Max Cavalera Reveals Next Cavalera Conspiracy Studio Album Title

Ex-Sepultura frontman also talks his previous band's influence and poverty-stricken beginnings.

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Cavalera Conspiracy's upcoming third album will be called "Pandemonium" and is the band's heaviest work to date, Metal Hammer reports. Max Cavalera reveals the name of the record on the Metal Hammer Magazine Show on TeamRock Radio.

Cavalera Conspiracy features former Sepultura and current Soulfly frontman Max, as well as his brother Igor. Max tells presenter Alexander Milas that "Pandemonium" could have had a very different title.

He says: "It's called Pandemonium and it's very, very heavy - the heaviest of all the three. I was really possessed to get Igor back to his 'Arise' era of drumming, everything fast.

"We almost called the album 'Fuck the Groove' as a joke, like every time we went into the groove 'Fuck the groove, get back to the fast.' It's really full energy stuff."

On tonight's show, Cavalera also discusses Sepultura's influence on the current crop of metal bands emerging from countries across the globe and recalls the band's poverty-stricken beginnings.

He says: "It's good to hear that, it makes me very proud. I the fact that bands coming from these parts of the world, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. I kind of try to follow the metal scene and get into new bands, I really like Man Must Die from Scotland and Psycroptic from Tasmania.

"When we were doing that in Sepultura we had no idea we were going to influence so many people. We were just doing it because it was all we knew how to do. We hated day jobs, it sucked working at factories.

"It was our way out of poverty because we were broke. At the beginning of Sepultura, as broke as sleeping under the stage. A lot of that counts and people from other parts of the world feel that reality that Sepultura brought."

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    I keep hearing Arise is supposed to be a brilliant album (only have Chaos AD and Roots) so I'll check it and this album out I guess
    Arise is awesome, much more of a thrash than a groove metal album. Check out Beneath the Remains too
    Superb album, as is Beneath the Remains. Max and Igor at their best!
    Arise and Beneath the remains are some of the best thrash albums you can listen to. Recommended.
    Honestly, everything up to Arise, with Chaos A.D being a really cool album as well, and then why bother? Roots was the last time they did anything 'new', but that's when they lost the plot for me.
    I'm definitely a fan of Max's work, but I cringe every time I hear a musician say their next album will be their heaviest yet. Not quite as bad as, "We're going back to our original sound" from a band that's been around for 20+ years, but still...I'll believe it when I hear it.
    Really liked both Inflikted and Blunt Force Trauma, lets see how this goes.