Maroon 5 To Emulate Queen Live Shows

artist: Maroon 5 date: 06/09/2011 category: music news
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Maroon 5 To Emulate Queen Live Shows
Maroon 5 promise "a motherf--ker of a show" for their summer tour. Singer Adam Levigne promises the band will be pulling out all the stops for their US tour - starting at the end of this month - by paying homage to their favourite stadium rock bands. He said: "We're adding big Marshall stacks, adding speakers and subwoofers. We have an old-school mentality toward entertaining." "We emulate bands like the Stones, U2, Van Halen and Queen, bands that put on such a motherfr of a show that you can't not like it." "We want people to get lost in the experience. There's no smoke and mirrors." Although band are setting up a huge mainstream rock shows for their fans, Adam's "faith in music" has recently been restored by listening to folk and alternative rock music. He added to "I've been listening to Mumford & Sons, along with the rest of the country." "I haven't felt like a real music fan in a long time, but that record has made me a fan again. There's something so gripping about the way the lyrics are delivered - it's angsty and mad, but it's beautiful soul music." "Them selling records and Arcade Fire winning the Grammy restores my faith in music." Maroon 5 tour the US, starting on June 24 in New York state, before playing in Europe during November and December. Thanks for the report to
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