Martin 'Pharmadouche' Shkreli: Kurt Cobain Would've Loved Me If He Was Still Alive

As you may or may not know, Martin is reportedly in possession of lost, never-before-heard Nirvana music.

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Martin 'Pharmadouche' Shkreli: Kurt Cobain Would've Loved Me If He Was Still Alive

Journalist Doug McCausland of Alternative Nation recently spoke to Martin Shkreli, aka Pharmadouche, the entrepreneur who made a fortune by raising the price of the antiparasitic drug Daraprim 56 times, taking it from $13.5 to $750 per pill.

Doug asked Martin about the lost, never-before-heard Nirvana music the entrepreneur reportedly has in his collection - which he also promised to release to the public if Donald Trump won the election, and which he ultimately never did.

You can read the transcript of the Facebook video conversation below.

Doug McCausland: Is it true you have unreleased Nirvana music?

Martin Shkreli: Depends on what you consider Nirvana.

DM: Well, what is it then?

MS: That's for me to know and for you to never find out.

DM: You said you'd release the music if Donald Trump was elected! I think you did, at least.

MS: True. Maybe I'll release it!

DM: What would you think Kurt Cobain would think of you if he was alive?

MS: Oh, he would've loved me.

DM: Really? Why's that?

MS: We're both really similar, aren't we? We're both rebellious. You know, I spoke to Courtney Love.

DM: What did she have to say?

MS: What do you think?

DM: I don't know, man. I think you represent everything he would have hated.

MS: I don't think so. What did he hate? Homophobia. Racism.

DM: Right. And you seem like on opposite ends of the spectrum.

MS: How so?

DM: Don't you sort of represent the corporate end of things that he hated?

MS: He signed to Geffen, he always spoke of 'selling out.' Maybe you should actually know what you're talking about before you call.

DM: Oh, I know all about him.

MS: Right, okay.

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    I believe you could easily hate this guy no matter what you fucking believe in.
    This guy is not the monster the media made him out to be.. Do some research on him and watch his interwiews.
    Maybe not, but his answers..there's just so much much about him that makes you unable to not hate him.
    He gives drugs to people who need it for free if they can't afford it. His company also puts profits towards research for better and safer AIDS drugs. That is far more important than any silly comment about Kurt cobain.
    The man himself.. He explains it to countless media outlets and broadcast his life on YouTube. Watch any interview with him. Watch his online debates and be amazed.
    I have no idea why these guys take what he says at face value, as if hes not biased and a criminal? The man is a liar and embezzler and a narcissist (research him!!! and no i dont mean his own youtube channel) Buddy doesn't even provide a source and says "Well Shkreli said it." And gets up voted.
    Sorry dude, but this is the smart phone age. No one goes outside the realm of social media outlets for information. Thats why you are getting downvoted. People would rather just downvote and carry on instead of reading something more than 140 characters and have to change their mind.
    Haha! For real? "He said so himself on youtube" is a legit explanation? Kind of like how he tweeted that he would release all his unreleased music if Trump won? Pretty stand-up and trustworthy guy, that Shkreli...
    just complementing: the medication he raised the prices was not receiving any research or investiment in years. since he raised the prices, new corporations released similar medications with lower prices. so he actually did a good thing in the end.
    ^ this. actually listen to him speak. it speaks volumes about this sites users and their blind hate manipulated by the media.
    Notice that the epipen lady that donated a bunch of money to the Clinton campaign doesn't get near the amount of money that Shkreli does.
    Exactly. The media blow things up with him quite a lot. I'm not saying he isn't a total cock, because he is, but there are some things you have to admire about him.
    I have. Hes a snake oil salesman. And a great manipulator. IF you had any experience or education in pharmaceuticals you'd know this guy is all about the $$$. He claims he raised the price of the pill to $750 because there are better treatments available, and that the drug itself is dangerous. Nope. False. He pulled that from discredited scientific papers and once again, is simply trying to manipulate people.
    No the drug is obsolete. Over 70 years old with no modifications. Mutations have made it useless and harmful.
    Ya, and thats not true. Not the opinion of the scientific community, and the papers have been discredited. He fooled you.
    Speaking of ripping people off, nice profile pic.
    Im ripping of scale the summit by having their artwork as my avatar? Also it sucks I'm getting downvoted. I have a degree in biotechnology and quite aware of pharmaceuticals, how they work, and how companies operate and Shkreli is a scam artist. Hes been fired for doing this before, hes been charged with embezzlement. I'm sorry you were mislead, I'm simply trying to stop misinformation.
    No, I'm talking about what the douche in scale the summit did to his bandmates.
    oohhhhh haha sorry totally forgot about that but ya, was quite disappointed to hear about that, chris is an incredible guitarist
    Shkreli has the most punchable face ever. Even Joffrey Baratheon is a distant second for punchable faces. Cobain would punch that face and not get tired of doing it.
    Lots of celebs promised to either leave the country or even move to mars if Trump won the election. As of yet, none have kept their promises. Also, I don't think anyone really spends their day actively hating on this guy. He clearly craves attention so the worst thing you can do to him is ignore him.
    And George Carlin and Groucho Marx agree I'm the funniest person on the planet. I mean, since they're dead I can speak for them and they have no opportunity to refute my claims, but are you gonna call me a liar? I also have large collection of unreleased music from incredibly famous bands but I will also decline from informing you of any of the details because, like I say, for me to know, right? Stop giving this asshole column space.
    surprise i like martin shkreli the dude is purposely fucking with people but his intentions are good there is really no reason to hate him if youve actually read some of his shit and watched some of his interviews
    This guy and his responses only make me like him less,Kurt wouldve in all likelyhood had nothing to do with this doucher known as Martin Shkreli.
    Jeebuz, not sure if this guy is a douche or the most laughable person ever when looking from the outside. Maybe if he means well he should think about what he is saying in regard to his actions or what his words mean...and I speak from experience as one who has a huge issue expressing himself verbally. But still, it seems like he makes the wrong moves in the media so much it almost seems like he's DELIBERATLEY trying to look like a bad guy. And to be honest, this is all a bunch of stupid from his side. There's no telling who Kurt would like or hate. It's been 25+ years, had Kurt have stuck around, there's no telling what or how things could have transpired. Fuck, maybe we'd be arguing over Kurt for President for all we know. People get so silly over dead celebrities.
    Not the it matters but I share the same nation with him. Shame on him.
    C'mon UG, I know you like to make articles based on little new content, but this is literally nothing. One of the worst interviews I've ever read.
    If he is seriously the guy who "the entrepreneur who made a fortune by raising the price of the antiparasitic drug Daraprim 56 times, taking it from $13.5 to $750 per pill." I think Kurt would have despised such a guy!!! Making a drug, for a sickness, less accessible to the people... maybe if he would have found a medication for Kurt's stomach problems.... which might have been Crohn's disease... anyway, I think I couldn't stand that guy pretending a dead man would have liked him. F*ck him!