Mastodon Unveil 'High Road' Video, Accepting Bitcoin for New Album

Meanwhile, the bands's newest album "Once More 'Round the Sun" is less than two weeks away.

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With the release of their latest album "Once More 'Round the Sun" less than two weeks away, Mastodon have unveiled the video for "High Road" via Loudwire.

Directed by Roboshobo (Green Day, Alice in Chains), the video doesn't feature the band. Instead, their music is the soundtrack as a young nerd faces adversity and humiliation in the world of live action role playing. He trains so he can seek redemption during the climatic epic battle scene featuring foam swords and grown men dressed like wizards.

Meanwhile, Mastodon have also announced they will accept bitcoin as payment for "Once More 'Round the Sun." They have partnered with BitPay to process the payments, with pre-orders for the June 24 release available here.

In a statement, the band says, "We're excited to work with fellow Atlanta-natives BitPay for our new album. We want to give our fans as many options to buy our new album as possible and are happy that bitcoin can be one of those choices."

Mastodon will play the annual Bonnaroo festival on Friday (June 13) and have a string of European festival dates this summer.

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    Well, I always try to stay upbeat with these, but I couldn't help but think about the "Prehistoric Dog" video by Red Fang. It's definitely not the same, but the LARP theme's been done before.
    I felt the same way, plus Protest the Hero's lyric video for Clarity. All good videos, though.
    Gotta be honest I didn't think that was very good. But whatever its the music I care about. Got my copy all pre-ordered, cant wait.
    album rules so hard
    Just checked based on this comment and it has leaked, awesome. Great way to start Friday
    Oh **** yes, I'm downloading the shit out of this. No need to feel guilty, I'm without a doubt going to buy this in stores like I have with every single of their albums.
    I love how the website states the 24th as release, but amazon already says it's getting shipped to me on the 20th.
    Half way through listening to the new album, better than the hunter, more variety to keep older fans interested but it's still nothing on everything up to CTS. Not bad not great imo
    Don't like the video at all. Plus the music was just bland and repetitive. Feel a huge disappointment coming up with this album.
    as a Mastodon fan, I'm very dissapointed with the new album :/ it is pretty boring.
    Same man. I did give it a full listen but unfortunately I found it very bland. There is absolutely nothing memorable on it for me except maybe the last track. The singles were actually the better songs on the album. I'm not one of those people that hated The Hunter because I thought it was a great album just not their best. There was still some seriously killer stuff on that record but this... sorry I hate to say it but this is by far the worst album they have made so far. If this is the direction they want to take musically then so be it, its their choice after all even though Its very disappointing as a fan.
    yeah man, I feel just the same as you. First and last tracks are awesome.
    Damn, just listened to this and it's terrible. They've basically completed their transformation into a bland rock band. I saw an interview with Brent where he said he always wanted the band to be a rock band, not a metal band, and now he's got his wish. Lots of clean vocals from Brann and catchy choruses with generic drumming and forgettable riffs. I'm gutted, they are one of my favourite bands and I listen to them literally every day. I love playing their earlier stuff on guitar too. I think they are really chasing commercial success now from the sound of this album. I saw an interview with Bill where he was really down about how difficult it is for metal bands to make money these days and he advised anyone watching to not make a metal band since it's so hard to make a living. Maybe that has factored into their new direction.
    I don't think rock bands are having it any easier... I also don't like the generalization of what's metal and what's rock and why metal would always be the more interesting type, especially in Mastodon's case. I always got the vibe Mastodon did a really good job combining old and new skool metal elements, being technical and out there but not abandoning clean vocals for the sake of heaviness and generally being a well-balanced bunch of songwriters.
    Sure it's down to personal taste, but I personally prefer metal and therefore my favourite Mastodon album is Remission. However, I'm not criticising the new album due to it not being "heavy" enough, but rather not interesting enough (to me). In fact my favourite songs from The Hunter are The Hunter and The Sparrow, neither of which are aggressive or heavy songs, but they just capture a great sense of emotion which is missing from the new album.
    I've listened to the two singles multiple times and I still have a hard time remembering what they sound like... Unfortunately, about halfway through this video I must've tuned out the song and only paid attention to the video. I'm a big fan of this band too.