Mastodon Hoping to Release Another Full-Length Album Next Year

"This is the first time we've had more material than we knew that would make the record going into the studio," said Troy Sanders.

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Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders has been speaking with Full Metal Jackie (via Loudwire) about upcoming record "Once More Round the Sun." As Sanders notes, the band recorded so much extra material for the album, that another Mastodon record may be out as early as next year:

"This is the first time we've had more material than we knew that would make the record going into the studio, but that's a good problem. We had all these songs we had been working on that we all liked and loved. We went into the Rock Falcon Studios in Franklin, Tennessee, and we recorded about 15 songs. Listening back, we found a proper ebb and flow that we felt would make a solid album. It's right around the one hour mark, which we think is a healthy dose of music.

"With the songs that were "left over," we do not view them as B sides. We do not view them as throw away songs, we're in love with those songs just as any songs that made the record. So they will see the light of day, properly. Hopefully sooner than later. I don't know what's going to happen, will we do a winter EP release? Possibly. Halloween? Maybe. Record another half hour of much while we're on tour this summer? And have another full length album to record and release next year? I hope so. So something good will happen to all of this material, just don't know what yet."

"Once More Round the Sun" will be released on June 24th via Warner/Reprise.

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    This made me cum a little...
    I wish I could tell you that that's disgusting, but that'd make me a hypocrite. *changes shorts* This is awesome - High Road gives me great hopes for this current album and the idea of more material is overwhelmingly great!
    Although this is cool I can't help but think that instead of releasing 2 albums, they should just release one awesome one. So often bands do this and both are just ok, and leave you thinking why didn't they just put all the best tracks to one album? Having said that if the tone of some tracks don't fit together and they need splitting then fair enough, and I trust mastodon to make a good call
    Whenever I hear that I have to think of RHCPs Stadium Arcadium and SOADs Hypnotize/Mezmerize and I actually prefer the latter, because it's two albumns and not one. Because often times I feel that double albums are just too long, I've never heard Stadium Arcadium in it's fullest, simply because it's to long for my taste and I think to really appreciate a double album the time between the two releases is perfect, because you really can listen to the first times a lot till you have heard nearly everything. then you hear the second one and still have that connection to the first one, but with so much fresh material. I hope you get what I'm trying to say, pretty hard for me to get my thoughts into words in this particular case
    Yeah dude I get entirely what your saying - Mezmerize/Hypnotize were in the back of my mind when I typed that as an exception. Although having said that, although I prefer it to the whole double album thing, I do think Hypnotize lacked a bit compared to Mezmerize. I dunno though, great albums and I hope Mastodon can pull off something similar.
    Great news! They played "High Road" and another new song live at The Riviera in Chicago a week ago. Sounded awesome, can't wait!