Mastodon Detail New Album 'Once More Round the Sun,' Unveil Cover, Release Date

Track listing and new single's audio visualizer also available, details inside.

Ultimate Guitar

Mastodon have officially shared full details regarding their upcoming album "Once More Round the Sun," confirming a June 24 release date via Reprise Records.

Specifically, the band has presented the record's cover artwork and track listing; you can pre-order the effort via iTunes here.

"Once More Round the Sun" will also be available in double-vinyl deluxe limited edition, featuring artwork by the renowned artist known as Skinner.

"It's ... a work of art for sure," bassist Troy Sanders told Paste Magazine. "It's ... very eye-opening, very striking. It's from another dimension, and a lot of our music is geared toward that idea - taking you to another planet on songs. It's out there, and I think it's incredible."

In related news, the group has unveiled an audio visualizer for the album's first single "High Road." Check it out below, along with other new record-related goodies.

YouTube preview picture

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    Artwork reminds me of tripping-balls sequence from Beavis and Butthead Do America.
    The cover is gorgeous, "High Road" is an awesome single in my opinion, they seem pretty confident about the album; overall I have very high expectations for this release, let's hope the hype will be justified.
    If this is considered not "screaming and yelling" for Mastodon, then I don't think it's a bad thing. This song kicks ass.
    More digital and vinyl preorders. I want a tangible CD, man! Mastodon, I need thee! This album cover is truly lovely and psychedelic.
    anybody else pick up on the apostrophe that somebody here was so desperate they added for grammatical correctness
    Haha oh yeah! That would've been a serious OCD issue though!
    Didn't like "High Road". Hopefully the rest of the album's gonna sound good.
    That cover is friggin' obnoxious, it's horrendous! Good job the music is good though!
    I want to see what the comments would be if this was not a Mastodon album
    Saw them last night here in Denver. Music: 9 (despite Brent having guitar issues before one song. Guitar tone was MONSTROUS.) Vocals: 3 (Brent had a "sore throat" and Troy's voice sounded shot too - 3rd show of the tour! - Brann was good as usual) First time I've seen them - has Bill always been such a navel-gazer? Seems like he is way more active in vids I've seen on Youtube - he stood there staring at his hands the whole show!