Mastodon Album Update: 'We're Continuing to Carve Our Own Niche'

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Mastodon Album Update: 'We're Continuing to Carve Our Own Niche'
Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders gave a detailed report on the new album progress, confirming the completion of the writing process and giving a few interesting hints regarding the 10th anniversary of "Leviathan" record.

"It's in the mixing process," Troy told Stereogum. "We wrapped up recording early in February at Rock Falcon Studios. I think it's going to be great but you don't approach it as a whole until all the mixes come in. In the studio you're just working on one song for hours and hours, then moving on to the next one. You get your appetizer, entree and soup and salad but you can't digest it all until the meal is over. That's where we are now. I like food analogies."

Noting that the band has a few working titles he can't reveal at the moment, Sanders additionally focused on the fresh material. "I've been asked if it's taking over where 'The Hunter' left off," he said. "We don't have any preconceived thoughts and notions when we write. We don't think that we need to have some long, epic songs or we need to have short, upbeat songs.

"Everything comes off natural through our minds, bodies and fingers. I believe it's the next honest step in the Mastodon evolution. We're continuing to carve our own niche. It's another platter we've come up with and it seems to be piecing itself together as a badass rock and roll record."

Finally, the bassist discussed the matter of "Leviathan" anniversary. "I was just told that we could do a handful of shows this summer where we just play 'Leviathan' live," he said. "I think [the record] is great and I'm certainly a fan of longevity. I don't know many bands that have stayed with the same four guys for the last 14 years. I'm proud of that and think it's great we are still friends and have the same focus and drive.

"I remember the four of us were prouder of that record than any of the previous ones. And I'm still really proud of it," Sanders added. "It's still classic in my opinion. But it's more difficult to create a set list for live shows when you have more material under your belt. This will be our seventh record. That's sixty something songs and all of us have favorites. Some of us are maybe a little tired of some of them.

"I don't think any of us would be opposed to playing a 'Leviathan' show and a handful of other songs. Today, I'm at my first band practice in nine months. We haven’t played old stuff and we leave soon for Australia. When the guys get here we'll create a set list," the bassist concluded.

In related news, drummer Brann Dailor hinted at a summer release date, describing the album as a "summer jam" he would like "people to put it on at parties and turn it way up ... and then turn it down immediately." Are you up for such a record?

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