Gene was a marketing genius in his recently published autobiography "Face the Music":

"I saw the term 'marketing genius' used in reference to Gene quite frequently ... [and] it turned my stomach. Neither Gene nor I has had an active hand in any significant deals.

"He was no marketing genius. He just took credit for things. It was unwarranted, selfish, and hurtful, and there was no way to excuse it. Calculated strategist? Sure. Genius? No."

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    As much of a self centered douche he is, this book will probably sell well.
    This book will sell well BECAUSE he's a self centered douche. If you can sell coffins with your name on them, you're a real entrepreneur, tasteless or otherwise.
    "He just took credit for things." No wonder, this is the guy who says he was the one responsible for popularity of devil horns...
    Maybe, I'll take a read at that. Maybe, I'll read it to see what advice Gene says so that I make sure that I do not follow it in the business world (although I could be wrong as usual).
    So putting your likeness on every conceivable product now makes one a marketing and finance genius?