Mastodon Unveil First Video Update From Studio, Share Awesome Stuff

New material sample, serious talk and a pinch of weirdness, it's all there, check it out inside.

Ultimate Guitar

Mastodon have recently posted the first studio update from "Once More Round the Sun" recording sessions, sharing a part of the atmosphere from Nashville, Tennessee.

The clip features samples of new material, some serious talk about the writing approach, along with a pinch of weirdness to spice things up. It's well worth checking out, make sure to do so below.

As reported, the band's new album is due out on June 24 via Reprise Records and was announced with two singles so far - "High Road" back in April and "Chimes at Midnight" from this month. Pre-order info here.

Getting back to that weirdness we just mentioned, guitarist Brent Hinds gave quite a weird interview at this year's Rock on the Range.

We'll just include it all here - the two singles, the studio update and the weird interview, and you let us know how the overall vibe feels in the comments.

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    I'm betting on either this or the next Foos album to be 2014's album of the year.
    Whatever they played at the end of that behind the scenes video made me hurl. High Road is okay, Chimes at Midnight sounds like a regurgitation of their past shit and that thing at the end of that god, "THIS TIME! THIS TIME, THINGS WILL WORK OUT JUST FINE!" what in the holy hell. They're trying pretty hard to get on the radio. Going by their facebook posts which are ads for their store stuff 95% of the time, the dudes must not have a lot of money left.
    Yeah I guess the band members are solely responsible for all the merch promotion, I sincerely doubt it has anything to do with the record label. It's also pretty unlikely that they've grown up a bit and got bored of shouting about monsters. Your opinions are so well thought out and logical, I would love do sit down with you one day and have some in-depth discussions about the more burning issues facing humanity and our planet. *SARCASM MODE DEACTIVATING IN 5... 4... 3... 2...*
    I was going to post a rebuttal to your claims (I mean come on, them screaming about monsters IS WHAT MADE THEM POPULAR TO BEGIN WITH), but that whole "sarcasm mode" made me realize that you're not worth the effort. I mean really, are you like 14 years old?
    So... you responded to tell me that I'm not worth a response. Nicely done bro. Your logical thinking shines forth once more.
    Clueless… post just spewing bullshit. Mastodon keep getting better. This sounds awesome, and you're a moron. Not because you don't like it, but because you're full of asinine assumptions.
    If you knew what their influences are you would not be surprised by the vocals.