Matchbox Twenty Lose Guitarist

date: 01/31/2005 category: music news
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Matchbox Twenty Lose Guitarist
After 10 years, Matchbox Twenty rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor has confirmed he is out of the band. According to Undercover, in a statement at his official website, he says "as you may have read I will no longer be a member of the band. I know most of you were confused if not angered by this news. I wish there was some bright rainbow of an answer here... but there is not". The Orlando, FL-based alternative rock band, best known for top 40 hits like "Real World", "Push" and "Bent" in the late 90s, has been on hiatus for several months, allowing its members to pursue various solo ventures and side projects. The band has refused to give reason for Gaynor's leaving and whether or not he left on good terms. The group has not yet found a replacement for Gaynor. Thomas will release his solo album "Something To Be" in May and most likely spend the next 18 months to two years promoting the album.
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