Mastodon Streaming New Album 'Once More 'Round the Sun' Prior to Official Release

Band also shares the magic behind their guitars in latest studio blog.

Ultimate Guitar

As the June 24 release of their new album "Once More 'Round the Sun" is steadily approaching, Mastodon have decided to stream the highly-anticipated effort in full.

Recorder at Rock Falcon Studios in Tennessee and produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Alice in Chains, Ghost, Deftones), the record clocks in at about 54 minutes. So without any more ado, stream the whole thing over on iTunes, now!

As reported, the album was previously announced with two singles - "High Road" in April and "Chimes at Midnight" earlier in June.

In related Mastodon news, the guys have posted the second, equally awesome video update from the studio, this time around focusing on guitars. Plenty of tasty tidbits on this one, make sure to check it out below.

YouTube preview picture

So the full package is finally here, share your thoughts in the comments so we can see if this one's a winner or a flop in the eyes of UG.

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    New album is amazing. The artwork is beautiful. A have actually printed it on a 90x90cm sheet and now it hangs on the wall in my room.
    The first listen, I wasn't incredibly convinced. But the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. It definitely has a couple of killer tracks.
    For those of you who hate itunes, you can listen to the whole album on grooveshark. It's a great album. The song writing is very verse chorus verse chorus and the vocals are more sing along but there are some killer songs on there.
    incredible album, excellent as always! artwork, musicianship, vocals, everything is top quality! these guys are so far ahead of everyone else right now, its a joy to listen to their music!
    Really solid album. Sounds very classic metal with a bit of sludge. Defintely closer to Black Sabbath and Maiden maybe with a bit of Alter Bridge and Stone Sour but heavier and dirtier. Good stuff.
    I'm on my 3rd listen.. wow.. they really keep putting out amazing records and this might be in my top 3 from them.. It's so good
    Too bad it is streaming on itunes and not a real service. I refuse to download that virus to my computer. I'll just wait til next week.
    Can someone please tell me why so many people hate iTunes?
    Flying Afros
    While I do use it, it really is annoying sometimes. The fact alone that thee format of their files only works on iPods is ridiculous. And whenever there is an update, a lot of my music gets screwed with, i.e. names of songs changing, order of songs being messed up, etc. And I don't download,these are from CD's/purchased MP3s. I could go on but don't have the time to complain on a UG article. Surely others out there agree?
    you know you can change the rip settings to 320kbps higher sample rate and mp3, ACC is the default but it can be changed.
    It's just a hassle to use IMO. Updates messing with songs, slowing computers to a crawl, not allowing you to put music on a computer/device unless you authorise it/wipe it (imagine if you couldn't watch a movie on a DVD player because you've watched it on another one before), files constantly going missing causing frequent uninstalling and reinstalling, extremely biased towards apple products etc. The service itself is usually fine, but I only use it because there really isn't anything else out there.
    been using itunes for perfect if you know how to use it in conjunction with your device, in my case Apple devices! Love Van Guff's comment!
    If you abide by all of Apple's rules and wants then Itunes is perfect, if however you aren't Apple's ideal customer then it's an issue. As I said, it's not horrible, it just has some issues. Works well for some works poorly for others.
    I've stopped using it as my main program because it doesn't support FLAC and transferring to apple lossless seems to be impossible to me. But I don't get the hate at all, it's always worked wonderfully for me.
    > flac actually sounding better than 320kbps flac is only good for storage, the human ear can't differentiate between 320kbps mp3 and flac, unless you have the hearing of a dog. people obsess over this so much but if you don't have few thousand dollar system it's never going to reap any benefit.
    Really wish they'd stream it somewhere else. It WILL NOT work on iTunes for me so I can't listen to it.
    Still refuse to listen to it, waiting for the vinyl to come in on Friday. So f*cking excited!!
    You won't be disappointed. Some is more 'mainstream' (hate the word) than their old stuff, but there's plenty to please a fan.
    Asleep in the Deep totally reminds me of an Iron Maiden song. Especially that intro. Such a great album!
    I thought Mastodon went to the pop side of things but after watchin this video and seeing brent hinds play I know now that its not true.
    no good or bad : it sounds just like a "best of" maybe after a couple of listening my point view will be not the same. Mastodon is a great and true band