Matt Sorum Interested in Returning to GN'R: 'Life's Too Short'

"It's getting shorter too," the drummer adds.

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Former Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorum stated that he's very much up for returning to the GN'R fold, noting that life is simply "too short."

Matt was initially asked by to comment about bassist Duff McKagan's latest brief return to the band.

"Well, Duff's like a really consummate gentleman, he's always been the mediator," he replied. "I think he got caught in the middle of all the other stuff. So for him to mend fences [with Axl Rose], it was cool. It's time. Rather than sitting around and saying 'What if?' He was really cool about it, he sent us all emails. It was nice, it felt cool, it felt right."

Prompted to comment on whether he'd rejoin Guns, Sorum noted, "Yeah, sure, I got no problems with any of that, you know? Life's too short, it's getting shorter too."

During the rest of the chat, the drummer also touched on the Rock Hall matter, saying he'd prefer if GN'R were inducted a bit later than 2012.

"There are a lot of other bands I want to put in there," he said. "Taj Mahal, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick... I mean there's just a ton of bands that haven't made the cut. I wish they waited a few more years with us. I'm glad I was invited to the party. It was really great between me and Steven [Adler], the original drummer, I think we had a really great rapport and he was very gracious to me."

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    One time, I had a dream that I was the drummer for Guns n Roses. Except slash was the lead singer. Matt Sorum and Steven Adler were the guitar players. Izzy was on bass, and Axl was just running around naked, waving his penis at the crowd. I'm pretty sure I woke up in a dentists office wearing a kimono and cowboy boots. ... I really need to make some changes in my life.
    There's some prophecy on the wall of an ancient temple somewhere predicting the return of G'N'R
    And thus it is prophesied that when the grumpy one will be in time of need, because his voice will go to crap and his attitude will ruin the band the ones that helped him to fame shall return. The first to follow shall be the one with the four string lute, next shall be the one from the Rock n Roll Jungle. The Patient one shall follow next and then with a little luck if the grumpy one stops being such a shit the hairy one shall return with a rockin' riff playing in the background, mountains crumbling and the seas roaring. The band shall play all over the land and melt faces worldwide until the grumpy one shall strike again!
    Steven is probably a really nice guy, but I'm not sure he'd be able to play a tour. Matt definately has more to offer.
    Let it be writed on the Wall, the Guns reunión its coming. Ill take time an the strongest link to catch would be slash. But i know, One day, ill see this guys together again. This is the same talk we have, every week per say. Ill happen, give it some time. I dont care if it takes 10 years, ill happen
    I love seeing all the people who were basically along for the ride say 'yeah I'd love a reunion'. Of course you would it was the only thing good to happen in your career.
    You know, a simple google search is all that is required to show just how uninformed your comment is.
    Oh yeah, we're all clamoring for Matt Sorum to rejoin the band. NOT!!
    For real tho, Adler is the drummer for GnR, bottom line. Can he learn the Illusion stuff that was written after he left tho?
    Irwin Navarro
    I hate to be "that guy" but c'mon give it a rest. A GNR reunion won't happen. Axl Rose not appearing at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame was the final nail to the coffin.
    Honestly the article leaves a bit out. For example we don't know the wording on the original question that was asked. You have to remember that these guys don't just blurt this stuff out, they're answering questions that are posed to them, and answering honestly from what I can tell.
    I'd say life is to short to sit around dwelling on this topic, just move on and do other things.
    I absolutely loved seeing Duff play with them for a few shows, and you could tell he loved every minute. I would love to see this happen, but Slash isn't going to do it.
    lol poor steve never gets a look in. but thank both should drum. just mad as ****. every week somthing on this now. heating up again until they do somthing. but cant see slash doing it. new album sell out gigs world wide and he still jams some roses stuff. he would wanna get axl to grovvle to get him back in public