Matchbox Twenty Lose Guitarist

Things are unwell for Matchbox Twenty, as guitarist Adam Gaynor has left the 90s alterna-rock group.

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After 10 years, Matchbox Twenty rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor has confirmed he is out of the band.

According to Undercover, in a statement at his official website, he says "as you may have read I will no longer be a member of the band. I know most of you were confused if not angered by this news. I wish there was some bright rainbow of an answer here... but there is not".

The Orlando, FL-based alternative rock band, best known for top 40 hits like "Real World", "Push" and "Bent" in the late 90s, has been on hiatus for several months, allowing its members to pursue various solo ventures and side projects. The band has refused to give reason for Gaynor's leaving and whether or not he left on good terms. The group has not yet found a replacement for Gaynor.

Thomas will release his solo album "Something To Be" in May and most likely spend the next 18 months to two years promoting the album.

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    Didn't know they had a guitarist. Third Eye Blind sucks! ...hehe! Just joking I really like those guys...they made some good music.
    I hope he'll think about returning or the band gets another rythem guitarist, Matchbox 20 was the best
    New Band Order
    lol oh my god, you have no clue what kind of an impact this makes on them. These guys are real down to earth guys and it took all of them to produce that sound they had. They wont be the same again. thats all i have to say.
    Its a shame but i doubt it will effect the sound of the band too much in fairness. Rhythm guitar is a vital aspect of matchbox twenty's sound, they're hardly known for their solos, especially on the 1st and 2nd albums. However I get the impression the bulk of the ideas come from other areas and not so much from Gaynor so any competant musician will be able to fill his shoes with any luck. I can't believe that there are people, who are guitarists i'm guessing, (i hope, else you don't really have much of a right to say such a thing), who consider rhythm guitar useless and imply that it's easy. Sure its easy in it's simplist form but then so is soloing, going up and down the scales doesn't take a lot of effort to master, and like simple rhythm guitar, its boring if done too often. Its the more difficult aspects of soloing which make it interesting, and in my option the same goes for rhythm guitar. If you can master the more difficult aspects of rhythm guitar (something i haven't yet, but people who have taught me have), then you'll see that the way in which the rhythm section is played often heavily influences the sound and feel of any solo or riff being played over the top of it. The fact that it can only take a small change in the way the rhythm is being played, to change a tune entirely. Sure its not as sexy playing rhythm, but as i'm sure a lot of you know there's a lot more to rhythm than playing open and 5th chords, which i assume is what you're classing to be easy.
    kurt cobain even sed he'd rather play guitar riffs and rhythm guitar than play huuuge guitar solos well he was an idiot. i heard somebody say one time that solos get you laid. but i know thats not the reason fro playing guitar. but ya gotta feel sorry for the rhythm guitarists sometimes. thats why if i was rhythm i would wanna be lead voclas also.
    Please lets not start this argument. Hey rythem guitarist should be treated as equals to lead guitarists, they with the drummer, bassist and singer form the mesh that makes great bans
    rythm guitar is useless at all.
    Huh? Rhythm guitar is far from "useless". In fact, it's very important. That's like saying the bass is useless. Lead guitar is great but it would sound like crap with nothing backing it up.
    awwww poo, i luv matchbox20. thats quite a shame really. well he wasnt a lead guitarist tho, so i suppose the music wont sound as though it has been altered because of a changed member.(to all those ppl who think playin rhythm guitar sux) it dusnt really matter that rhythm guitar is such an effortless job, as long as u enjoy it. kurt cobain even sed he'd rather play guitar riffs and rhythm guitar than play huuuge guitar solos
    so what's the problem? adam gaynor is just their rythm guitar. don't have any contribution at all. as long as their is a lead guitarist, nothing will change. anyways, if they really like to have a rythm guitarist, find any guitarist. even beginners can do the job of adam gaynor. all they have to do is stand, and strum.....strum..... and strum..... that's it. rythm guitar is useless at all.
    at least he was just the rhythm guitarist and not the lead. the lead dude frigging rocks. never liked that dude anywyas.
    Match Box 20 are an awsoem band. they have some really good songs and thier Lead guitarist is a n awesome player
    I don't really like them, but I do have to admit that the lead guitarist can play. Some people on this ***ing site need to understand that talent doesn't only belong to one genre (that's to all you metal heads).
    dont streotype Metal Heads i am one and i am very open minded
    I don't really like them, but I do have to admit that the lead guitarist can play. Some people on this ***ing site need to understand that talent doesn't only belong to one genre (that's to all you metal heads).
    used to like them.....theyu are all prett talented and now they will probably never be the same.
    Yeah, I enjoy matchbox 20, they really do write some good songs. Hopefully all goes well and I hope Rob's solo album is good too. Does anyone know if its more of a pop type thing or if he is doing something more with a band or if there will be alot of piano and such?
    rocker123456789 no one is ever good if they go solo from a band what about john lennon, he was brilliant, possibly not as good as the beatles but he was still a legend, or even gary moore from thin lizzy he was class when he went solo, or mark knoppler(dunno if i spelt that right but you know who im talkin about and if u dont lead singer from dire straits) or even geroge michael after leaving wham! the list can go on forever
    id like to see those who trash professional artists prove that they can do better, just love to see it
    they were a great band but when they go out solo i doubt they will be as good no one is ever good if they go solo from a band but they were a great band
    I'm one of the biggest MBT fans ever, and they're my favorite band...Adam was an amazing guitarist. he will be missed horribly. it doesn't mean, however, that Rob's solo album won't be AWESOME, or that the next Matchbox album (along with a possibly Greatest Hits in 2006) won't be great either. Adam was not a critical part of the songwriting. don't diss Matchbox Twenty. it only shows how musically ignorant you are. you can dislike a band without accusing them of being untalented - which is simply not true.
    That's a real shame imo. Matchbox 20 have released some excellent tracks, let's hope they find a good replacement
    I hate it when bands do solo things, that just takes time from the band and shit.
    Since the release of excile on mainstream, isn't Adam still in the band because he was in the how far we've come video.