Max Cavalera Regrets Not Listening Wife's Advice to Trademark Use of Camouflage Pants

Soulfly frontman also reflects on past addictions in open letter.

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Max Cavalera has posted a letter to his younger self on Rocksound. Tv. In the post, the Soulfly frontman notes that he wishes he'd listened to his wife's advice when she told him to trademark the use of camouflage pants:

"Want some advice? Listen to this woman. She told me to trademark the use of my camouflage pants. I didn't do it, I was trying to be 'punk.' I'm sure I was one of the first people to wear camouflage pants in the metal world. Today it is everywhere. Listen to her, get that trademark and we'll be rich!"

Cavalera reflected on his past addictions, as well as the ongoing feud between him and former band Sepultura:

"Another thing I didn't predict in my young days is that some of my friends would betray me and take away the band that I started as a teenager back in Brazil. Like I say, life is full of surprises, but I believe everything was meant to be. Stay with it. I never knew I would have such a battle with addiction, when I was young I loved to get drunk and high, but it started to impact my music and personal life. A change was needed and an intervention was made, thanks to my wife and family I decided to try and quit everything and be a better person. It was hard, I was born with the disease of addiction in me, but today I'm free of that disease. Music is my main goal in life again, my advice is don't take as long as I did to make that right."

In other Max Cavalera news, the singer guitarist recently spoke SongFacts about the writing of the iconic riff from Sepultura's "Roots Bloody Roots." As he notes, it is based around an eastern mantra:

"Yeah. The riff of 'Roots' is actually a mantra. The idea comes from Eastern mantras that just repeat themselves. So we just needed a very simple riff. I was not looking for something complicated, I was actually looking for the most simple riff that could possibly be done.

"'Roots' is full of this really minimalistic ideas that were really simple and powerful. Sometimes it's the harder songs to write which are the easiest. The simplest songs are harder to write than complicated songs.

"So 'Roots' took a while to get the right way, but once I found that mantra riff, which is the beginning intro of 'Roots,' it fell into place. That riff is only done on one string: you can play the whole thing on the B string, and it's tuned to B."

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    That's as bad as some of the copyrighting nonsense that's been going on in the games/technology sectors.
    What I don't get is how this article went from how he didn't take his wife's advice, to battling addiction, to a behind-the-scenes of how Roots was written. WHAT THE HELL UG?
    I'm pretty sure you can't copyright the idea of wearing camouflage pants when performing metal.
    Once again, we're hearing from Max a load of rubbish about his bandmates stealing Sepultura from him. Get a grip, you left because they wanted to sack your wife as manager of the band. That's not taking the band away, that's you leaving it voluntarily
    on that same note but better he should have copywritten breathing.. smartass
    I highly doubt you can copyright wearing camo pants. At best it would probably only stretch to one pattern, and there are hundreds. Not to mention the different colour schemes.
    what's the deal with Max's wife? It is said that money issues (from her side) caused internal problems in Sepultura, and now, talking about "how much $$$ we lost if blablablablah".
    Roots/Chaos AD are >>>>>x infinity better than everything Vegantura have put out.