Marty Friedman: 'I Love Death Metal, But the Lyrics Just Crack Me Up'

artist: Marty Friedman date: 08/20/2014 category: music news
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Marty Friedman: 'I Love Death Metal, But the Lyrics Just Crack Me Up'
Explaining what a great Babymetal fan he is, guitar extraordinaire Marty Friedman touched on the matter of death metal, expressing a love-hate stance towards the genre.

"I love aggressive music, death metal and stuff like that," he told Rolling Stone. "But the lyrics just crack me up: the satanic stuff, I mean, really? I can't get into it.

"I love the sound of the music so much that I'm willing to put up with [the lyrics], but why not have that same aggressive sound in something that's a little bit more realistic, you know?"

Marty elaborated further, "I love the sound of metal but I've been doing it since I was a teenager, and I [felt I needed] to do something more unique with that sound. The sound of metal is what I love about it, but the fact that you have to stay within a genre, and you have to be in this really narrow genre, really turned me off."

Focusing on Babymetal, the guitarist drew an interesting Meshuggah parallel, saying, "Babymetal, if you strip off that heavy metal guitar stuff, all you have is your basic fun, quirky, Japanese pop stuff. But the interpretation is super-metal.

"To me, it sounds like Meshuggah with Japanese pop on top of it. So for someone like me who's been playing metal forever, it's really fresh to hear. I mean, I can hear another Pantera song, and it's great, but we've heard it before a billion times."

We know there are death metal fans on UG as well, and Marty isn't the first to have such thoughts about the genre, so what would you like to say about the whole matter?
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